Apple's Tim Cook profiled as "most powerful gay man in Silicon Valley"



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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    Are the rest of the powerful men in Silicon Valley not happy?

    Their last quarter reports weren't as good as Apple's so I guess not.
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    If and/or when Tim becomes CEO will the fanboys become fagboys?

    Tasteless joke I know, but I couldn't help it.
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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    If and/or when Tim becomes CEO will the fanboys become fagboys?

    Tasteless joke I know, but I couldn't help it.

    Not all Apple fans ride Harley Davidsons. Or didn't you see South Park?
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    Originally Posted by Realistic View Post

    Gossip is not based on facts but speculation. If Cook is not in fact gay, I would imagine he would consider this gossip as negative. All reports of his being gay have been pure speculation. Please show me one source where he himself says he is gay. Whether he is or isn't is irrelevant but you continue to spread the gossip with your remark even though you can't provide any verification where Cook himself said he was gay.

    Take a chill pill, friend. I beat you to the punch at critiquing my comment with one of my own critiques here. Hard as it is for me to believe, even I don't get it right all the time.
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    I agree. I've always loved Daniel's articles, but this is his worst piece ever. What the hell was he thinking?
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    I realize you are trying to be funny and engage in world-play in your past few posts, but it's not resonating.

    I liked it... When I get married to my partner (female/ male/ cat) I want my wedding cake to be a dualcore CPU and two of us as the cores... How ultra geeky!

    Only thing is by the time it happens everything will be 64 core 10ghz ARMs
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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    Whenever I hear about some prominent heterosexual "involved" with a member of the "opposite sex" I get a little queasy considering their choice to take a "lover" and involve themselves in a "tryst."

    I recently watched an episode of "Jersey Shore", and I have to say I resent having the heterosexual lifestyle (which frankly appears to be kind of a horrorshow, although I'm sure the PC crowd will get on my case for saying so) pushed in my face. I think its fine what heterosexuals do in the privacy of their own (poorly decorated) bedrooms, or sweaty sex clubs, or "that part of town", just don't go around making a big deal out of it.

    LOL trust me heterosexuality as depicted in the media is nothing like real life. Kinda like homosexuality too. IOW sexuality as depicted in mainstream media is usually nonsense.
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    Originally Posted by solsun View Post

    Well I'm a gay man, and no, I'm not offended by the headline, but yes, it is a silly story... Of course Tim Cook is gay. who cares? and furthermore, did anyone really not know that already?

    I didn't know; never even thought about it before. But now that I know, it gives me more appreciation for Apple as a company, which obviously was the point of the article. We're all Apple fans, so why not point out an example of Apple being more progressive or diverse than other similar companies?

    I'll never understand the "this isn't news, why did you post this" backlash that comes with so many of AppleInsider's stories. If you're not interested, why do you read the article, and then write a comment? When I see things that don't interest me (probably 90% of the AI headlines, and a higher percentage at general news sites) I just move to the next one. It doesn't offend me that not every article is tailor-made for my interests.
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    Dear AI, just in what way is this any different than gossip from Cook is arguably the most skilled operations guy in the business, and reporting on how he worked to turn Apple around would have been fine and well. But seriously, gossiping about his private life? Shame on you.

    It's with a heavy heart I remove both Apple Insider and Roughly Drafted Magazine from my RSS feed. I used a be a huge fan of DED and his old articles charting the history of computer platforms and their relevance in today's tech world (yup, been going to his site for six years). Then he got into all those ad hominem attacks against other bloggers and analysts. I didn't care much at the time as most of his articles were informative and amusing. DED used to point the finger at bloggers for "regurgitating silly rumors" and now he's doing the very same thing. With his refusal to admit to ever being wrong in several articles, the nasty tone of voice against others who have been wrong and now this gossip piece about an executive's rumored sexual preferences I've just had enough.
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    Not only is this article's focus on Tim Cook's sexual orientation irrelevant to Apple news but it's also poorly written. I had to read certain sentences numerous times to extract what Dilger is trying to communicate in poorly punctuated sentences, such as

    "Unlike Jobs, Cook is not seen to be a product visionary nor a "compelling public speaker," tasks Apple's management team has delegated to design chief Jonathan Ive and marketing chief Phil Schiller, respectively."

    Come on AI.
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    galbigalbi Posts: 968member
    Donating money only after you've been "misdiagnosed". Nice.

    These are the same people who donate and "give back" only during the festive holiday seasons, not throughout the whole year. Self interests > others.
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    bongobongo Posts: 158member
    Skipping through the 8 pages of this thread is a lot like looking at "the evolution of man" backward.
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    Why is this article still up? I am offended. Take it down!!
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    Originally Posted by bongo View Post

    Skipping through the 8 pages of this thread is a lot like looking at "the evolution of man" backward.

    HAHAHA!!! Nice.
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    Originally Posted by Galbi View Post

    Donating money only after you've been "misdiagnosed". Nice.

    These are the same people who donate and "give back" only during the festive holiday seasons, not throughout the whole year. Self interests > others.

    That's a little harsh and judgmental. There are a gazillion worthy causes to which one can donate time and/or money. Some of those causes hit closer to home than others. It's totally reasonable that Tim Cook would donate money to MS research after his scare. It's very likely that he supports other causes as well--or maybe he doesn't; we don't know.

    As to the "Self interests > others" comment, I say, "DUH!!" That's not inherently bad, it's inherently human. It's noble and good to transcend that and think of others' needs in addition to one's own.

    I, for one, celebrate generosity/charity regardless of its amount or motivation.
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    iliveriliver Posts: 299member
    BTW- Cook is thought of as just a competent businessman - hardy the most powerful anything.
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    You are kidding right? Clearly he has the emotional fortitude of a little puppy. My rebuke of his outbursts are really about as kid gloves as I get. I understand if someone is gay, this is an emotional issue for them, but I'm not gay so it is all about what makes sense from a logical point of view.

    I'm not anti gay, anti Cook or anti Apple. All I emphasized was that it would be better in my opinion for Cook to acknowledge his sexual preference being either gay, straight or whatever and get it out in the open to remove any negative effect on the stock market. If people have a problem with that philosophy then they probably have other more urgent issues that they need to attend to rather than arguing in a forum and calling other people vulgar names. I'm not the one losing my cool here. Far from it in my opinion. I actually like gay people very much, as long as they are rational. In this case IH is not.

    Back from a weekend trip, so I know the thread is almost stale.

    I want to say, I understand your position and I do appreciate having people who are indifferent to someones orientation.

    And i apologize if I was too quick to join the attack. As I said. I often have a lot of respect for your posts.

    I do want to point out that it sounded to me like there was a lot of latent attitudes in in your posts. Kind of how. My parents will say theyre not racist and point out their black friends and such. But some remnants will still show through, and they'll still use potentially charged words like "colored person" or something. or a better example may be someone who claims to support feminism but will still characterize their wife with a volatile word like "hysterical"

    Words like lover, tryst, and characterizing gay friends as emotional basket cases may be accurate, but they run the risk of being loaded terms. Even though it wasn't in the message you were sending, it turned up in the way the message was received. I do wish there were more people with the general attitude of yours...that orientation shouldnt matter to the job the person does...but I think there are still some latent attitudes that manifest themselves in your approach and word choice, and honestly, in a conversation so emotionally charged, some people are sensitive to those things. It's not a matter of if that is right or wrong; instead, it's about understanding people, their positions, and their reactions on a deeper level.

    Anyway. I hope I wasn't too. I don't know. Arrogant perhaps. Or patronizing. But I wanted you to know why i took issue with some of the things you said. Like I said. I appreciate that you are the type of person who is slow to judge.

    Best regards

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    If they're all gay, does that make them "Homo Genius"?
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    Tim is my relative. My mom and him grew up together. While I don't know him and haven't seen him in longer than I can remember, he is a private person and I wouldn't be surprised if AI hears from him or someone representing him about this article. As said above: this is dribble gossip. Who cares?
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    ^^ Wow. Spam on AI is getting weirder and weirder.
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