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  • Apple's HomePod lands in Japan on Aug. 23

    AI, you missed out mentioning Taiwan in this article cause they are both launching on the same date.
  • Apple's HomePod lands in Japan on Aug. 23

    Pity...It’s still not launch in Singapore. Perhaps time to reconsider given the death of tourism to Hong Kong and Singapore uses same UK plug as Hong Kong. Launch in Singapore and divert stock over.
  • Apple accused of stealing dual-camera technology used in latest iPhones

    Didn’t other makers added dual cameras to their smartphones before Apple did?
  • New 'Service' battery message in iOS pushes consumers toward official replacement

    dr. x said:
    sergioz said:
    I am on Apple side here. Third-party batteries blowing up iPhones and tarnishing brand. This right to repair is a two way stick. One side is good for users because third-party replacements parts are cheap, but unfortunate for Apple because once something goes wrong it’s Apple’s fault. 
    I get your point but for those that do third party repair, it makes it easier for people. Some Apple Stores are far away and one might not want to drive 2 or more hours just to get their battery replaced by Apple and having to pay Apple's Tax. If one wants to replace their battery, they have to be careful where they get their batteries from. If you get it from a source you don't trust then you might have a problem and to follow instructions on the iFixit website. I think that Apple went overboard with this, blocking battery heath for third party batteries. One just has to be careful where they go to get their display's replaced or battery replaced (do their research) if they don't want to go with Apple.
    In Asia, such unauthorized 3rd party repairs is everywhere though not always cheaper than Apple authorized repairs. In the earlier years of iPhone, many goes to these repair stores (since Apple did not have a presence here back then) and guess what is the common feedback/experience most who did (among my friends) shared? Poor quality repairs, sometimes even induce new problems such as damaged edges, touch sensitivity degraded, etc. And guess what? These people don't go to those 3rd party unauthorized store anymore. Now that Apple has expanded presence (both authorized 3rd party repairs as well as own Apple Store), every single day at every single operating hours, the Apple Store is so overwhelmed and wait time can be 2 hours if walk-in without appointment. Now they are opening another store in the country.

    On a personal experience, I had poor experience even with authorized 3rd party repair store. Now - I only visit Apple Store even if it is further away. I want the peace of mind and absolute coverage should something goes wrong (degradation post-repair).
  • New 'Service' battery message in iOS pushes consumers toward official replacement

    zroger73 said:
    FU, Apple. This is the stuff that is going to drive me back to PC's after a 12-year run and tens of thousands of dollars donated to your organization.
    Oh...Till date, even PC makers are doing similarly. If you don't use their batteries, warranty is void and functions like battery health related don't always work correctly.
    Oh...Maybe ought to F those EU auto-makers as well.