The International Insult Thread

in General Discussion edited January 2014
A small collection of common international insults taken from the FHM 2002 Diary.

Feel free to add your own.

J :cool:

Canada (Quebec) ? ?Va ta faire d éfoncer!? Go get a*s f*cked.

Denmark ? ?Knalden nosserøv.? You f*cking balls-ar*e.

Finland ? ?Aitisi nai poroja.? Your mother copulates with reindeer.

France ? ?Mes couilles sur ton nez.? My balls on your nose.

Germany ? ?Leck mich am Arsch!? Lick my a*s.

Greece ? ?Gamo to mouni pou se petage.? I f*ck the pu*sy you came from.

Ireland (Rep of) ? ?P óg mo thón, cioch.? Kiss my ar*e, t!t.

Italy ? ?Vaffanculo!? Go f*ck yourself.

Japan ? ?Kusu o taberu na.? Eat f*cking sh!t.

Mexico ? ?Chuputa mi cojones.? Suck my nutsack.

Russia ? ?Tva-ya mama sa-seet korrov-on-ni-ye hoy-ee.? Your mother sucks cow-d!cks.

Spain ? ?Metete un palo en el culo.? Shove a stick up you?re a*s.


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