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  • Belkin introduces new HomeKit Secure Video doorbell, new Matter-ready devices at CES 2022

    Recording to your private iCloud account is one feature that grabbed my attention. Thats dope. Recording things to other peoples servers or paying monthly fees are unappealing features allot of these cameras share. I hope the rest of the package is awesome. 
  • Apple's folding iPhone - What to expect from the 'iPhone Fold'

    charlesn said:
    netrox said:

    I agree but look at MacBook Pro with HDMI and Magsafe, making the ugly MacBook back in style despite the fact that USB4 offers BOTH features. 
    Actual professionals who use the MB Pro as a business tool have long been tired of the need for dongles for inputs they use regularly, such as HDMI. Thus the reappearance of input specific ports rather than a dongle into USB4. Professionals have been asking Apple for this, but I totally understand that you don't understand because you're not part of that group. MagSafe is simply the best solution that has ever been created to prevent accidental tugs on a power cable from sending an expensive laptop crashing to the floor and that's why it's back. USB4 charging capability isn't a substitute. For actual professionals who use MB Pros, the cost of repair may be the least of their worries in such an accident scenario--far worse is the possible loss of critical work, not to mention the potential for being "out of business" until their machine is repaired... a real crisis if you're a photographer or videographer on a remote shoot. Again, you'd have to be a professional to appreciate this--someone who views the MB Pro as a tool to be judged by its usefulness and efficiency, not by random subjective considerations about its appearance--so I get why you don't get this. 
    That’s quite an opinion there. I won’t begrudge a dedicated charging port (even though we have mag safe adapters), but in the case of HDMI and all of the other ports people “need” on their MBP’s I can’t help but think it’s a lot of crying over nothing. We finally have “one port to rule them all” and we decided to put the legacy ports back? I’m not a first gen guy at all and everything I have is USBC at this point. Apple pushed it hard like they did usb back in the day and now we have a ton of USBC everything. 

    Regarding repairs, any time you have a single motherboard with all of the ports soldered on, repairs happen all of the time regardless of the port type. I don’t think of USBC as being more prone to failure. 

    Also, my experience is that I’ve come to really love the dongle since it tends to ease the stress between the device and the computer ports. So YMMV. Just my 2 cents. 25 year nonfiction, entertainment, lifestyle, news and documentary professional editor. I’m not sure what group you speak of but “professionals” aren’t some monolithic block of click-ish gatekeepers. 
  • Apple must face lawsuit alleging that 'buying' media on iTunes is misleading

    I’m pretty sure if you purchased a movie and had it vanish from your library you’d be pretty pissed. Customers should at least be notified that it’s going to be removed and given the chance to download it. I know for a fact your average consumer would feel ripped off. I’ve had it happen and yes it does indeed feel like a scam when it does happen, but then again I have over 200 movies on iTunes. The movie lost was some outdated SD only thing I purchased way back when iTunes videos were 640. I can’t even remember specifically what it was. So I also know that it’s not a widespread issue, but it does happen and I’m not so sure it should be allowed. 

    The statement from Apples attorney is a load of crap. The exact opposite of the statement is true. No reasonable person would assume they are buying something but still not own it. 
  • Apple launches new Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic CPU, redesigned Siri remote

    neillwd said:
    Hate the remote.
    Came here to say exactly that. It reminds me of the old remotes before they used a touch pad. I dread “click, click, clicking” around m the screen rather than just a swipe which can get me to the other side of the screen in a single gesture. 

    Thought I was the only one who liked and understood what the touch remote accomplished. 
  • Apple silicon Mac documentation suggests third-party GPU support in danger

    KITA said:
    rob53 said:
    The A12Z Bionic is up to 8 GPU cores. The Most powerful and expensive GPUs have cores in the thousands. What would it take for Apple to create its own separate 500 core GPU SoC or maybe only a 100 core GPU with the ability to use several of them in a blade setup. There's nothing stopping Apple, other than patents, from making whatever they want to any way they want to. Look at the Mac Pro. It's a fantastic workstation. 
    The Mac Pro is not a fantastic workstation,

    Of course you don’t have to spend $14k on one. I purchased one for my studio for about $7500 including some aftermarket upgrades. I’ve owned many Macs since the time they used to be beige and the new MacPro is basically the absolute best Mac ever built. The performance is top notch (it’s not always just about benchmarks) and there are a slew of other reasons you failed to even include in your “analysis” like noise level(which is basically 0 ), top notch components, build quality and materials, overall design (the slip cover chassis is brilliant), expansion options and aesthetics.