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  • Apple's custom Neural Engine in iPhone XS about 'letting nothing get in your way'

    The question I have is this: How can a processor that claims to have 3.2x the performance in TOPS only manage to get 1.4x the performance performing an actual task (image references)? A task that Huawei themselves picked to showcase their processor, so nobody can claim bias for the A11.

    I don't know for sure, but Huawei have a long history of falsifying benchmark and throttling/boosting performance way over the normal TDP of the device to wins numbers war. 
  • Here are three quick and easy alternatives to Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

    I'm really really confused about all of this...

    Back to my Mac was essentially a DynDNS solution piped thru a VPN to made any mac bind to the account reachable even behind a firewall.  For me Back to my Mac wasn't a screen sharing solution or a merely file sharing, it's way to reach any IPv6 service (AFP, VNC, SSH, LDAP, etc) on a remote computer thru its bonjour name. 
  • Long term review: Apple's AirPods are still the best wireless headphones around

    That is bold statement to make that something is the best without providing valid comparisons. Not a very professional way to make the claim. I would say it depends on aspect and I would say that Apple made things very comfortable, but that does not mean it is absolute. I would be also careful as Apple is not in the field of headphones and there are other who specialize in that area while being top shelf above sound quality provided by Apple earphones. Seriously. It is not the best. Maybe the most versatile, but there is nothing as "the best" in this area. As far as sound all Apple earphones laeft a lot to be desired when it comes to comparing with Sennheisers for example.
    I own a pairs of AirPods and love it, let me explain... 

    I do agree, the AirPods like most Apple product isn't the best at anything specific, they are pricey, average sound quality, average battery autonomies.  But they achieve what Apple doing best; integrate existing technologies and put it into hands of consumers. I found the AirPods being much more than regular headphone, almost alike a Google Glass for the ears, they clearly being design for all day wearing since they doesn't muffle any surrounding sounds and you can have a normal talking while wearing them.  Even more the new Live listen feature in IOS 12 gives you bionic earrings. 
  • FBI forensic expert calls Apple 'evil genius' for strengthening iPhone encryption

    bitmod said:
    The point is, you can strengthen encryption as much as you want - but if you design a back door and a key... 
    It only makes it more difficult for those without a key. 
    Apple (and all major tech companies) flat out denied any existence of such a key or door - then it turned out they were lying and had to admit as much when PRISM was exposed. 
    Then they lied about it only being 'Foreign' surveillance. 
    Lied again about the depth of Obama's spying on citizens.
    Remember that terrorists iphone that the FBI couldn't hack - but some mysterious company cracked Apple's uncrackable security in 5 min. 

    Doesn't matter how much encryption Apple implements - they will always design a door with a key. 
    Smoke and mirrors. 
    You're awfully sound like Alex Jones... 

    iOS security is well documented and publicly accessible to anyone, all mechanism is describe and well understand by iOS developers, here is good reading to start with:
  • FBI forensic expert calls Apple 'evil genius' for strengthening iPhone encryption

    bitmod said:
    Smoke and mirrors. 
    The FBI may not have keys - but the NSA has a back door to not only snoop but turn your mic and camera on at any time without you knowing. 
    The same backdoor Apple uses to sell your info to advertisers. 

    Don't believe me? try it yourself: Without having any phone or iPad on - start talking about a product: "honey, do we have any Tylenol?" "I think we are out of Tylenol", "Who in town sells Tylenol"... then watch as mysteriously your Facebook ads and cookies throw Tylenol ads at you. 

    The reason battery life is worse in iOS 11 is because our devices are always listening. 

    Try it yourself. We've seen it with 4 random products now - too much to be a coincidence. 
    Also, everything and anything you text to someone is read and sold to advertisers. Text someone you are thinking of taking a vacation to Hawaii and watch as your ads start sending you Airbnb for Hawaii. 

    The crazy thing is, we are furthest thing from conspiracy theorists - and we set out to prove this wrong... yet the results done lie. 

    I hope you've got your tin foil hat!

    First the NSA universal backdoor is a myth, yes they have tools they can injecte into phones with physical access.  But there is absolute no way Apple could hide this kind of backdoor without public knowledge and thoroughly describe by white hat hackers. 

    This being said, even if the NSA or Apple can tap your phone, there is no interest for them to sale this information to Facebook for selling you Tylenol.  Facebook, Google and other internet giant got other way to find your points of interest from you and relative since you gave them all the infos they need by using free and ads sponsored services like Facebook, google, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

    More, the youtube app was the main culprit in the batterie issue with iOS 11, Apple and Google has issue a report about it, search the web.

    If you don't want to be track, stop using free stuffs... Keep in mind, you are not a Google and/or Facebook consumer, for them you are their product they sold to advertiser. 

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