Exclusive photos, video from Microsoft Store grand opening



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    Actually, it's quite the opposite, those screens use so much energy (at least when you have 200) that MS had to get some sort of variance for the amount of power they were using in the mall. Not to mention all the heat created by these monitors. The amount of energy required to build, transport and maintain a monitor outweighs the cost of some paper/plastic a few times a year.

    One more point: I am sure I am in the minority here, but when I go to shop, I want to look at product, not a bunch of giant moving images, or images that rapidly flash light-to-dark, chop-frame motion, and other visual tricks that cause me discomfort.

    It is mandatory for me to attend a trade show in Las Vegas every two years. I am surrounded by all that glitter-flash and within hours I am so annoyed and tired I just want to get back to my room and turn the lights off.

    If Apple went that route with their stores, I would not go into one again; I'd conduct my business via mail order.
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    Originally Posted by teckstud View Post

    You so wrong. Apple is controlling the content on the Apple TV. Why are my files listed at the bottom of the menus and why is search throwing me into the iTunes Store to buy more Apple DRM? Why can't I rent or buy from anywhere else? iTunes catalogue is extremely limited for FILM.

    The APPleTV is a 3 year old Flop which was supposed to be in everyone's home , not Blu-ray. It's DEAD. 3 years old and sill a "HOBBY" - WHAT A JOKE!

    Dude, you totally missed my point!

    What you say is true... Apple controls the content that the studios have been so gracious to provide. But it is a super small fraction of all that could be available! The studios are not making every DVD available on iTunes same day as it is released for Wal Mart or Blockbuster. That's what it will take for digital distributors, such as iTunes, to matter.

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    Originally Posted by geekdad View Post

    So then....are you living here in the evil USA?

    What country are you from or living in?

    If you ARE living here in the US then LEAVE.........we evil americans don't want you here.

    We are so evil and only care about money....why would you want to live here or buy any of our products to support such an evil place!! So hopefully you are NOT living here and NOT typing on a US made computer or operating system but one made from YOUR country. Becuse of course YOUR country is so much better. So just where are you from?

    I do live here actually, in FL, and would also like to leave, so how about that! Your silly reaction suggests that you have a personal issue with my response, although there are a plathora of facts that support me. I don't know anything about you, but unless you're the spokesperson of America than it is not "we Americans" but rather you as an individual who has a problem. Besides, I did not ask whether you wanted me to live in the same country as you or not. You're obviously brainwashed.
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    Originally Posted by hyperscribble View Post

    That's the problem with America; It's a nation built of money, and one that cares only about money. Money is the root of all evil. Thus, an evil nation. In other select cultures where certain manners and standards of behavior are common knowledge, here live wasteful hillbillies in large gas-guzzling trucks with money set as their number one goal in life. Feel free to attempt an argument, but from what I observe in my everyday life here those are the facts currently.

    ...Not that that has anything to do whatsoever with the new Microsoft Store.

    You are off topic but I don't blame your country of origin for that.

    Last time I checked Great Britain let the Lockerbie bomber go for oil. This list could go on because every country cares about money. I have seen the silver plated cars in the Middle East. The arms dealers in Russia. The software pirates in China deliver their stuff to South America. Where you do you think a country exist without a love for money and power? Antarctica?
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    MS should have just opened a guru bar and left it at that. If they charge money, that in itself will generate lots of revenue. Beyond that, I'm not sure what exactly it is that they are going to showcase, as they don't actually make computer hardware. I suppose they could set up a couple of couches for customers to play X-box. Or perhaps a 'down memory lane' section where they have the long retired Zune and Windows players. I would guess their new Windows 8 will take primary stage, but of course it and the tablet are vapor ware, and even if they do make it to market, we're back to the success of the guru bar again. Just don't see this working out at all.


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