IDC bumps 2011 tablet forecast to 53M as Apple?s iPad 2 dominates



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    Originally Posted by stelligent View Post

    This is a good observation. IPods are great gifts, whereas iPhones are tricky gifts to give unless it is for a loved one. Also, they didn't come unlocked in the US until recently. And I agree, iPads would be more like iPods.

    Well this will all be a lot clearer after the next few quarters, with supply issues greatly reduced and a second christmas season's data. An interesting question is whether the iPad is bringing people who previously used Android handsets around to the iOS experience - if so it could introduce yet another halo effect for Apple.
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    Oh, and back to the subject of Android tablets

    Apparently Hummingbird now supports 250-350 apps that were written just for it.

    Who's a cute little platform then?
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    Originally Posted by stelligent View Post

    Wow, you really don't understand, do you? And I thought you were just pretending to not get it.

    Brilliant reply. You state something that's not correct, and when shown that with numbers, you pretend it doesn't matter.
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    iPad 3 rum ors are gaining traction I d love a thinner retina on come December!
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