Consumer Reports changes stance, cannot recommend Apple's iPhone 4



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    I think consumer reports opinions hold about as much water as thimble in my little opinion. At one minute they recommend the phone.... and the next they don't. Hmmmm.... seems like they really know what the hell they're talking about. NOT! If you want some honest, REAL assessment just search the web a little bit and you can get some real answers. I wouldn't buy a car based on CR.... I wouldn't buy a vacuum based on idiot CR opinion.... nor will I buy anything else, let alone another iPhone based on what those dip shits think.

    Consumer Reports = The phone book..... both pretty much obsolete now.... why do you listen to them?

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    ruel24ruel24 Posts: 432member
    Originally Posted by BartBuzz View Post

    With AT&T the iP4 costs $200 plus the contract costs. You pay (about) the same thing for a Droid. So aren't all smartphones subsidized? At least that's the way the mobile phone business works in the US.

    Your opinion of the Droid is the same as mine. It just looks and feels cheap. I am happy with my iTouch and flip phone until Verizon and Apple join hands.

    All of them, now, are in the US. The original iPhone release wasn't. When they changed, the iPhone got cheaper, but the price of the service went up $10 a month on AT&T. I don't know what Rogers or any other carrier outside the US does. They may not subsidize?
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    bdblackbdblack Posts: 146member
    This is really funny, I mean first consumer reports says the phone is great and has no problems...

    Then this antenna issue gets massive attention by the forums and blogs...

    So then Consumer Reports does a test where they recreate the specific conditions of this antenna problem in a controlled environment until they can make the phone fail, then they say its bad creating huge publicity for themselves in the process...


    Really, I think this whole thing smells like bulls**t. From all sides too.

    Okay, a small percentage of people have a problem with the antenna. This is true. Probably a small defect in Apple's design. By no means the worst design flaw they have ever made. A lot of it is probably also poor coverage on AT&T's network. I mean, people were getting dropped calls before the iPhone 4 right?

    But really I can see how it's in a lot of people's interests to blow this thing way out of proportion.
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    I think Consumer Reports people in recent months are NOT RATIONAL. Few months ago they say this is the BEST iPhone ever and BEST smartphone than any other on the market. Now just because there may be signal drop because of what they say you hold the phone, all of a sudden they can not recommend!!! What a stupid criteria. It is like according to them the phone is no good???? I can just LAUGH at them and say you guys have gone nuts. I think I am avid reader of Consumer Reports and NOW I have started to doubt their credibility.

    Hey guys, look, there is no other smartphone in the world right now that can do what iPhone4 can do. I have tested the phone in the real world with no signal bars on my iPhone 4 and also kept the finger on the slit where the antena is and still I could make a call and talk and there was NO problem. This has occured MANY times.

    So, please read this assessment and try to be rational and do not publish your stupid assessment where millions of people like me would trash the Consumer Reports.

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    My "death grip" problems are now over. I got 5 bars in most of my house before, but could quickly kill off the bars by doing the death grip. Now, I get 5 bars EVERYWHERE in the house and using the death grip results in no loss of bars.

    teste de paternité

    keys to happiness

    I can now receive a phone call when holding the phone in the death grip instead of it going straight to voicemail. I can also make calls out when using the death grip
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    I am on the phone 2-3 hours a day calling and talking - have no new issues - lots of the same dead spots and poor reception that hasn't really changed since iphone1 ... since the beginning of time, a cell phone bar things means pretty much nothing. sometimes my phone shows .5 of a bar, I call my voicemail and it jumps to 4 bars ... AND even though I'm right handed, I hold my phone in my left hand as my earpiece is my right. NO PROBLEMS other tahn AT&T could be a better network. iphone 4 is great - the screen is freakin' amazing - you can actually read the ENTIRE front page of the NY TIMES at normal size, the screen is that sharp even though the font is essentially 2 point. Yea, listen to consumer reports if you plan on using your phone to test inside a chamber, in the real world, as they note, it's the best smartphone EVER.
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