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  • Apple design chief Jony Ive to depart later this year, create new studio with Apple as cli...

    mindwaves said:
    I appreciate this man's work, but the MBP is an abomination, especially the 15''. Stop making the keys so flat (which is part of his design, form over function) and do something else on the keyboard that will add something that doesn't look like a giant slab of metal (the Touch Bar doesn't help at all also with this). Love your work on the new Mac Pro, though and the iPhone 4 and the iMacs.
    I love the keyboard on MBP from year 2018. Love it. Best keyboard I ever used. Love the flatness and how the clickiness feels.

    I guess you version of 'something else' (you actually just complain, but do not offer the solution) is something what I probobly won't like.
  • Corel intros Painter 2020 for Mac with speed & interface upgrades

    We haven’t crossed even the middle of 2019. And the Painter 2020 is here. I never could understand why the marketers do so (of course to sound more modern, but I mean I feel resentment to such naming).
    Why not just call it even better - Painter 2025 or Painter 3000. /s 
  • Apple strikes back at Spotify's claims of unfair treatment in the App Store

    bbdroid said:
    The only reason there are no Spotify users on the 30% rate is because Spotify removed the ability to pay via Apple's payment system back in 2016. This also explains why there are relatively few (680,000) users on the 15% rate, since only long-term subscribers who haven't migrated to paying with Spotify directly are still paying via Apple.

    While it is misleading for Spotify to gloss over how the 30% rate decreases to 15% after a year, Apple's defence is even more misleading.

    If Spotify still offered payments via Apple's in-app payment system, it would undoubtedly have many more subscribers paying that way, and any new subscribers would be paying the 30% rate.

    And even though the 680,000 number is small compared to Spotify's overall paid subscription base, it is by no means insignificant.  

    680,000 users x 12 months x $12.99/month x 15% = $15,899,760

    So that means Spotify is currently paying Apple (a direct competitor) roughly $15 million a year to process some payments. And that's only for users still utilising a payment method that was discontinued 3 years ago.
    It's great that you can multiply some numbers.
    No. They are not paying only for that.
    They pay Apple for:
    1. Users it brought to them.
    2. Users who are brought to them now (and who can potentially subscribe to Spotify premium over their web-site)
    3. Distribution of the updates
    4. Development of Swift, Xcode and SDK
    5. Indirectly the cost of lowers for such law suits like this one Apple vs Spotify
    6. For processing the payments, 
    7. For providing the report on downloads, payments etc.
    Moreover, they pay apple, because they agreed so, when they brought their app to App Store.
    And I probably miss something.

  • Man uses iPhone as 'gun,' Hong Kong parts bust in the Apple crime blotter

    «David Ortiz shooting was reportedly arranged using an iPhone»
    Wow. This can be used by government as an argument for a back door to iPhone. 
    Though then you can argument, that we need to ban the selling of any electronic device. 
  • Aspyr ends 32-bit Mac game sales in shift to 64-bit support only

    So it is a lie of Duke Nukem FOREVER  :D