Apple's iPhone 4 coming to Verizon on Feb. 10 for $199



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    Originally Posted by bigdaddyp View Post

    Does that mean we are now going to be inundated daily with stories about iPhone coming soon to Sprint or T-mobile? Of course it shouldn't be to hard for Sprint to provide iPhones to all 10 of their remaining customers.

    OMFG. YES. A whole new round of stuff I couldn't care less about.
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    postulantpostulant Posts: 1,272member
    I consider the 5 device Mobile Hotspot to be the best news... apparently, AppleInsider thinks otherwise.
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    Originally Posted by fizzmaster View Post

    What is the announced feature that you would are waiting for in the iPhone 5?

    Why would you want to pay full price on soon to be out of electronics?
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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    IPhone 5 will come out when it is ready just like any other Product. As far as people getting angry well let them, I'd rather see solid updates than to have Apple avoid moving forward because a customer got angry over a new phone.

    No LTE... I know you're shocked. I'm not.

    It's ok, just try to be so patronizing next time someone disagrees with you.

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    and i thought the white iPhone 4 would be announced together. seems to me the white model is forgotten
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    Mobile hotspot is the tradeoff for not having concurrent voice and data..
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    jpcgjpcg Posts: 114member
    Originally Posted by LouisTheXIV View Post

    I suppose this means it has a sim card slot for traveling abroad to use GSM....this is great news!

    Nope. If it was GSM it would say: You can use it in over 120 countries...

    Europe alone has more than 30 countries in it.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    Unless Apple plans on changing release cycles, Verizon gets the iPhone 4 for four months by the standard reasoning. Waste of time for anyone who wants one; iPhone 5 would come out in the summer.

    Ah, we just got a "We don't comment on [the refresh cycle]" from Tim Cook, so what I said above is probably what's going to happen.

    So what? Your reasoning is ludicrous. It implies that everyone who buys an iphone must always update when a newer version is released, lest they be wasting their time. Do you always buy the very latest and greatest of everything? Geez, you must trade cars every year or two, replace your TV every year or so, and you must go through computers at a rate of two or three each year. You must spend a lot of time trying to always make certain that you have the latest and greatest of everything. Some people would say that is a waste of time. Some people would also say that it is a waste of my time responding to the idiotic notions that people on this forum are perpetually expounding. You have no idea in what ways the next iPhone will improve on the iPhone 4, and you cannot say anything about the extent to which Verizon subscribers who have been waiting a long while to update their phones will care about those newer features, if in fact there are any that amount to much at all.
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    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    No, I don't think people buying an iPhone4 now are stupid, hell they've been waiting for years and years. They'll see the refined antenna design, etc. it would be a good time to take the plunge for many. I'm on my iPhone4 at least until end of this year and even then I'll be seein' what the iPhone5 brings.

    As for iPhone4 on Verizon or ATT... Those are really "teh stupids" if they get the WRONG BLOODY PHONE for their network!

    Jun 2007 iPhone

    Jul 2008 iPhone 3G

    Jun 2009 iPhone 3G S

    Jun 2010 iPhone 4

    Feb 2011 iPhone 4 on Verizon

    Jun 2011 iPhone 4 S

    Jun 2012 iPhone 5
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    ajmasajmas Posts: 596member
    Is the phone pure CDMA? With regards to roaming, if I head up to Canada for the week end or to Europe, will I be without network coverage?
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    does facetime work over the CDMA link directly without WiFi? That's a big win for Verizon if it is (I apologize... I was on the road during the live cast). If not, then the voice/data limitation is a big whiff (not that I'm switching... I'm a 3 iPhone AT&T family plan with 1.5 years to wait).

    But Facetime over CDMA plus a hotspot would be nice. (if anything, I could get a verizon iPhone 4 and use it to hotspot my AT&T iPhone and facetime from that;-)
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    Originally Posted by OriginalG View Post

    How does the mobile hot spot work if I have another device tethered to my phone and I get a voice call? Does my data connection drop?

    Yes. Ridiculous, isn't it?
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,088member
    Not sure which is more groundbreaking - hell freezing over or Verizon & Apple finally in bed together...
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    I am SO excited!!! Yay!!!

    Today has been a glorious day... Britney Spears breaking radio records and iPhone on VZW!!!
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    I am perfectly fine with AT&T.

    Why should anyone change, when you can't use the phone and data at the same time? So if one gets a call, and want to find a location on Google map, one has to hang up first. That sucks the fun out of iPhone. Not worth it!

    I use my data more than phone. I am reading my mails when phone comes in, and I can handle both on AT&T. I can use phone and text at the same time. Internet search and phone, etc.

    I am staying with AT&T. No, I am not going to switch, even if Verizon is giving iPhone for free!
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    Originally Posted by Yuniverse View Post

    well, in that case it's either means that iPhone 5 will be released in the summer for both AT&T and Verizon and will anger the new Verizon iPhone 4 customers or

    the iPhone 5 will be released for both AT&T and Verizon next Feb (2012) and will anger(?) or disappoint everyone else who's waiting for the next model.

    Doesn't make sense...

    Yes, it does make sense, to any existing Verizon subscriber who likes the iPhone 4 and who has been waiting to get it and who has no reason to think that the next iPhone will have newer features that they will want and that will cause them to wish that they had waited.
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    Originally Posted by Jerseymac View Post

    To everyone who said it wouldn't happen...

    To everyone who said it couldn't happen

    To everyone who said it shouldn't happen...

    I have one word for you...


    About damn time Apple.

    About damn time Apple? So they should have just broken their contract with AT&T and damn the consequences?
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    Originally Posted by reklss41 View Post

    AT&T will get iphone 5 first just like xbox 360 gets map packs first for every call of duty game.

    I guess this will be the new mantra now that iPhone on Verizon has happened...

    "Will AT&T get iP5 first?"

    or, another mantra...

    "Will iP5 come out in June... what will happen to all of the iP4 Verizon customers?"
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    But why? Are they really going to pit them against each other like this with a staggered release?

    How many times must you ask this and how many times must you ignore the data.

    1) You ignore the sheer number of sales the iPhone has that makes even meeting the GSM demand difficult.

    2) You ignore that Verizon customers want the iPhone.

    3) You ignore that people buy stuff year round without concern of when it will be updated.

    4) You ignore the potential for AT&T?s contract to see be in effect for exclusivity for new iPhone releases for a set time.

    PS: Weren?t you the one who swore up and down that Apple would never have a new product come out right after Xmas despite the long history of this happening?
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    Originally Posted by reklss41 View Post

    AT&T will get iphone 5 first

    I love that you think you know this.
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