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  • Anker admits that Eufy cameras were never encrypted

    I love their chargers, but with this culture - I am looking then for some other brand ..
  • Entry level M2 Mac mini, 2023 MacBook Pro have slower SSD than predecessors

    Let's talk about real world speed...

    report 5,000 MB/s

    Real life folder - 10,000 items, 4.4GB 

    Manually tested this, it took 37 seconds to copy - translates to 120MB/s

    That's around 40x slower than the max speed

    So I am thinking in real life, the SSD speed is not the bottleneck for almost all operations, except maybe speed tests and things that work with huge volumes of data. Video,, 3D, and so on.

    For the rest of us - we'll never notice if the SSD is 1,000 MB/s or 5,000 MB/s because either way the Finder is limited to 120MB/s for some reason. 
    Try copping in a finder a file of several GB (that would count as a real world speed as well, won’t it?).
    You’ll see that it’s not finder. The speed will be very close to the black magic numbers.

  • New HomePod vs 2018 HomePod - compared

    Seems to be a Tim Cook cost-cutting relaunch. 
    Still, the cord is fixed to the HomePod instead of being able to detach it.
    Still, it has no battery. Still, Siri does not work with Spotify. And still, the top Siri controls are awkward.
    It seems you missed some info in the article. “ We have learned that the new HomePod's power cord is easily detachable, which is an improvement over the original model.”

    And battery? It’s collide not ParkPod. Why would you need a battery (and to recharge it) when you are at home?

    And Spotify? It seems that Spotify has to make it possible, because Apple already provided this opportunity.

    Still using Windows PC? ;)
  • New Valencell blood pressure monitor promises no cuffs or calibration

    Now I see a higher chance for Apple Watch to get blood pressure measurement functionality soon. 
    watto_cobramac daddy zee
  • New 15.5-inch MacBook Air rumored to arrive in early 2023

    Such a strange offering. Doubt that’s what it is. Probably a new “MacBook studio” or new iPad Pro. 

    Don’t see a marker for a MacBook Air that size. 
    Why do you doubt it? I would have bought it just right away. So some other people. The question is if there is a market for this and how much would it canibalize other sales.