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  • Apple's watchOS 5.3 is now available

    Both Canada and Singapore just gotten ECG function with watchOS 5.3

  • Reduced iPhone battery life blamed on adoption of OLED screens

    Bull...The OLED screen, when use with settings “tuned”, the battery life is actually much more impressive than previous models with LCD screens.

    Apple released respective graphics in black background for good reasons - to use as wall paper or lock screen!!! There are other settings which helps on battery life as well. The main culprit of battery drain is that more apps are now using background refresh and location services. Disable all those apps which one does not require to constantly refresh in background or polling location. A huge improvement!!!

    I have never been able to run iPhones for 1.5-2 days on a single full charge in the past since iPhone 4. Now with iPhone X, I am able to. That says a lot...
  • 'Sign in with Apple' mandatory for all apps with third-party sign-in options

    Excellent news and I will jump onto it when available.

    The ability to mask the real email address is not a new technology.'s WhoisGuard feature is the same approach which masks real email address with random generated email address and it changes every 7 days (at max setting).
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  • Qualcomm must license modem tech to rivals like Intel, court rules

    bluefire1 said:
    I really hope they resolve this quickly, because based on my owning every model of iPhone from 2007 to the Max, there’s no question that the QUALCOMM modem is far superior to the Intel version. I  was so fortunate to have QUALCOMM modems in my iPhones right up through iPhone X.  As much as I love my Max,  I’m very disappointed with the quality of the Intel modem. Apple, are you listening? 
    In the real-world use cases and in-country as well as abroad countries usages, there is no difference from a consumer/user perspective. There are far more factors influencing the real-world usage and throughput then just technical specifications and whatever story some of the medias cook up.

    Here is one real-world example:
    One of my line with telco ST is on legacy plan (early/first 4G plan back then) and have not re-contract over several years. The telco simply locks this line to the plan (along with the profile in the backend) so even now with iPhone X and XS, this line does not gain any higher speed/throughput despite the LTE modem in them are capable of. In short, the telco has locked this line to legacy LTE profile and unless this line renews to newer plans under contract again, it will not gain any higher speed/throughput. Hence, even if Qualcomm's modem is marginally better in performance than Intel's modem, it makes no difference to me (or whoever in my household using this line). I am not alone on this scenario. At least I know a few of my personal friends are the same since legacy plans have higher data volume (12GB or 25GB per month) than newer plans which significantly reduced to 2-3GB per month for the same price (forcing us to sign up add-ons which indirectly is telco squeezing us to pay more and more for data volume consumption). To have the same 12GB or 25GB, the cost of new plans+add-ons is easily 3-4 times more expensive.

    To summarize, I don't really care if Qualcomm's modem is indeed better in performance. In iPhone X and XS, the Intel's modem serves its purpose good enough (easily hitting 50-60Mbps which is more than enough for most smartphone uses, even watching video streams from Netflix or local provider's Toggle).
  • California reintroduces 'Right to Repair' bill after previous effort failed

    We have plentiful of these unauthorised 3rd party repairers who have their means to obtain parts as well as manuals to repair. Yet like Lkrupp shared, it’s shitty and often results in poor workmanship that introduces either non-related problems or damages to chassis. The real problem is these repairers do not use or follow end to end exact steps and/or materials such as type of glue, amount of glue, etc.

    I have always opted to repair at Apple’s authorised agent or now Apple’s own store due to earlier horrible experience with 3rd parties. Guess the legislation folks don’t understand the full implications of it!!!
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown suggests poor design decisions with 'massive gaps' [u]

    krreagan2 said:
    They waited until the last moment to pull the device!!?? I bet they have manufactured 10's of thousands of these and are now going to have to destroy or try to repair them.
    They had to know about these issues for a long time inside the company! Yet they sent them out to reviewers anyway and no one inside Samesong said "Stop" we should not ship this crap!

    Just freaking WOW!
    If u know how the internal culture is, u won’t be surprised that this happens.
  • Even Xiaomi staff can't distinguish its clone of Apple's Memoji

    Xiaomi is nothing but a cloner. Home appliances cloning Muji’s frequently as well. Speaks so much of a firm.
  • Apple accused of stealing dual-camera technology used in latest iPhones

    Didn’t other makers added dual cameras to their smartphones before Apple did?
  • Apple releases second public iOS 13 and iPadOS betas, new beta versions for developers

    Anyone using Kēvo? Does it works in Beta 2?
  • New 'Service' battery message in iOS pushes consumers toward official replacement

    zroger73 said:
    FU, Apple. This is the stuff that is going to drive me back to PC's after a 12-year run and tens of thousands of dollars donated to your organization.
    Oh...Till date, even PC makers are doing similarly. If you don't use their batteries, warranty is void and functions like battery health related don't always work correctly.
    Oh...Maybe ought to F those EU auto-makers as well.