The Best Films You Have Ever Seen?

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I'm surprised no one's beaten me to it, though I wouldn't be surprised if there is a thread like this somewhere else here.

Ok, so I'll kick it off. My favourite films:

1) Casablanca--ok, so it was originally intended to be American propaganda that was used to help sway public opinion in favour of American involvement in WWII, but damn, Bogart was cool.

2) Memento--I can't find the words to describe this film. Only that this movie has to be seen to be believed.

3) The Limey--you've gotta love Terence Stamp going out, kicking ass and taking names to avenge his daughter.

4) Waking Life--one word: whoa.


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    Silence of the Lambs

    Nixon (extremely boring, yet i love this movie)

    Shawshank Redemption

    Devil's Advocate
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    asaphasaph Posts: 176member
    1) Singing in the rain

    2) Shawshank

    3) American History X

    Yeah yeah, quite a rabble of choices, but they're all fantastic movies.
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    The Godfather Saga

    A Clockwork Orange

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    the godfather is my fav. and if u haven't caught the saga, its a bit diff from pt1 + pt2. its sequential, and has xtra footage. actually, i'm not sure if its claled the saga or not. there was a bunch of different cuts of the godfather, and i get their names mixed. of course, p3 is not any good, and i suggest a colonoscopy instead of watching it.

    clockwork is incendiary. i dont know how else to describe it. and 2k1 is trippy. i think kubrick is me fav director. i also liked his "eyes wide shut", "full metal jacket" and "how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb".
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    1) Casablanca

    2) Brazil

    3) Fight Club

    4) Amile
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    Some films also worth metioning. (The order is not important).

    ? Seven Samurai

    ? Yojinbo

    ? Lawrence of Arabia

    ? Apocalypse Now

    ? Delicatessen

    ? The Cook, the thief, his wife and her lover.

    ? Full Metal Jacket

    ? Lock, Stock and two smoking Barrells / Snatch

    and so many more...

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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    Shawshank Redemption

    Pulp Fiction

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    rodukroduk Posts: 706member
    [quote]Originally posted by New:

    <strong>• The Cock, the thief, his wife and her lover.


    Is that a porno remake of The Cook, the thief, his wife and her lover?

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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    lol, wasn't AI supposed to censor words like this?
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    rooroo Posts: 162member
    [quote]Originally posted by New:


    ? Yojinbo

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    yojimbo is the best! mifune has the most masculine, badass swagger...ever. other films to add:

    hotaru no haka

    strictly ballroom

    shinju ten no amijima

    la cite des enfants perdus

    top hat

    and don't hate me, but i'd put ran up there instead ofrashomon. i know its a classic, but its really not one of my favorite kurosawa films.
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    macroninmacronin Posts: 1,144member
    Big Trouble In Little China

    The Razors Edge



    True Romance

    The Fifth Element

    500 Motels

    I could go on...

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    rounders - matt damon gambles, some you win some you lose

    fight club - two guys startup a fight club, or do they

    donnie darko - a 6 foot tall bunny that tells donny to do bad stuff or is he just showing him his options.

    fievel, an american tail - one of the greatest cartoon movies ever, fievel mousekewitz travels to america with has family from russia, but gets lost and must fight cats and find his family(somewhere out there)

    mullholland drive - two girls, some lesbian scenes, some death, some masturbation, and you have to watch it 3 times before you have any idea what in the hell is going on.
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    oh, and I forgot;

    ? La Haine

    ? Fallen Angels (Wong Kar Wai)
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    [quote]Originally posted by New:

    <strong>oh, and I forgot;

    ? Fallen Angels (Wong Kar Wai)</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Very cool movie, but I liked Chung King Express better.
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    then consider both added to the list...
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    here's some of my favs:



    the great escape


    rasing arizona


    city of lost children
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    1) Burnt By The Sun

    2) Brazil

    Both should by adminstered only under carefully controlled conditions.

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    Donnie Darko


    Dawn of the Dead

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Full Metal Jacket

    Bang Bang You're Dead (The school shooting one, not the sixties? movie)

    Ghost World

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    La Dolche Vita

    Requiem for a Dream

    Y Tu Mama Tambien

    The Little Mermaid
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    So many good films :

    - best SF moovies : - Blade runner, 2001 space odyssey, alien and minority report

    - best westerns, : so many ... well let's say : little big man (but it's not a true western), Sergio leone moovie ( once upon a time the revolution , the west and the america : not a western but the best moovie of sergio leone, De niro and Woods are fantastic) many moovie with Hawk or Jonh Ford as directors.

    - and more later : just go to eat
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    fight club is definitely one of the greatest movies too.

    and i noticed a bunch of poeple mentioend pulp fiction, but no one seems to have put Reservoir Dogs up. it was also a very good tarantino. many of the same players in both flicks.

    and now that i'm thiking more, i also really liked American Beauty and Usual Suspects [spacey is a really great actor i think]. and i liked Silcence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon --silence being best among the three [sir hopkins is also great].
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