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  • No need for 4K display on Apple's iPhone 7 because of screen quality, expert claims

    What's the point of a 4K ~5" screen anyway? As noted, there are many ways to make a better screen than just packing more pixels in there. Is 4K on a 5" screen really a droid/ Samsung feature? While I do like my 4k TV because I sit quite close. 10 Bit RGB color makes the bigger difference. I basically "can't see" the pixels on my iPhone as it is. Not sure how "MORE PIXELS" makes a better phone anyway except maybe for some one who doesn't know any better, bragging to another friend (who also doesn't know any better) that their phone is measurably superior to another. I don't even waste my disputing it with Droid fans. They go down that road of "well, droid does x better". And I just nod my head and say of course it does. ;) 
  • Apple proposes flat streaming music royalties for songwriters, at the expense of Spotify, YouTube

    RickeyP21 said:
    Poor Apple. "Only" making $45 million per year for playing someone else's content. However do you stay in business with your over priced laptops and $800 iPhone sales. I know, why don't you screw over music fans everywhere and force them to pay your over priced fees instead of using better products like Spotify!
    Free was never the model. Radio Stations, restaurants and bars all pay royalties. Why people like you feel entitled to free stuff is beyond me. Do you refuse to pay for newspapers and magazines because they have ads in them? Or maybe you're going to give up paying for cable because networks also make you watch ads? Or maybe you haven't noticed how ad free services come at substantial premiums or in the case of public tv are subsidized. I suppose you could use OTA TV and Radio to support your argument, but TV ads were placed at massive premiums to cover production costs (unlike radio) and radio paid far lower royalties than Apple is proposing in the hopes that it would promote the artists concerts and record sales. Two COMPLETELY different scenarios. You don't have the opportunity in either case to constantly replay and effectively own the content with OTA, whereas you do with a digital archive. I suppose Spotify could turn its app into a radio station, but then it wouldn't be Spotify as we know it and would resemble streaming radio from the late 90's. 

    With respect to apple's profits. It's actually pretty surprising that they're willing to offer the service for the little profit it actually yields. Handing over $7 for every $10 subscription is generous to both the content providers and Apple's customers especially considering the resources they have to allocate to make those streams available. Most companies would make you pay a subscription AND listen to ads. 
  • Apple silicon Mac documentation suggests third-party GPU support in danger

    KITA said:
    rob53 said:
    The A12Z Bionic is up to 8 GPU cores. The Most powerful and expensive GPUs have cores in the thousands. What would it take for Apple to create its own separate 500 core GPU SoC or maybe only a 100 core GPU with the ability to use several of them in a blade setup. There's nothing stopping Apple, other than patents, from making whatever they want to any way they want to. Look at the Mac Pro. It's a fantastic workstation. 
    The Mac Pro is not a fantastic workstation,

    Of course you don’t have to spend $14k on one. I purchased one for my studio for about $7500 including some aftermarket upgrades. I’ve owned many Macs since the time they used to be beige and the new MacPro is basically the absolute best Mac ever built. The performance is top notch (it’s not always just about benchmarks) and there are a slew of other reasons you failed to even include in your “analysis” like noise level(which is basically 0 ), top notch components, build quality and materials, overall design (the slip cover chassis is brilliant), expansion options and aesthetics.
  • Didi Chuxing president says Apple deal closed in 22 days, talks in progress in several areas

    Having a little firsthand knowledge of the depths of corruption at work in China, I may be one of the few here who views this entanglement with a politically-connected Chinese business with skepticism. In my experience, foreign money invested in unaccountable Chinese companies tends to suddenly vanish with little recourse. I see Tim's reliance on China for Apple growth as riskier and riskier. What happens when Trump becomes president and opens up a full on trade war with China? The odds that Apple will be punished increase severely.
    When Trump is president and a trade war. Seriously? EVERY company in the USA will be dependent on the rest of the world for further growth. That's just the way it is. North America is a saturated market. Let's not make a mountain out of a mole here. Apple bought a 5% stake in a foreign company. Big deal. Other than it being a sign (similar to investment in India) that Apple has made in roads in a very protective economy. this isn't a huge risk for Apple. America will never enter a trade war with China. It would be ultimate disaster for economies world wide. And no one (not even his own advisors) would recommend it. Trump talks out of the side of his mouth to win votes. 99% of his promises cannot be met. He's an ignorant bafoon who throws comments into the wild to see how people react, retracts them when people call him out or continues to spoon feed drivel to the uneducated reactionary masses.
  • Apple launches new Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic CPU, redesigned Siri remote

    neillwd said:
    Hate the remote.
    Came here to say exactly that. It reminds me of the old remotes before they used a touch pad. I dread “click, click, clicking” around m the screen rather than just a swipe which can get me to the other side of the screen in a single gesture. 

    Thought I was the only one who liked and understood what the touch remote accomplished. 
  • Apple's 'Mother Nature' sketch was a complete dud, and didn't belong in the iPhone 15 even...

    Corporate/ keynote writers are not and never have been part of the WGA William. Get your facts straight before you spout off nonsense.
  • Despite what you may have heard, don't write off the iMac just yet

    The imac has always been an entry level computer for starters. It’s a college computer, a kids computer and office computer. 

    Only briefly did Apple toy with the idea of maxing it out for pros and enthusiasts and it turns out most preferred a headless mac ALA mac mini or mac studio because no pro or prosumer would want to replace their monitor every time they upgrade their computer. 

    Anyone complaining about the cables is being ridiculous. Between the mac studio or mac mini and the monitor there is ONE cable and the monitor serves as your hub. You can hide the box easily under the desk or on a shelf. 

    Why would you complain about a 1/8” audio jack on the imac or random USB cables when you have thunderbolt? Literally every accessory at this point is available with thunderbolt or USB-C. Upgrade. You’ll be thankful you did. 
  • Adobe fixes Premiere Pro bug that blew out some MacBook Pro speakers

    I say this is primarily Apples fault.

    The amplifier circuitry that drives the speakers should have had some sort of protection built in to limit the maximum amount of power that could be sent to the speakers.
    From a liability standpoint this is my so easy. While without a doubt a good idea, nothing requires such a protection mechanism from Apple. Therefore, you can argue that the damage it is the consequence of a defect of Adobe’s software which makes them liable. 
    However, I’m not sure what the fine print of the EULA says. I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t have some CYA passages in it to this effect. 
    Undoubtly, as a token of excellent customer service, Apple and Adobe might - separately or jointly - nite the bullet and comepansate affected users. 

    It is standard practice in the electronics industry to put protections in place for any component that could possibly be damaged by some unforeseen issue.

    We have current and temperature protections for lithium batteries/charging circuits, current limiting for LED lights, thermal throttling for processors and so on. Apple is usually on top of things, but this time they made a mistake.
    While I’m aware about the standard practice, I don’t k ow regarding this specific case. What’s state of the art regarding speakers? Do others manufacturers protect them against overload? Or can you kill any speaker with the “right” input?
    You can kill any speaker with the incorrect input. Too much power, impedance mismatch etc. can both lead to blown speakers. I have personally never seen a speaker than is built to prevent such a thing on the input side. I have seen “circuit breakers “ that trip but only for the power supply if they are powered speakers. The wrong audio input will still destroy even the best studio speaker and its common that engineers who listen to their tracks at high volume eventually blow out their speakers. So you don’t even have to go that wild to create a failure and it totally effects too end speakers. 
  • Apple's 'modular' Mac Pro design may mean units that connect like Lego bricks

    I upgraded my cMP5.1 last year with 12 cores 3.46, 1080ti with power mod, highpint 7101 with 4 1TB SSD Blades each at 4x on the 2nd 16x slot, removed the optical drive, added 6 2TB ssd’s all around and USB-c. Glad I did. It’s a beast and the nMP is obviously a long way off.

    This new Macpro sounds like a disaster in the making for video professionals. I’m seriously not interested in paying MORE for a video card because it’s in a chassis, or MORE for ports or SSD’s or  Nvme or whatever because they are also in a chassis. I mean look at how expensive the TB3 video card chassis are!!! And then consider that the cards aren’t removable in most cases. P-lease. 

    Modules are nothing more than an expensive way to lock in the customer. If I can’t improve whatever this next MP is to the same degree as my now 7 year old tower, it will feel like a step back. I agree with others; Apple should have just released an upgraded (slightly smaller) cheese grater and taken out money . I don’t understand this obsession with re-inventing the wheel. cMP FTW I’m already exploring gutting an old 5.1 to make a new hackintosh. Seems very feasible even if it takes a hot second to build it myself. 
  • Apple has long-term plan, is working on products 'way out in the 2020s'

    lkrupp said:
    spice-boy said:
    How bout making Siri work properly. 
    Last night in my home office. “Alexa, turn off the porch light.” (Echo lights flickering, ten seconds go by) “I’m sorry, the porch light is not responding.” “Hey Siri, turn off the porch light.” Light goes out. “Okay.” So you can keep your false narrative about Echo being the be-all end-all perfect digital assistant and how Siri sucks.
    Far more evidence everywhere that Siri is behind and lacking than Alexa or Google Assistant. Practically everyone including Apple lovers say Siri isn’t as good. 

    Thats not what the consensus is AT ALL. The consensus seems to be that each assistant is good at certain things, but not others. Siri seems to be the best assistant with the most commands specific to scheduling, making notes and other office-y stuff, but fails on more whimsical searches and non specific tasks. Ok Google obviously works well with google searches and music commands, but it’s a terrible assistant. Alexa is a terrible assistant, but fantastic if you want to buy amazon products. 

    I recently had the privilege of received a challenge from my friends who each swore their assistant was the better. I happily joined in the demonstration and had a great laugh as each one had to repeat commands or fail completely to execute. The conclusion? They all have weaknesses and each is optimized for the service it’s attached to. 

    Ya’ll need to stop complaining about AI assistants which more than 5 years ago basically didn’t exist in the consumer market and stop acting like it’s something we are dependent on. We don’t. They are all a gimmick except for a few specific use cases. Sometime in the future another 5- 10 years down the line maybe they’ll be as good as we all hope.