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  • Apple Fitness+ coming to 15 new countries, adding two new workouts

    Fitness+ for me is like ATV+.. a hockey stick of improvements, slow at first and then accelerating.

    I think Apple is potentially missing an opportunity with Fitness+ to cross sell AppleTV devices. We use AppleTV and a large screen TV as the primary workout device for Fitness+. When we first started to use it we immediately exercised together wearing apple watches but only one of us got the heart beat on screen.

    I think the missed opportunity is that the combo Fitness+ & AppleTV & Apple Watch is like the Nintendo Switch for fitness and very social. Yes they are addressing the social element using the sharing feature for remote people but they still have not addressed the at home group use case of multiple heart bars on screen with peer competition etc.

    Apple TV devices are priced competitively and could potentially be a nice bundle for home fitness for families where there are Apple Watches. This could enable Apple to keep a toehold in the living room and not lose it completely to Amazon that is now launching own brand smart TVs with Alexa built in. Apple Fitness+ is a powerful sticky Trojan horse and Amazon would likely have to buy Peleton to compete in the longer term.
    Absolutely critical feature, especially at this times with COVID.
  • Samsung takes shot at iPhone 13 Pro, says it has used 120Hz displays 'for a while'

     More recently, Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra enables users to activate 120Hz at Quad HD+ resolutions. Previously, switching to high refresh rates knocked maximum screen resolutions down to 1080p. ”
    Wow. You did introduced it earlier. Indeed, Samsung. 

    And just remember, Apple has been producing iPhones longer than you, Samsung. You have actually never produced an iPhone, for a while now.
  • Apple's 'flat out victory' will cause problems for antitrust regulatory efforts

    crowley said:
    Looking forward to the suits against Burger King for its monopoly on the Whopper, and McDonald's for its Big Mac. And their menus and suppliers. I mean, why can't someone make them offer sushi? Or place an independent developer's chef's taco truck in the parking lot? We demand access to their customer base so we can offer the customer choice!

    ...glad the judge wasn't having it. Hope it sticks.
    Burger King and McDonalds don't demand that you pay them if you want to add something extra to your burger after you've left the restaurant.
    What are you talking about. I understand you are trying to reference something about Apple. But I am not getting it. Could you please explain? Thank you.
  • Apple not a monopoly but must allow alternate payment methods for apps, judge rules

    aderutter said:
    Well Apple should not allow Epic back regardless.

    Other than that, I hope that Apple adds a new app-store rule stating that apps that use in-app purchases other than Apple-Pay cannot be free to download.

    I suggest a minimum purchase of $4.99 of which Apple get the usual 15%/30%. Apple needs to recoup it’s costs somewhere.

    Wow, did you even read what you wrote before posting it!?
    I read his post. I think it’s a great idea. 
    You imply that something wrong with his post. What?
  • US lawmakers not impressed with Apple App Store changes, pressing on with bill

    I am starting to believe that in the most cases the government only makes the situation worse. This is one of those situations. With “twin monopolies” - LOL, they have even coined a new term just to make their absurd case which hurts free market.