Apple unveils redesigned, thinner iPhone 4 with two cameras



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    cxc273cxc273 Posts: 46member
    I'm pretty happy with iPhone 4. My only disappointment is the fact that they didn't bump up the memory to 64GB. Given the expense of flash memory and the space allotted to the battery, I can understand why.

    I wonder how that will impact announcements for the next touch in September -- can people safely assume that maximum capacity will stay at 64GB, but the unit will get the front facing and rear camera?

    The keynote also mentions some new accessories for iPhone 4, but I haven't seen an images. Anyone got anything they can post?
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    2oh12oh1 Posts: 503member
    Originally Posted by Jerseymac View Post

    Why in the world would you have done that to someone who is speaking the truth?

    Because there is such a thing as being respectful. Good god, what the hell is wrong with our society these days?
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by Mr Beardsley View Post

    I highly doubt it. I would assume they use a custom written control software. I think it is an embedded system from IBM.

    Yeah I should have Googled it first. My recollection got confused with something else I read about computer systems in military vehicles. They do use 2 different custom OS. Apparently 4 computers run the same OS and the 5 runs an equivalent but completely different OS as a fail over.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    412MHz ARM11 to a 600MHz Cortex A8 was noticeable improvement. Going from Cortex A8 to idealized Cortex A8 as an A4, even at the same speed would show a noticeable improvement if the OS was designed for the HW, which we know it is. I speculate that it's likely around 800MHz and very fast.

    Even with the battery increases and these times besting real world use of other smartphones I would like to see these times at least doubled. I can't stand how battery tech seemingly moves so slowly compared to the rest of the industry.

    800MHz seems to be about right! That is a solid 200MHz over the current phone with a much faster memory subsystem. The other point is that the GPU is likely running much faster too. In fact I would have to say it has to run much faster than the GPU in the 3GS because it has to push so many more pixels.

    Still it won't be any faster than it has to be to preserve battery life as much as possible.

    In any event I'm really tempted to go this route instead of an iPad. I just can't justify right now both and the current iPhone has proven to be very handy indeed. This new unit should be a solid step up, the camera might even be useful to me.

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    arklabarklab Posts: 37member
    OK, I get to be the seal that jumped in the shark tank.

    For me, nothing compelling. Even the wireless N is only on 2.4GHz.

    Shoot, how long has Apple been putting 5GHz in even their cheapest computers?

    Kinda like not putting USB 3.0 on the 17" iMac I got my wife a few months ago.

    Great PC, but hardly cutting edge features.

    This makes me very happy with the purchase of two 3GS iPhones this weekend (with unlimited data plans) as AT&T stores offer 30 day price guarantee - so only $99 each!

    The screen is actually bigger, too. I really don't need a cell phone screen I have to enlarge with a projector to tell the improvement.

    I don't need to video conference (which AT&T will never allow over their 3G anyway).

    Isn't that what the Macbooks are for?

    Not bad to have, but no big deal ether.

    And I wonder if the iMovie app won't work with the 3GS when upgraded to iOS 4?

    Any way, for me just not that much more.

    OK, now to rip me a new one!

    Thanks for reading
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    appdevappdev Posts: 61member
    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    So do you stay on your phone minutes the entire time you use Facetime? Does it drop the phone part once it connects to Facetime?

    I suspect VOIP over wifi.
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    roos24roos24 Posts: 170member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    ...with an all-new, thinner design, ...

    Any word on the TomTom cradle, does the existing one still fit, or will there be a new one?
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    daharderdaharder Posts: 1,580member
    Originally Posted by antkm1 View Post

    they do have a larger's called the iPad!

    ... like the iPad is so 'pocketable'

    It appears the the sole reason for maintaining the small screen (by today's smartphone standards) was simply to maintain the display's aspect ratio, which has been achieved, even if it does make the phone look a bit dated.
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    calguycalguy Posts: 80member
    Hard to believe but I don't have an iPhone yet, BUT I am on Verizon -

    Can you buy the iOS 4 phone and not hook up with AT&T and then only use it on WiFi?

    I know they would add mucho $ to the price. I like all the new features-5MP cam, HD video, etc. But, I don't need AT&T since my reception is bad anyway at my home.

    Is this possible?
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Originally Posted by 2oh1 View Post

    Because there is such a thing as being respectful. Good god, what the hell is wrong with our society these days?

    The other way to look at it is that Apples exclusive agreement with AT&T is disgraceful and they ned to be held accountable when and where ever possible. It is that old phrase " you made your bed now lay in it".
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    svnippsvnipp Posts: 430member
    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    Unlike the landfill-destined Android phones, this iPhone is a seriously polished hardware/software combo. It works, and Apple's borderline-clinical attention to detail is what will continue to keep the iPhone the platinum-standard for everyone else to reach.

    I'll take SJ's viewpoint of what the market is like anytime compared to your perception of it is.

    And as usual, the rest of the competition is watching all the webcasts while their copy-machines are warming up. Why do any real R&D when they can get it for free from Apple?

    Even with the iOS4 coming out, I'm willing to bet they already have an early prototype of iOS5 working deep in the caves of Apple Skunkwerks. They just bring shame to the competition.

    I'm sold. The moment it's available - and the waiting lines dissipate - I'm getting one! My trusty 2g iPhone will happily retire as a iPod Touch.

    To me, your last statement here is one of the understated advantages of the iPhone product line. Personally, when I do upgrade my iPhone 3GS I'll then feel pretty good about handing it down to my 4 year old to have as his one iPod Touch. I have a couple games on it now that he really loves, and then I wouldn't have to worry about him breaking it quite so much.
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Yeah I should have Googled it first. My recollection got confused with something else I read about computer systems in military vehicles. They do use 2 different custom OS. Apparently 4 computers run the same OS and the 5 runs an equivalent but completely different OS as a fail over.

    I think there was a new ship in the Navy that was going to use NT as the basis for its systems. So I don't fault you for thinking the shuttle may have use it.
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    jerseymacjerseymac Posts: 408member
    Originally Posted by ghostface147 View Post

    Because a keynote isn't a democracy. They can write all they want, but don't dare interrupt my keynote. That's the way I ran things in past jobs and I don't see why it won't continue.

    Okay. It's rude to interrupt anyone, especially a CEO of legendary status.


    In this particular case I don't have a problem with the outburst because he was delivering a message that needs to be heard. I'm grateful to this audience member as well as the guy at D8 who complained about his service in Texas. Maybe Mr. Jobs will get the message that there are some real issues with the network that one is forced to use if they want to enjoy the experience of having an iPhone.

    There was a time right here on this forum when anyone claiming that AT&T's network was horrible and useless was called a troll and an outright liar. "I've had AT&T for years and I've never dropped a call. So if I have no problems, no one has any problems." That attitude has changed lately to "Ahh, I don't ever use my iPhone for phone calls anyway" So maybe some here finally got the message.

    It's possible that this "were selling tons of iPhones so everything is alright" attitude existed in the corridors of Apple Inc as well. Maybe Steve Jobs doesn't travel in areas where there is no coverage. If he did, I bet he would do something about it.

    So yes, it may be rude to have an outcry during a Keynote. But after three, going on four years of AT&T exclusivity, maybe it was time for someone to speak out.
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by AppDev View Post

    I suspect VOIP over wifi.

    Sure that is what I thought would happen for audio, I wondered how the integration with the cell service works.

    You dial someone's number they say hello, you say, let's do a Facetime chat. Ok. Once the IP connection hands off does the cell service automatically drop and you continue with FT? It would be nice if it optionally could work without the cell service since many people have a really hard time receiving calls indoors at home.
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    felmanfelman Posts: 21member
    Originally Posted by Bowser View Post

    I teach vision science in a major California, university, the claims about this display are patently false.

    First, I'll overlook the claim about what the human retina can display, that's just wrong. The retina doesn't display anything, it's not a projector. Rather, it is an information gather device that has light projected on to it. It's nothing like a display at all. And, even if SJ meant display as in a projection screen, which is only partially correct, it doesn't change facts about the acuity of human visual perception.

    The human retina is actually capable of picking up details finer than the width of a human photoreceptor itself. This is sometimes measured with what's called vernier acuity, the ability to detect if two lines are offset from one another.

    Further, there are literally BILLIONS of receptors in the retina, with MILLIONS in a linear inch. There is no way a display of 326 ppi is higher resolution than the millions of receptors in a linear inch in the retina.

    I'm very saddened to see this misrepresentation of the capabilities of the display in the new iPhone. It will only give the trolls food.

    You're not right, professor!

    It's all got to do with distance. As the other poster said a bit earlier, 326ppi at 10-12 inches is more than eyes can discern. That's why huge wall posters don't need to be printed at 300 dpi like 4x6 photos do.

    I work in photography where a print standard is 300dpi so we make sure no pixel is visible but it is possible to go a bit lower and still have adequate quality. Having 326ppi is just great and even assuming you have those 3 subpixels per pixel, 109ish sppi is still incredible!

    That's why the guys with the "lost/stolen" prototype couldn't distinguish the pixels in the USB synching logo on the screen...

    As for the Retina Display claim, they probably mean it's something that can finally match the precision of your retina. I think these guys know the retina doesn't emit light...
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    moochmooch Posts: 113member
    did they say anywhere what the 4 countries are that are getting it June 24?
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    Originally Posted by antkm1 View Post

    they do have a larger's called the iPad!

    I think those who have asked for a bigger iPhone screen, certainly want a bigger screen for A PHONE, which is pocketable, and so forth, so the answer iPad surely must be a misunderstandig of what these people/users (and I) would prefer, namely an iPhone with a 4 og 4,3 inches screen. Not too big or heavy, still pocketable, and much more use userfriendly both for eyesight in general and for many applications too.
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    londonlondon Posts: 24member
    116 said it better.
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    rune66rune66 Posts: 45member
    Nice info!
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,585member
    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    The gyroscope, overall thinness of the device, and using the casing as the antenna, it all seems to be what sets this phone apart, but the way Jobs described this thing talking about how nothing on the market comes close, that's laughable.

    Look, it's got all the latest and greatest (like a high res screen, 720 HD video recording, a front facing camera) but the evo can be directly compared to this thing.

    It really irritates me when someone like Jobs or Ballmer acts like people don't know what else is on the market when they say there's nothing like their product.

    Overall, this is a good evolution of the iphone. Still not as revolutionary as the first though.

    Except that Jobs is right. There isn't another phone out now that comes within a mile of this one. And there won't be for a while yet.

    It's true that other phones have (crappy) 5 MP cameras. Big deal. No one else has a working front facing camera using video chat yet that works well. The software has been withdrawn that supposedly works fairly well, and the only software that is out, hardly works at all. Neither as yet allows camera switching in the middle of the call.

    No other phone has 7 hours of 3G calling, or 10 hours of video, or 40 hours of music.

    None has a screen that's anywhere near as good.

    None has a gyro that will make gaming, and other programs much better and versatile. Nintendo already mentioned Apple as their biggest competitor, this will hurt them much more.

    I could mention others, but that's enough.
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