NAB, RIAA seek to push FM radio into iPods and iPhones



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    This is so random.

    Why don't they build their own FM radio and sell it in the martket?
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    tsatsa Posts: 129member
    Next the NRA will start lobbying for guns built into laptops. Very handy.
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    One of the most hilarious and stupid ideas I have ever heard of! How can this be even contstitutional? You make a device of your own free will and design, but now you HAVE to put a FM chip in it- add a feature you or your customers might not even want or desire. What a sick joke.

    Time for a Revolution. Fight the RIAA, fight the stupid corporate radio shills that pay the RIAA royalties for promoting their crap for FREE.
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    oh and one more thing...

    I bet Joe Biden is for this. I have lost all respect for this tool.
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    Next they will mandate a cassette player or maybe a laser disc reader.
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    This will inevitably mean US-only models. In the UK we're working towards switching analogue radio off in the next few years. It's digital all the way for us. Goodbye FM hiss!
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    Wait, there's no TV tuner built-in to my iMac. That's just so wrong. I demand a TV tuner in my iMac. Oh, yea, go ahead and throw in the radio as well.
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    maximaramaximara Posts: 409member
    Originally Posted by johnnyb0731 View Post

    This seems like an Aprils Fools joke...

    At least then we would pass it off as they can't be this stupid.

    Problem it isn't even April and we already know the RIAA is run by people that make Knuckle Dragging Conservatives look like Albert Einstein Liberals by comparison.
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    joe hsjoe hs Posts: 488member
    Originally Posted by Mac31 View Post

    Great, another app I'll need to hide on my iPhone. I can't stand AM/FM radio.

    I second that, if it's a tab in the iPod app that I can hide under 'more' then I don't care, If it's an app I will jailbreak for the sole purpose of deleting it.
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    Two words: Vested interest.

    Any Congressman/woman should reject this idea as against Liberty and the Rule of Law.

    Any who DO support it should a) be utterly ashamed b) resign, for they know not what their function is.

    RIAA, NAB and all the other rent-seekers should be excluded from any state funding, have any statutory powers stripped and be chased out of town only stopping to first paint their collectivist, authoritarian, parasitical buttocks bright blue.
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    eulereuler Posts: 81member
    This is so ridiculous. I hope the mandate fails.

    That being said, I do wish that the next iPod Touch coming out would have an FM radio. I mean why should the Nano have it but not the touch? I typically prefer my stash of music as opposed to the radio, but sometimes I want to listen to the TVs at the gym or listen to football games on Sunday when I am out jogging, etc.

    In addition, I know that several of the droid devices that are coming out as well as the Nano have this in them so I don't think that it takes up that much room in the circuitry.
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    coolcatcoolcat Posts: 156member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Please keep your (stupid) politics out of this.

    Why is it stupid to mention writing congressmen and the like? THEY are the ones that might have some power to stop this bullsh*t....why don't YOU settle the hell down?
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    coolcatcoolcat Posts: 156member
    Are they F-ing high? Or just stupid? Do they really think they wield power to MANDATE something like this? They must have fallen down and bumped their heads. No way is anyone going to be forced to put an FM chip in their devices....Can't wait to hear what Jobs has to
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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    Originally Posted by MarkXPII View Post

    Mandating private enterprise and citizens to do and buy things they don't want to do or buy - hmm where have I heard that before - oh wait! President Osama and the Democratic Congress on health care!

    I'm getting really tired of ignorant people making stupid accusations like this. Not to mention the racist slur.

    Do you think that no other administration has ever forced anyone to pay for something they didn't like? You don't think that anyone ever objected to income taxes starting? Or Social Security? Or the EPA? Or the Consumer Products Safety Commission? Or the billions of dollars spent by the government on medical research? Or NASA? Or nuclear weapons?

    The government is supposed to be acting on behalf of the public to the best of their abilities. The Constitution explains how it works. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that YOU have to like it. So stop whining.
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    sendmesendme Posts: 567member
    Originally Posted by walshbj View Post

    I've always wanted FM on my iPhone but if the RIAA wants it maybe I don't anymore.

    Steve didn't put it in my iPhone so I don't want it.
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    sendmesendme Posts: 567member
    Originally Posted by mimsyswallows View Post

    What happened to laissez-faire capitalism? Really... what happened to the idea that anyone is allowed to produce a product without any restrictions and might allow it to sell.

    The guys who dumped their effluent into the rivers kind of ruined it for the rest of us. Laissez Faire is dead.
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    old-wizold-wiz Posts: 194member
    Interesting battle to shape up in Congress: RIAA/NAB vs equipment mfgrs. It will be settled by whichever group makes the biggest "gifts" (bribes) to congress. Congress doesn't give a rats tushie about consumers; it's just pandering to whichever group pays the most money.

    What about GPS devices? would they demand it there too? And the super small devices like Apple Shuffle? there's no room for a radio chip.

    dumb idea, but they probably don't have the money that the equipment mfgrs do.
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    finetunesfinetunes Posts: 2,065member
    Originally Posted by mex4eric View Post

    Obama may like this one. Complain to your Senators and your Congressman!

    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Please keep your (stupid) politics out of this.

    Originally Posted by coolcat View Post

    Why is it stupid to mention writing congressmen and the like? THEY are the ones that might have some power to stop this bullsh*t....why don't YOU settle the hell down?

    I think this is what anantksundaram is refering to in mex4eric's comment.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,787member
    Originally Posted by tbsteph View Post

    The "radio" mandate should be a piece of cake. After all, we will soon have a national health insurance mandate imposed on the unwilling.

    A bit off topic there eh? As you started it ... Those that don't want (I didn't say those that can't afford it please note) to pay health insurance should have to sign a waiver stating "Do not treat" and wear a bracelet to that effect. End the practice of those that won't get insurance being paid for by those that will. Absent that what alternative is there to a mandate for everyone to have coverage and making sure all can afford it? The current system is a joke.
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    Originally Posted by Dorotea View Post

    This is an area where the market should rule. Government should not dictate!!!!

    Pretty funny. As though "market" and "government" are necessarily independent. Powerful business interests distort the market by manipulating government to put these types of requirements in regulations. The "invisible hand" market of Adam Smith is a myth.

    That said, this ploy by the RIAA and their corporate sponsors is outrageous.
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