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  • Elon Musk mulling offer to buy Twitter from shareholders for $46.5B

    @rotateleftbyte, why do you "hope he fails miserably"? Because he's an advocate for free speech? Because he doesn't agree with the arbitrary and biased way Twitter (and other social media companies) censor the opinions of those often on the other side of the political spectrum? 

    I get it. Musk's personality can be off-putting. But should social media companies, which are the primary source for news for the majority of the population, be able to decide which views are allowed to be expressed, and which ones aren't? Should they be able to make stories disappear (Hunter Biden's laptop) if they deem it to be detrimental to their cause? And should there be no repercussions when posts flagged as fake news actually turn out to be true, while what has been pushed as the narrative is actually false?

    Americans should be extremely concerned when the actions of Big Tech and our own government begin to mirror those of totalitarian regimes. And that is exactly what has been happening. I'll take free speech any day over controlled speech. I want opinions challenged. I want public discourse and debate. I want to hear all sides and draw my own conclusions. Don't you? 
  • Disney+ will stream to Apple TV, iPhone, iPad at launch - but not to Amazon Fire

    Disney expects to take massive loses for the first several years establishing a foothold in the streaming marketplace. In fact, Disney already forecast this on their second-quarter earnings call when they told investors that its direct-to-consumer businesses would lose $460 million in the third quarter. Disney has a stated goal of reaching profitability on 2024 with 40-60 million subscribers.  

    For this reason, I don't believe Disney will increase prices for several years. They are playing the long game with the launch of Disney+, and the bundle package which includes Hulu and ESPN+. Disney wants to be the predominant streaming service and clearly has Netflix in its sights.

    What that means for Apple and anyone else entering the space is they also have to be willing to lose massive amounts of money to gain traction, and be one of the top 3 streaming services. Because even with cord-cutting, consumers will limit the number of services they subscribe to. Either that, or they'll rotate subscriptions and binge watch and repeat.