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  • Apple's 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard expected to shift to scissor mechanism

    slurpy said:

    There is nothing wrong with the butterfly design. I've had multiple butterfly KBs with zero issues, as have many other people I know. There isn't a shred of real evidence that they're less reliable. Do you have any? Anecdotally
    What? Are you saying the butterfly keyboard repair program is fake news
  • Apple has 'great desktops' on Mac roadmap, CEO Tim Cook says

    I hate that type of rubbish that Cook is spouting.

    How difficult is it to simply come out with a model update regularly that has a faster processor, new graphics card, and maybe new ports (Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, etc).? Apple itself is probably making it harder to do this by inherently making designs non-upgradable.

    The main problem is Apple thinks they need to reinvent the wheel every time they come out with a desktop. The cylinder Mac Pro is a perfect's more about visual aesthetic then anything else. They probably spent years refining the cylinder. The Mac mini is the Cube concept refined to it's maximum (minus any thought for upgradability or expandability).

    Then to see their laptop line adopt a gimmick like the Touch Bar...and remove all ports except really makes me wonder what they are thinking. I like Apple products, and they will sell millions of units regardless of what I think, but it's still frustrating.
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  • Apple plays consumer safety card in 'Right to Repair' fight

    Hopefully the lawmakers are not buying the hokey safety argument. As the person above me stated, this is not specifically about consumers performing repairs. It is about repair shops outside of Apple purview performing repairs of Apple products. What Apple and other company's stance is doing is hurting an entire market sector and hurting the ability for electronics repair technicians to find jobs. If there is a 25 cent capacitor dead on my logic board, I'd like someone to know how to diagnose and replace that part for a moderate labor cost rather than have to buy a new computer. Apple continues to foster a consumer throwaway idealogy.
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  • HomePod holding at 6 percent of growing US smartspeaker market

    I won't have any interest in this device until Siri sees some major improvements.
  • Apple, Maine Department of Education working to swap 'toy' iPads for MacBooks

    For teaching computer science, an iPad is worthless since you cannot program on it like a Mac.  And computer science is a necessary skill these days.

    This statement is not true. There are a ton of cool programming apps available on the iPads designed for kids, like Tynker, Tickle, Logo, Scratch, and even some higher level apps for programming with Python etc. In just a few minutes I saw kids controlling a drone with Tickle.
  • USB-C cable shopping for an iPad or Thunderbolt 3 Mac is still a nightmare for consumers

    I still feel like it was a mistake to link USB-C with power for the newer Apple laptops. This is taking up a valuable data line. I have several PC laptops here and USB-C is simply a port, not the end-all connector for the entire system. Additionally, MagSafe was wildly successful and no doubt directly led to Apple's popularity in the laptop space.
  • Apple's Phil Schiller discusses 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard design versus Butterfly

    tht said:

    Part of the design process is knowing what is better over what the users think is better. It’s a push-pull, but part of Apple’s magic is doing things outside user desires. Sometimes they really fail, sometimes they really succeed.

    The first sentence of your statement sounds exactly like something Blizzard Activision said, which is what they did when users were asking about being able to play a Vanilla/Classic version of the game. "You think you do, but you don't". There is a certain arrogance to thinking you know better than people who use the product every day to extremes. Yes, I really do want a working laptop keyboard and yes I want it to have more normal key travel. How many people needed to complain, and how many repairs did they need to make before they finally changed it?

    Blizzard has since announced that Classic has seen the largest subscriber increase in history. I suspect this laptop will sell massively.
  • Teardown of 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar reveals non-removable SSD, extra trackpad touch controll

    ZuJ said:

    Apart from its raw power this machine is non-professional from any every conceivable perspective. Apple still does not get it: Industrial design for pros is something that is very much different from industrial design for consumers.

    As long as people are lining up to buy products from Apple that have less, this will continue to happen.

    Don't buy it and Apple gets the message (and they either will revamp the product or discontinue it...haha).
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  • Apple makes case for Apple Watch Series 2 Christmas gifts in new ad series

    I'll consider one of these when they add some sort of ability for solar charging on the device itself.