NAB, RIAA seek to push FM radio into iPods and iPhones



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    davegeedavegee Posts: 2,765member
    Originally Posted by amigasteve View Post

    One of the more stupid ideas I've heard recently.

    If they really want to increase the radio audience why don't they work to make streams from all radio stations (AM and FM) available via streaming?

    The fact is... With the formula that they'd like be using 'audience' might not even matter (since you can't get any accurate count of what radios are turned on or tuned to what station or even how many people are or aren't actually listening) all these greedy bastards really want to do is drastically increase the actual number of radios that fall within a given stations broadcast footprint. I'm sure a great number of formulas are applied to the total number to finalize on dollar payout for each studio but if they can 4x or more the total number of radios the end result will be much larger payouts even if every single radio forced onto CE devices go 100% unused.

    I guess these Einsteins at the RIAA and the labels musta finally clued in on the fact that those 'crazy music stealing kids' finally stopped buying boom boxes...
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    Obama may like this one. Complain to your Senators and your Congressman!
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    sheffsheff Posts: 1,407member
    We already have radio - it's called pandora, etc. I am not opposed to having radio built in, but between podcasts and pandora I really don't have a need for it. It surely should not be mandated.
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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    This doesn't surprise me.

    Doesn't the US already mandate GPS receivers in phones so that the NSA can log the geographical movements of all of it's 'free' citizens?
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    Image where we'd be today if the government had mandated 8-track capability in all mobile consumer devices. Yeah, not good.

    There is a market for FM capability, and manufacturers will be more than happy to continue filling it. But there is NO place for strong-arming any compatibility or format.

    Besides, of all the matters our politicians should be working on, I hope this one is at dead bottom of the list.
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    -ag--ag- Posts: 123member
    Coming soon from your friends at the RIAA and Apple...

    Now with AM

    But seriously this is just another case of people with power not actually knowing their own demographic, and the ones they DO know they sue!!
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    Yeah! And they otta' mandate vacuum pumps, dentist drills, vibrators, porn and vasectomies too!

    That way you could enjoy anything on your mobile device!

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    christophbchristophb Posts: 1,482member
    The more government regulation into privately owned (a.k.a publicly traded) companies the better. It's working for banking, right?

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    Originally Posted by mimsyswallows View Post

    What happened to laissez-faire capitalism? Really... what happened to the idea that anyone is allowed to produce a product without any restrictions and might allow it to sell. If someone copies your product and it works better, why then the onus is on you to make yours somehow better still. Where did this all go?

    What was the URL of that guy... oh yes -

    - and oh, god: I'm a Rayndroid.

    I am all for collie dogs having the leisure time to attend a carnival, throw some baseballs at Kewpie dolls, ride a ferris wheel, the dodg-em cars, and all that....

    ... but we're trying to have a serious discussion of the way business is supposed to work in the good old US of A!

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    Originally Posted by mex4eric View Post

    Obama may like this one. Complain to your Senators and your Congressman!

    Please keep your (stupid) politics out of this.
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    nkalunkalu Posts: 315member
    It shouldn't be a mandate, but it would be a nice thing to have. I have always wanted a radio in my iPod. It will increase Apple's iPod appeal.
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    ruel24ruel24 Posts: 432member
    Originally Posted by walshbj View Post

    I've always wanted FM on my iPhone but if the RIAA wants it maybe I don't anymore.

    Actually, I'd love to get Sirius without streaming it over the internet.
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    I hate radio. I gave up on FM radio years ago when I went to XM. Then XM went down the tube when they merged with Sirius so I gave up on that as well. Now I love my iPod and my thousands of tracks on it. With Genius I get much better music variety and a really well sync'd playlist. Much better than anything on FM.

    If the radio broadcasters actually had some variety and were not up their own asses with their "DJs" then perhaps they would be worth listening too, but they are and so I don't.
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    Mandating private enterprise and citizens to do and buy things they don't want to do or buy - hmm where have I heard that before - oh wait! President Osama and the Democratic Congress on health care!
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    kibitzerkibitzer Posts: 1,114member
    Of course this is a ridiculous duck that can't even swim, let alone fly. Can you imagine the hoots of derision from the public if a bill actually got introduced in Congress and a committee had to hold public hearings on it? Even funnier, the news radio stations would have to report on it!

    On the more serious side, traditional radio is hearing the same death knell that tolled for print periodicals 10 years ago. At issue are declining ad revenues and customer base, along with the problem of fair compensation for the creative talent that provides their content.

    The Internet has been more than a game-changer. It has totally disrupted all of the established bastions of practically every form of communication and commerce - print, broadcast, telephones, mail, wholesaling and retailing.

    Like tariffs and import quotas, this proposal is one more futile attempt by an obsolete industry on its way out to erect a seawall against the inevitable waves of progress. No seawall can be dug deep enough to keep the sands of economic reality from being washed out from beneath its foundations. Ideas like these are the products of desperate individuals, frantically clutching to their jobs and their moss-coated empires that will soon crumble and disappear from their grasp. We can laugh at them now, but their desperation is also something to be pitied.
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    multimediamultimedia Posts: 1,043member
    No way do I want FM in my iOS devices. That kind of government mandate idea is insane.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    Originally Posted by boeyc15 View Post

    Well, I'm gonna be hated here, so be nice. But from a public safety information point, you know after an earth quake or something wipes out local cell towers/cable etc, all that is left, maybe, is over the the air tv and radio. After Katrina, make shift radio stations were built to cover some areas so they had local news(because clearquest etc is just a tape feed to a lot of areas) Just my opinion.

    Yes and how quickly does your battery die during these events? Besides there are radios specifically designed for emergencies.


    As for music, how did radio royalties begin?

    Did Bing Crosby etc get them back in the day, or is this by law? IMO over open air, I'm for no royalties.

    I'm mixed on this one. If the artist actually got some of the money they want to collect it might not be that bad. This actually happening though is slim.

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    Never mind.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    I'd like to see FM on my iPhone, but never because it has been mandated by the government.

    What is worst this type of legislation has happened again and again. One example was a local company getting laws passed in various places mandating 10 year batteries in smoke detectors. Many other similar laws have been attempted with some succeeding in the past. So be aware and do contact your local reps.

    What really bothers me is that this may be a sneaky move by the RIAA to get special taxes applied to our devices. Sort of like the TAX on blank CDs in some locals. All in all this is real bad news.

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    gorgor Posts: 1member
    I'd actually love to have a decent radio built in to my next iPhone, but why use dying technologies such as AM or FM? I'd want to see a digital (DAB) receiver, but I guess that wouldn't work in countries still reliant on analogue systems for broadcast radio. Would Apple need to produce different models according to each country's broadcasting systems?
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