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  • Goldman Sachs cautious about iPhone ASP, says longer lead times are due to COVID

    Vampire squid, aka Goldman Sachs, is one of *the* worst AAPL analcysts around. 
  • What to expect at WWDC 2020 - and what not to

    Appleish said:
    I'm looking forward to the idiots at Accidental Tech Podcast not being able to whine about the boxed lunches.

    Well, two of them are idiots. John is an adult.
    I’ve tried to like their podcast but can’t tolerate the constant whining. 
  • Magic Keyboard teardown reveals 'elegant' lever-based trackpad

    Having used my new Magic Keyboard now for a few weeks, I can state it is superb in every function. 

    The trackpad is excellent at tracking, and when I click anywhere on it, the feel is consistent and very positive (but I use tap-to-click most of the time). As evidenced by teardown and such, Apple spent A LOT of time and energy making this part of the MK work magnificently. Maybe at some point in the not-so-distant future, potential customers will be able to put their hands on it at an Apple Store and see for themselves how well this keyboard assembly works. 

    The Magic Keyboard is well worth its price. 

  • Apple's Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro up for preorder on Amazon, supposedly ships on May 30

    firelock said:
    My wallet is ready. I’m buying the second it becomes available.

    Same with me. I have my new 2020 12.9" iPP and can't wait to get the Magic Keyboard, coming from a 2015 12.9" iPP with Smart Keyboard. I'm trying to find a solution to my problem of making the new iPP better protected when it comes to drops. When I had the iPad "3", the first one with Retina, I was using it sitting in a chair, when it slipped onto our tile floor and hit (of course!) on the corner, cracking the glass screen and buckling the aluminium. I learned my lesson there to have a good case that protects against drops that ARE going to happen. 

    Have been using an STM case for my 2015 iPP that not only protects the iPad but has a nice slot for Apple Pencil storage. I like how the Pencil 2 is held on by magnets and doesn't need to be plugged in for charging, but I'll lose the Pencil sure as rain if it is not firmly and securely attached. I've had my 2015 iPP since it was first made available, and thanks to the STM case, it is still pristine. 

  • Comparing the 11-inch versus 12.9-inch 2020 iPad Pro

    lovemn said:
    I’ve bought my last few iPads with 256 g of memory. Is that enough considering how much information is store in Apple’s Cloud? Thanks for your assistance. 
    I can say I’m going from 128GB storage on my 2015 to 512GB on the 2020 one, thinking about where I’ll be with it in four years or so. Just wanted more space for movie projects. I’m fine with most data in iCloud, but it’s imperative to store important projects where I don’t have to worry about getting it off iCloud.