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  • Hands on: Apple's iPhone XR brings color and value to the 2018 lineup

    The price of iPhones is not an issue. This narrative needs to die. The iPhone X was the highest selling phone every week since it launched.  The 7 Plus and 8 Plus outsold the 7 and 8.

    I believe the XS Max will be the highest selling model since it launched. Should get a good idea during the earnings call. Long run the XR may outsell the XS and XS Max but the difference is only ~$17/month (USD) on the iPhone upgrade program bw a XR and a XS Max.  Couple less coffees a month and you have a Max.
  • Apple's iPhone XS Max smashes Google's Pixel 3 in benchmark testing

    bluefire1 said:
    What a surprise: Once again Apple’s product is  superior to Googles. 
    Love my iPhone XS Max.
    Yeah and it isnt even close. The gap is widening in Apple’s favour every year.  Best in class performance with best in class security/privacy.

    You want a great Google experience? Buy an iPhone and run all your Google apps. Actual privacy/security and Google supports iOS with its full suite of apps. You dont have to comprimise your data or be surveillanced in exchange for a free charging stand. 
  • Rumor: 'iPhone SE 2' to debut in September with TrueDepth camera

    Further to my previous post. iPhone 6s Plus is also no longer available from major Canadian carriers. This is a really new change. 
  • Rumor: 'iPhone SE 2' to debut in September with TrueDepth camera

    potatoman said:
    I wonder if the 6.1" iPhone IS the iPhone SE 2, and then the budget iPhone will now be the older style with the home button? Drop the price as per any yearly update, and cut the capacity to drop it further 🤔

    iPhone 7
    - 32GB for $399, or 128GB for $499

    iPhone 7 Plus
    - 32GB for $499, or 128GB for $599

    iPhone 8
    - 32GB for $549, or 128GB for $649

    iPhone 8 Plus
    - 32GB for $649, or 128GB for $749

    iPhone X (SE)
    - 6.1" LCD
    - 32GB for $749, or 128GB for $849
    - Full screen and Truedepth Camera
    - A11, Single rear lens, No force touch

    iPhone X (series 2)
    - 5.8" OLED
    - 64GB for $899, or 256GB for $1,049
    - A12, Camera improvements, selling point is cheaper price

    iPhone X Plus (series 2)
    - 6.5" OLED
    - 64GB for $999, or 256GB for $1,149
    - A12, Camera improvements, largest ever screen. Landscape and multitasking (similar to iPad) exclusives
    Some wierd carrier contract pricing happening in Canada where every storage capacity of the 7 Plus has been put on sale and the 128gb is the same cost as the 32gb. From my experience, when this happens, it means a device is going EOL In the near future. Also, The iPhone 7 is cheaper than the 6s on contract. Could be nothing but feels like the 7 series could be on the way out?

    This is just me thinking out loud but with WWDC around the corner could be a line-up shuffle?
  • The Smartphone Endgame: Who wins once shipment volumes peak?

    saltyzip said:
    Lets get to the point, Apple can't keep making this ludicrous profit on its iPhones for ever, so what is the trigger point to the start of the inevitable decline?

    This article knocks android smartphone manufacturers for making just a couple of billion in profit. That is still bloody good business compared to my annual salary, if you compare it to Apples obscene profit it looks minute, but they aren't the ones being greedy and making stupid profit margins.

    Apple is trying desperately to keep punters upgrading their phones each year or two, ensuring newer models are more expensive, plus expanding the ecosystem for lock in.  They are introducing finance deals soon so I hear to encourage more people to part with more of their hard earned cash over a an easy payment period. Morally this isn't great but will help keep those premium sales and therefore easy money coming in.

    The problem for apple is the best of android and the best of apple are virtually on par with each other. 

    The core functions of a smartphone which most people use are already nailed. People won't keep paying thousands of dollars for a phone, it's chucking money down the drain.

    The same thing happened to PCs, people didn't need more and more power, they were happy with what they had.

    I think if you gave the best budget android phone to apple users they'd be surprised how good they actually are, with exception of the camera and iMessage withdrawals. 

    Yes you can buy expensive cars and expensive house phones, but most people buy what is best bang for buck and that's why android rules on the numbers. Android is in your TVs, it will be in your fridges, in your cars, your scooters, your washing machines, house alarms etc and this is where apple won't be able to compete, due to its closed nature, it relies on others to support its products with a cost to certify them. This is where the number of devices count in the long term, not how much apple stores in its money vault each quarter now, it's how windows became the OS of choice and the PC became the hardware of choice to run it. It's a marathon not a sprint and I think that's where Apples business model which is just really the iphone will come unstuck.

    Apples good times will not last, they can't stop the inevitability that the iPhone will cease to be a cash cow for them in the not too distant future.

    Way to narrow ir down to the not to distant future... is that 1yr? 2yr? 10yr? 50yr? 🙄

    Apple has already addressed the longer upgrade cycle by increasing prices while focusing on the ‘Other’ and ‘Services’ aspect of the business. 

     Apple customers are loyal, happy and continue to invest in their uber sticky ecosystem. 

    Android manufacturers pretend they are competing with Apple when they are competing with each other first.  Like HP, compaq  etc while the Mac just chugged along and grew.