Inside Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Developer Preview 3 dials down animated tabs



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    Thank God they removed the slider tabs! That was the worse. I'm glad the developer previews are working!
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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,552member
    This behavior was already active in the Finder presentation toggle of the original preview 2. Just when I was beginning to get used to the slider. It was not intuitive but I liked it.
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    haggarhaggar Posts: 1,568member
    Originally Posted by Ronbo View Post

    I like the animated tabs, but this is a classic example of where a touch of color would help clue the user which tab is selected — especially if there's only 2 tabs. If it's a matter of shades of grey then it's completely arbitrary which one represents selected and which one unselected.

    Color. Please.

    The funny thing is that on iOS devices, the on/off sliders are brightly colored when something is switched on.
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    haggarhaggar Posts: 1,568member
    Originally Posted by Povilas View Post

    Sure it does. They bring back iMac G4 design (to a certain degree), so you can adjust display position to a more touch friendly. So at least for an iMac it makes a lot of sense, just a problem of making OS more touch friendly.

    Someone should start keeping a list of all the things Apple will supposedly not do, and include names of those Apple know-it-alls who are saying them.

    Apple will not make a video iPod. Nobody wants to watch video on an iPod.

    Apple should not allow third parties to create native iPhone applications. Nobody cares about native iPhone applications. Web apps are really sweet.

    Apple will not add GPS to the iPhone. Nobody cares about GPS.

    Apple will not add copy and paste to the iPhone. Nobody cares about copy and paste.

    Apple will not add multitasking to the iPhone. Nobody cares about multitasking.
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    ljocampoljocampo Posts: 657member
    Originally Posted by razorpit View Post

    Then why not just make them identical to OS 1? Simple, elegant, and monochrome!

    I need to add my 2 cents to this topic since I'm schooled in interface design from a psychology perspective.

    I have followed and agreed with Apple's interface guide lines since the original 1984 Mac because it standardized the usability of computers across an industry that had an engineer's mentality. Those old enough too remember know how difficult the system and program learning curve was back then. When users make a determination on wether an interface element is better, or not, that's a personal conclusion from their perspective. It's a slippery slope to unfamiliarity and confusion in computer usability.

    Apple brought standardization and familiarity to using computers to the average consumers by dictating the ecosystem and interface. They have made bad choices at times but have succeeded brilliantly overall. We on this forum are not their audience, and we sometime act as hostile as the diehard Windows and Android crowd to Apple dictates. Their audience, the non-technocrat consumer, has given Apple its credit by vastly expanding Apple's revenue profit. I want them to keep doing what they have been doing all along, selling quality and familiarity in computer innovation.

    That said, Apple is at a crossroad. A paradigm shift leading to consumer mobility. iOS is their answer to the personal computer market and their audience seems to agree, particular since they are buying more laptops and or iPads to actually replace their desktops. Power users have always been a niche market segment of prosumers and productive business.

    At this moment in time Apple has a split personality in interface design. At this crossroad they need to choose what they want to be. The choice is be a consumer orientated company, a business productivity company, or both. iOS can never be MacOS in my opinion because they aren't mutually inclusive to the task and one will suffer from lack of attention or resources. It's never good to be a "Jack of all trades and master of none." It didn't work for Microsoft, GE, or Sony and Apple should not attempt to merge the consumer grade iOS interface into a business class MacOS interface. The hardware design and innovation also must remain separate.

    We technocratic power users will choose the hardware and software to personalize our computers to our taste for our task.
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    macapfelmacapfel Posts: 575member
    I also liked the slider like tabs. Sure, it was an adjustment, but why not adjusting to something that's nice. It really looked good and made a lot of sense. Bummer!
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    macapfelmacapfel Posts: 575member
    Originally Posted by ljocampo View Post

    I need to add my 2 cents to this topic since I'm schooled in interface design from a psychology perspective. [...]

    Nice comment! I agree, iOS and MacOS should remain separate. Probably Apple is currently exploring how similar they can make both so that working with both is easy and at the same time keep them separate beasts.
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    yensid98yensid98 Posts: 311member
    I'm not at all happy with the graying of OS X. One of the things that immediately grabbed my attention was the colorful highlighting which made things not only super easy to see but gave the interface a glossy, attractive look. The slow color drain happening to OS X is not at all a good thing in my book. I only hope (against hope and Apple's past practices) that users will be given an option to choose between gray or colorful. I will not be at all happy in a black and white OS.
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    azharazhar Posts: 34member
    Originally Posted by Ronbo View Post

    Sorry friend but this is absurd. Maybe your brain isn't wired to interpret rich information sources, but mine is. Color is an extremely powerful and deep way to provide cues. Flattening out the information layers is desirable only to people with OCD or to people who are shallow enough to think "That's the way we used to do it. This is different. Therefore this is better." is a rational design philosophy.

    Also: snark is for amateurs. There's a difference between "color" and "candy colors". (And frankly, just because you mock "candy colors" doesn't make bright colors bad, either. It was used with great skill and beauty in the early days of OS X, and if you think that was an OS for kids, I'd invite you to grow up. Beauty might be enjoyed by children, but it's only fully appreciated by adults. Understand that point, and maybe you'll have taken a small step toward becoming an adult yourself)

    Thanks for your post, Ronbo. That saved me the pain to answer that retard! Historically, Apple has used colors: It's what differentiated it from all its competitors (albeit they were quasi-nonexistent). In some regards, I believe Apple is straying from the "right path".

    I instantly loved a Mac because of its judicious use of colors, and its exquisite design...
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    azharazhar Posts: 34member
    Originally Posted by myapplelove View Post

    It seems that most of us here get it, but apple designers don't these days, such loss of colour makes for a very dour os, and for a downward spiral in usability, I hope they reverse it along with that crappy slider thing they already reversed.

    Enough with the colour-less sidebars and toolbar icons guys, get it that nobody likes it and start focusing on the real issues with the os, we don't really care for interface jackass tweaks.

    STOP TAKING AWAY AQUA ELEMENTS, WE 'VE GROWN TO REALLY LIKE THEM. We don't want os x to be ios, we don't want a lifeless os, there's enough grey already on the macs, and on the os to not add more colourless subdued elements.

    Lion has a chance to be really great if you don't go pandering after the ios croud. We couldn't care less about minor yet backward interface a la ios tweaks....

    So focus on real os improvements.

    How about some resolution independence?

    How about a functioning filevault?

    How about proper 2011 cloud integration as opposed to the buggy as hell idisk?

    And how about fixing hfs+, a couple o years ago we were still hoping for zfs, now that's off the table at least improve somehow the filesystem, is that what the world's most advanced os should have? I don't think so...

    ...and no, full screen apps is not really great, it's a tad better than the windoze f11 key, that's all. welcome, but nothing to write home about.

    Stop messing with aqua elements we know and love, or at least put the new tweaks in as options, and start with the real annoyances of the os...

    I applaud, and second your discourse! It seems to me that Apple has forgot who helped it survive during the harshest years: it was the wonderful Mac community!

    I'm sick with the overwhelming attention the iDevices get (put apart the iPad- I really love it, and believe it is a revolution), while the Mac is left alone, albeit a few "updates" and "tweaks" every now and then...

    iLife'11 was such a disappointed for me. The "new features" weren't that much enticing and exciting! Actually, in some areas, Apple regressed! Initially, you may recall, the "zoom slider" disappeared. if you wanted to zoom in a photo, you had to click on Edit first. What about iWeb?? No updates whatsoever!! And what about iWork????!! I love iWork! What about the issues with Keynote for iPad, and its inconsistencies!??
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    azharazhar Posts: 34member
    Originally Posted by myapplelove View Post

    amen, couldn't have said it better, and I 've tried to.

    Amen, twice!
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    azharazhar Posts: 34member
    Originally Posted by paxman View Post

    I don't understand why people keep insisting that future macs will have touch screens. It makes no sense and they wont.

    Exactly! I can't imagine people moving their hands all around in the air to navigate in the OS; and that too all day long!!

    Even Apple (Phil Schiller) admitted that in one of Apple's product video!

    How silly! If those people want a touch-screen enabled device, they just have to buy an iPad!

    It's about ERGONOMICS and USABILITY!
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    azharazhar Posts: 34member
    Originally Posted by rbryanh View Post

    Not only does the human eye perceive a huge array of colors, we quickly come to reflexively and unconsciously use them as cues for situations, actions, locations, and a host of environmental circumstances. Color can be a subtle and effective way to convey large amounts of information without distraction, clutter, or perception glut. Used well, it also prevents fatigue, focuses attention, and encourages interaction.

    Certainly Aqua is overdue for an overhaul, but this isn't so much a haircut as a decapitation. A monochromatic virtual environment is a crippled virtual environment. Lion's inarticulate visuals impress me as quite literally stupid: their ability to convey information is drastically and pointlessly reduced.

    This nonsense with tabs appears equally misguided. Good engineering isn't about fixing what isn't broken.

    This is the point where marketing becomes destructive... It doesn't have to be better, it doesn't even have to be good. It just has to be new.

    You're my hero!!
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    azharazhar Posts: 34member
    Originally Posted by Rot'nApple View Post

    Like this?! and this?!

    Apple sure benefited from colors when Steve turned the companies fortunes to Rosie (get it?)! Now maybe Steve is getting a little morbid with his colors because of his present health, but I pray not...




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    azharazhar Posts: 34member
    Originally Posted by razorpit View Post

    Then why not just make them identical to OS 1? Simple, elegant, and monochrome!

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    herbapouherbapou Posts: 2,228member
    Originally Posted by tonjik View Post

    First of all, thanks AI for live Lion development coverage!

    Removing of the blue tones from switches makes the UI more confusing - its step back.

    This. UI is horrible and to top it off you cant customize it. Windows is way more advanced in terms of UI design and customization.
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    ecsecs Posts: 307member
    The problem is not graying the UI. You can take Aqua and make it look incredibly good in grayscale if you wish. So, the problem is not gray vs color... the problem is that they're copying Gnome.

    To those who say that Aqua needed to evolve... so... do you believe the evolution was in the direction of Gnome with a grain of MS Windows?

    That's not my idea of evolution.

    OS 9 to OSX was evolution (true, a lot of OS 9 users were unhappy with Aqua, but nobody questioned that Aqua was an awesome development)

    The UI in Lion is not an evolution. It's getting the latest Gnome release and trying to get inspiration from them

    When I'll install Lion, and I do a presentation, I guess I know what a part of the audience will say: "Look, he uses Linux!"

    The Apple UI is no longer a different UI
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    ecsecs Posts: 307member
    So... hmm... what's the latest planned release date for OSX-Gnome ^H^H^H^H^H Lion?

    (just asking for knowing when will the audience say "look he uses Linux!" whenever I use a display projector in a room)
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by ecs View Post

    The Apple UI is no longer a different UI

    I guess all conspiracy theories have to have at least one follower.

    Edit your posts instead of double-posting.
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    ecsecs Posts: 307member
    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    I guess all conspiracy theories have to have at least one follower.

    Conspiracy? What conspiracy? I use Linux, as well as OSX, and I've used both Gnome and Aqua a lot, so I can say Aqua has always been of higher quality than Gnome. And I can also say that these Lion screenshots remember me a lot (a really lot) of Gnome. I don't see a conspiracy. I see a copy of Gnome. Period.

    The only reason why it isn't Gnome is because Aqua is a very big development, and trashing the looks doesn't completely trash the UI, because Aqua is more than the looks. But they already trashed the looks. What conspiracy? Man, I just see Gnome looks.

    I feel really sad
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