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  • Five Galaxy S22 Ultra features which should be on the iPhone

    Using both Pixel and Galaxy devices, I don't want to see any of your wishes except maybe 'free' Airpods and stylus but you know they aren't really free - it's built into the S22 Ultra "$1300" base price.  Face ID on the iPhone and even the past PIxel 4XL is far superior to using a fingerprint sensor; not sure why tech pundits push for that and now Apple allows using a mask with Face ID.  Edge to edge might look cool but it's often aggravating with accidental touches.  As for hole punch vs notch, I find the hole punch more annoying (end up hiding it) and I'll be quite annoyed if the iPhone 14 replaces the notch with the two-hole cut-outs.  
  • India antitrust regulator launches probe into Apple App Store payments

    It's too bad this article doesn't reference the pertinent Appleinsider article on this subject from two weeks ago.  Nevertheless, the choice of this news being the top story is interesting considering there's a top story elsewhere of a strike in India at an iPhone plant over a mass food poisoning incident.  IMO, these legal jousting stories aren't top billing until a final ruling is made and it alters Apple's business conduct.  
  • Apple not a monopoly but must allow alternate payment methods for apps, judge rules

    Apple can spin it anyway they like but it's a great ruling for developers and customers alike.   Also, please spare us the absurd comparison of brick & mortar stores; Apple wanted it both ways in terms of being the sole App Store for apps and with that, tried to disallow any in-app purchases form outside the store.  
  • Apple details user privacy, security features built into its CSAM scanning system

    To quote Apple in 2019, "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone."  If Cook and company are willing to break that promise, it's safe to assume they won't honor their promise to only scan for CSAM.  As much as Apple's biggest defenders try to spin this betrayal as being noble, CSAM is just the proverbial Trojan Horse.   In 2021, Apple's new mantra will be, "You must surrender privacy under the guise of protecting children."
  • Apple reportedly plans to make iOS detect child abuse photos

    if this story is true, Aple would have the worst case of fork-tongue ever known. Perpetuating surveillance of user iPhones is a massive privacy violation, and we know it won't stop at just loathsome imagery.