Impressive lines suggest first day iPad 2 sales could hit 500k, analyst says



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    Originally Posted by Ryzek View Post

    What a load of crap Apple, this was really stupid and you pissed off allot of people. I was going to buy a brand new MacBook Pro 2K plus monitor for another 1K but forget you now.

    Hahaha .... of course you were .....
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    Originally Posted by libertyforall View Post

    WHAT A JOKE! I visited the local Apple Store and it was CLOSED until 5PM?! WTF?! A line of morons wasting their time for electronics -- turned around and went home. Some people have nothing better to do with their time. I have no intention to buy iPad 2, just wanted to try it out since I was passing by...

    You know what we call people who intend to buy an iPad 2? Customers, not morons.

    You know what we call people who don't have any intention of buying one and instead insults paying customers? Trolls.
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    Originally Posted by dramaw4 View Post

    So Apple generates mass interest and under produces to meet obvious demands. To state that the Ipad2 would be available at local department stores and then provide only 2 - 5 per store; really? Yes, I wanted one so I stood in line for 30 minutes (number 6 in line) only to learn that they were only sent 2 ....supposedly they didn't know that up front. Is it enough to make me not buy one? Probably, but I doubt it.

    Wow! That's funny. Why didn't they just tell people they only got two in? They staff at 5th street apple store they are selling them as fast as apple can make them.
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