Apple takes double-digit home PC market share - study



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    Originally Posted by Claude427 View Post

    How true. At the last count, I had 19 functioning Apples in the house (including a FrankenMac made up from parts of my original Performa 475 and an abandoned Centris 610). This doesn't take into account the 10 or so that I have "farmed out" to various nephews, nieces, neighbor kids, friends, my Mother-in-law (82 and all over iChat and Google), etc. or the "parts" machines. As folks get used to using an Apple, they eventually want a brand new one of their own, so the deal is that when they are done with the "loaner", they send it back and I'lI just keep recirculating the machines until they totally crap out, and there is nothing left to use. So far, I haven't had to scrap a single machine.

    I have one Sony Viao that I bought at the same time I bought my original MacBook Pro. I have it for the same reason I keep one OS 9 bootable machine; there may be some random thing that pops up that I need to use it for, but most of the time it just sits there. I keep thinking that someday I'll see if I can get Ubuntu to run on it, but for the most part, I'm just not that interested in it.

    I need to get a life, too. Someday, I'll have to learn to sell parts and stuff on eBay. Right now, I'm not that interested in that either.

    However, while on vacation, I did spot a Hamm's Beer Blue 1932 Ford Coupe for sale. It made me think a little bit about what I'm going to do after I run out of nephews and nieces...

    i collect rare small old bottles

    and my brain is stuck on a beatles song for a week now

    i dig a pony

    fear seeps on in

    peace dude

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    I have to admit I am looking to install XP via BootCamp so I can play Battle Field - sshhhhh
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    I suppose you can win at anything if you define your category narrowly enough. But it does say one thing, given the choice, there are a lot of people willing to pay the extra dollar with their own money.

    Originally Posted by malax View Post

    "though nearly all Mac owners also have a Windows PC in their home"

    I wonder what they mean by "nearly all." I suppose switchers fall in that category unless they promptly throw away their old PC. Supporting both OSes in one household has to be the worst of both worlds. I'm glad I've never owned a Windows PC (although I use one every day at work).

    I really don't see it's a big deal.

    Most households have more than one person, and I'm skeptical that people are going to buy more than one computer to replace them all, just buy one and move the older ones down the line.

    Originally Posted by brucep View Post

    apple has well over 10 percent since mac's never die



    they get passed on

    and on

    even a feeble beaten up dv imac 1999 special can still stream hulu

    and on the final days of a mac's event filled life

    fish geeks ➤

    swoop in and convert the mac to a fish tank


    i need a life

    Can you get a tiny bit of coherence along the way too?

    Originally Posted by xwiredtva View Post

    I take away from the article that Mac users consume more electronic goods than PC users... So...

    Either Mac owners keep their CE Devices longer...

    The CE Devices Mac users have are of better quality and last longer...

    Mac users are accustomed to devices lasting longer when quality is taken...

    PC users who are accustomed to their computer failing don't put trust in well built CE Devices... Or simply don't buy well built devices? Are they cheap? Do they not make enough money to facilitate buying a Mac or better quality device? And is there any way Apple can make a MAC that they can afford so as to save their life (digitally)? That is the question.

    I think it's more likely that they're more willing to spend money on something. If you're a Mac owner, you're more willing to pay top dollar for something, even buy a kind of device in the first place.

    I don't know if there are unreliable dSLRs.

    Originally Posted by PXT View Post

    I am endlessly forced into bootcamping Windows every time someone sends me a Word or Excel document.

    Does iWork not work for importing doc & xls? There is Office for Mac. I keep OpenOffice and NeoOffice around too. Unless there are macros in the document, all those options should work.

    Originally Posted by Maximara View Post

    Sadly, Apple cannot prevent developers from making choices that effectively lock the programs they make into one OS. You can provide all the cross platform tool in the world but as long as you have clueless developers taking the "easy" way out you are still going to get Windows only programs...that often as not have problems every blasted time Windows does an update.

    Developers have to see a market, sometimes that's the hard part, even if good Mac software has much lower support costs than the Windows version could. In general, Mac users are better off anyways if Windows developers don't try to port a Windows program. It's a bit tough because macs are more prevalent in households, not business, and it's the business end that Mac software is pretty weak.
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    My wife and I recently bought a Cricut Expression, a computer controlled paper-cutting machine for scrapbooking, card making and other paper crafts. IMHO, purely a high-end fancy toy (And it's lots of fun!). Exactly the kind of thing this survey suggests Mac users would be more inclined to buy than Windows users. And the manufacturer could/should expect that a higher percentage of their customers would be Mac users than the general computing population. i.e. Rich, computer literate people, are likely customer's for their product and likely Mac users. Yet Cricut only makes their control software for Windows.

    A third-party also makes control software for the units. They make it for Mac and Windows. Yay! Unfortunately, rather than use a cross-platform tool like REAL Basic or Java, they develop separate, native applications for both platforms. The Windows version recently had version 2.0 released with a number of new features. The Mac version is still at 1.0 and is not expected to be updated for another few months; even worse, the Mac version is not compatible with the latest Cricut firmware. So we bought the Windows version because we want the latest features for holiday projects.

    All that is a very long example of why Windows is still necessary for many people. And an example of developers not recognizing the potential disproportionate value of Mac customers.

    - Jasen.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    If they had a .0001% share you'd suffer though


    But since that is such an off-the-charts hypothetical (no one survives long enough with a share like that in a product-market like the ones Apple is in), it is not terribly relevant or useful.
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    I think we will see a massive surge over the coming years, even more than up till now. iPhones and iPods will lead this but I think even Apple TV will grow into something even more "must have" with further developments.

    We are even seing Apple customized social networks rise up, with Apple users joining from all over the world.

    Apple used to have like 15% or more right? I think they will grow to 25% percent over the next 5 years. Noone thinks that could happen, but noone thought the iPod revolution could happen.

    It's always been the pseudo sceptics attempt at appearing clever and grounded, to denouce anything and all things amazing. Thinking [Different] is much too difficult and demanding, which is why we only have one Steve Jobs.

    ...once we reach 25%, the game is over for Microsoft.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Call me they have a 10% share of global home computers - i.e. never.

    Why would anyone want that to happen?
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Call me they have a 10% share of global home computers - i.e. never.

    It's worth adding that the computer game is changing though. Phones are becoming computers.

    Of cause they will. Aaahhh yi of little faith
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    brucepbrucep Posts: 2,823member

    Can you get a tiny bit of coherence along the way too?

    it was a feeble attempt at prose

    either i have to

    or you have too



    apple if you count the true market level that it chooses to compete in has a very nice slice of the computer pie >>$1000 plus

    but if ya gonna include net books then ii say include itouchs and i phones since they do complex computing and apple's market share still is very large

    and the user base for mac owners very large since apples don't die so fast

    so this means the that if you own a apple you are part of a very wide and large community

    ok jeff


    peace again
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    Never owned a Windoze PC , never will.

    How's that y'all?

    Never owned a Apple PC , never will.

    How's that y'all?
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    Originally Posted by gescom View Post

    Never owned a Windoze PC , never will.

    How's that y'all?

    Never owned a Apple PC , never will.

    How's that y'all?

    Never owned a Windoze PC, never will (singing along)

    That's why I joined the uprising !
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    Originally Posted by PXT View Post

    I am endlessly forced into bootcamping Windows every time someone sends me a Word or Excel document. ...

    I use NeoOffice, a Mac tweaked version of SUN's OpenOffice, on my MBP and am quite happy with it. The layout is very close to that of Word and Excel and the functionality is nearly the same. NeoOffice will read Word and Excel files with no real problems, although I've had to deal with some minor formatting changes when converting docs from NeoOffice to MS Office formats. I've had similar formatting quirks in the past when reading docs created on older versions of Word with a newer version of Word, so the occasional formatting problem may not be due to a problem with NeoOffice.

    The main problem for me is in trying to find a good equation editor for inserting complex math formulas in my documents using NeoOffice.

    I have iWork 09 and can say that I prefer NeoOffice's suite of programs to those in iWork.
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    Not surprised with the way that Americans are so fcking sue happy these days.

    Whats next people suing Apple for having apps that dont run on PCs??????? jesus christ people...

    Just testing
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