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  • Editorial: A year later, Bloomberg silently stands by its 'Big Hack' iCloud spy chip story...

    gatorguy said:
    gatorguy said:
    lkrupp said:
    If this were actually true Bloomberg should have been hammering away at it for the past year, demanding action, interviewing corporations affected, cajoling Apple, Amazon, Google, and all the others to DO SOMETHING! 
    Google was never cajoled to "do something" because they were never part of the story in the first place. They don't buy servers from Super Micro, they build their own. 
    They do build most of their own, but when their own construction can't keep up with demand, they buy from Super Micro and all over the place.

    The inclusion of them in the lede was an editorial oddity left over from a previous draft and has been removed.
    Thanks Mike. You guys have always been proactive on article corrections. BusinessWeek could take a lesson from you. 
    Not to nitpick, but it’s Bloomberg.
  • Apple said to unveil 'iPhone 8,' 'iPhone 7s' and more at Sept. 12 event

    Soli said:
    jax44 said:
    I wonder if the iPhone " Edition " will go with a USB C connector?.
    i know, probably not, but seeing as it is kind of an outlier model, maybe the first to transition.
    On the device or PSU? If you mean on the device then I wouldn't hold your breath.
    On the device, that's why I said " probably not".
    Definitely not holding my breath.

    Either way, I'm getting this bad boy.
  • Rumor: iPad Pro Smart Connector included on 'iPhone 8,' to be used for AR, charging

    wood1208 said:
    Wish Apple kept female part of lightening on cable side and male connector inside iphone's port like iphone 4/4S and USB(Type-C, MicroUSB,etc). Instead, when Apple introduced lightening in iphone 5, Apple reversed the placement(male connector on cable side adapter and female inside lightening port). Overtime, lint/dust get collected inside iphone's port blocking female connector pins creating charging issues. By moving to smart connector, Apple can solve this. Other scenarios is reverse lightening male/female orientation or move to USB Type-C.
    A soft bristled toothbrush does the trick, followed by a vacuum for a second.
  • Too soon? Apple's new iPhone 7 ruffles feathers with Lightning audio, Home button changes

    "Apple wasn't an early pioneer in NFC tap-payments or in wireless home automation but is now a leader in both" 

    Since when did Apple become the leader in home automation? What metrics are you using for that? 
    He didn't say the leader, he said a leader.
  • Firm sues Apple over 'fast-charge' battery tech used in iPhone 6s

    Eastern District is very corrupt. Two Judges there have sons who are Patent Attorneys. Numerous shell companies rent empty offices in Marshall, Texas and list them as their Headquarters .

    These two Judges never deny a Patent Lawsuit, often brought by their sons.

    Hell, the damn Judges probably own the buildings the shell companies rent office space in.