Microsoft considers extending Zune services to Apple users



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    I think you are missing the point. He is stating that if Apple had never opened up iTunes/iPod to Windows users, the iPod would just have been a blip on the radar...based purely on numbers. I had a 5GB iPod and Windows XP....NOT FUN using 3rd party software. I NEVER met a soul at my two universities the first two years the iPod was out who even knew what an iPod was. Heck, more new what my minidisc player was!!!

    The guy is right. IF Apple had not opened the iPod to Windows, it would not have sold as well. It would never have had the opportunity to expand into the public's eye because 99% of the folks out there are not to going to use a work-around just to transfer files to a machine that does not natively work on their computers.

    Why would Apple not provide a product for majority of consumers, that so evident and obvious, and basic business sense.

    No he stated if windows users never bought iPod product, Apple would have no sales, read his initial comment again.
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