New Apple ad: 'iPad revolution has just begun' (video)



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    Regarding the iPad - I suspect my desire for one is stronger than the pleasure I'll get from using it. It all seems a bit too shiny and new and shouts take me now, baby! But I don't need it, just want it.

    What was that Madonna song?

    "Yeah, you made me feel

    Shiny and new...Oooh!

    Like a virgin, touched for the very first time..."

    Now look at her, a frumpy old has-been obsessing about her looks until there aren't any left.

    What are you saying?? No!! Madonna was revolutionary, and will ever be magical!! She never gets old... and just wait until she gets a forward-facing camera
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    tenobelltenobell Posts: 7,014member
    This issue as been addressed many times. If you look at the sales of the iPhone, iPad as well as all mobile internet devices. None of them support Flash but they are the fastest growing segment of the electronics industry.

    Flash is not that important that is why Adobe has to make these pleas.

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    Much as I am concerned, device that is designed to be a web browsing appliance (and it was emphasised number of times that iPad is the best web experience out there) but is not capable of presenting much of the web content... is flawed.

    I know that web is not the only iPad application, but it is major one. If Apple manages to kill Flash and get www rid of it, web browsing on iPad will stop being flawed (and thus iPad will sotp being flawed in that regard)... but as of right now, in my book, it is.

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