Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO



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    Originally Posted by meh 2 View Post

    It is perhaps the most telling trait of the human race that there exists within its multifold matrix a truly bewildering mix of alternative perspectives that might be brought to bear upon any one point of consideration. The range of diversity with respect to these perspectives - the unflinchingly manifest scope of varieties available - only speaks to the nature of the source being heard in the Great Conversation that ensues.

    This quote above is a particularly noteworthy one - suitable for framing and a museum quality example of the


    you mean, total bullshit?
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    Originally Posted by FriedLobster View Post

    It's like something inside of me DIED.

    Sad sad day.

    Yeah, that's exactly how I felt when I read it. Shocked, sad.
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    Originally Posted by Smarky View Post

    Tim cook is awesome, but it's the fact of Steve + Tim was the killer combo.

    Tim is an operations guy, what makes Apple great is there great products. Who is going to be steering the ship in regards to those great products and the next insanely great thing. That's what Apple is losing today.

    Your not going to get the next iPad, iPhone, iPod.

    Apple are going to stay great at operations but a big question mark hangs over the future products. For sure in the short term they will be fine. But longer term? They might start becoming like HP and Dell a little too much. Everybody may say no, but it already happened to Apple before. Might be in a much better position now, but there is nobody to fill that gap that we are aware off.

    Please shut the fuck up.
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    Shocked and sad to have seen this news this morning.

    I wish Steve the best of all and thank him for what he has done for us.

    Take care Steve!
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    Originally Posted by Alfiejr View Post

    you mean, total bullshit?

    "Total" seems like such a harsh word ... perhaps "utter and unconditional" would bespeak the mood better.
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    Maybe I should not be surprised, but I am. I was really hoping that his health was improving, but this says it's not.
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    Hopefully Steve will have many years if not decades of health and happiness after this news. Our lives are better because of his vision & ambition.

    Lot of talented people work at Apple. But the shoes they have to fill; could you imagine.

    I do wonder what product or idea in the pipeline that Steve has given his final treatment....
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    Thanks Steve. You're great. Wish you all the best.
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    Originally Posted by sheff View Post

    Very sad time indeed. I wish Steve and his family the very best, and hope he enjoys his retirement.

    What makes you think he is retiring?
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    I want to talk about Ken Silverman!

    When we opened out Sunnyvale Store in 1978, Ken Silverman appeared one day. Ken seemed to know everyone in the exploding world of microcomputers. Ken may have been a manufacturers' rep -- he would reappear every week, or so, he was great guy but never, never, bought anything (we were struggling to be profitable in this new world),

    Ken was a rather debonaire bachelor -- and dated a very attractive girl (sorry I don't remember her name, as I only met her once).

    Ken's girl was involved in optics, and Woz got her to make some Apple Eyeglasses:

    When there were only 2 pairs of these glasses in existence -- Woz's pair and a second pair with an optical defect, I conned Ken into letting me borrow the defective pair for an IBM Pig Roast party... all went well and the glasses were returned, intact.

    Here's the nut. Sometime after that, Ken came into our store and asked if My wife Lucy and I would attend his wedding. We were honored and we did!

    After the ceremony I was kidding Ken -- how a confirmed bachelor, like himself was finally getting married...

    I remember his answer as if he were here today, Ken said that his wife was dying of cancer -- with a prognosis of 6 months to live, He and his wife had agreed to marry so that her 2 children, from a prior marriage, would grow up in a family...

    We were in the hotbed of micro/personal computers, in Silicon Valley, from 1978-1989.

    Ken's is the most compelling act that I remember.

    Steve knew Ken, Crazy Marty, Cap'n Krunch, and many others...

    In life, people do what they are destined to do...
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    Woz on Steve's Resignation (VIDEO)
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    You would think that Steve had died. Not so, and this is a great day! He can now relax and live a little and if anyone has deserved that, Steve has in spades!

    My husband is CFO of the local Monterey Bay Goodwill, he is not even CEO and only for just a small chunk of a huge company. He works all of the time. He gets up in the morning before I do and comes home well after dark most every day. He reads the paper a little in the evening then it starts all over (sometimes spilling over to the whole weekend). Steve Job's responsibilities are exponentially larger by far. Who can live like that forever? Who the hell would want to?

    Congratulations Steve on your return to being chairman of the board (note that was his original job at Apple) Please, please relax and enjoy your family and loved ones. Your health is so precious so take care. I wish you nothing but joyful days and a long life. If it wasn't for Apple I would have never touched a computer, but who can resist a smiling startup screen? And now I make my livelihood as a graphic and web designer, my only tools are Macs and my imagination. You have changed my life and I am grateful forever.

    I do think Steve will continue to have input at Apple and Tim will be doing the hard work in the trenches (bless you TIm), so all is good.

    As to Apple stock, I bought 100 shares when it was at $80, those advising me at the time where saying that was the most I should get, I have been kicking myself since, I knew I should get more (I was going to buy when Apple was almost bankrupt, but I was totally poor at that time myself, so I bought the first chance I could) I have believed in Apple from the beginning and through its darkest days. So maybe if stock falls again (though it will never see the lows such as $10 per share or even $80 per share ever again, unless it splits) I will certainly buy more, tomorrow!!!

    Love you Steve Jobs, be well!!
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    It was expected. I hope Steve Jobs spends some quality time for the reminder of his life doing something else other than spearheading Apple.
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    God bless you Steve. Glad your still staying on. I have every confidence in Tim Cook.
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    So does this mean flash support and removable batteries finally?
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    Thanks Steve for leading your vision of Apple, from the phenomenal 'i' products to the exemplary customer service. You will forever be an icon to the tech world. Best of luck in all your future decisions and Godspeed to your health.
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    Originally Posted by jarvijarv View Post

    Thanks Steve for leading your vision of Apple, from the phenomenal 'i' products to the exemplary customer service. You will forever be an icon to the tech world. Best of luck in all your future decisions and Godspeed to your health.

    like iQuit.

    Things didn't go so well last time he stepped down......
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    Let me preface my comment by saying that I am an Android fan, but I don't hate Apple or iOS, I am not here to bash it, Steve Jobs, or you - its community. I feel that we can disagree on our choice of platforms without being disagreeable. I personally disagree with a lot of posts on AppleInsider, I feel that sometimes news is slanted to be too "pro-Apple" and "anti-Anything That Isn't Apple" and that it drives the fanboyism on both sides that I hate. I follow Android and Apple news alike because I love tech of all kinds, and I don't want to unilaterally make a decision to support a product without knowing all I can about alternatives.

    I have mixed feelings about this announcement. Unquestionably, Steve Jobs played a large role in revolutionizing the way we interact with our phones and bringing the internet and mobile computing to our fingertips. The release of the iPhone helped drive the mainstreaming of the smartphone market. On the flip side, I don't find him agreeable as a person, and I feel he is the embodiment of a level of corporate arrogance at Apple. His controlling nature with regards to iOS and his public comments and actions have turned me off to Apple devices, which is a shame since I do feel that it has great design and many strengths. I do not fault anyone for liking iOS devices, but they aren't for me, and I would be lying if I said that Steve Jobs wasn't a factor in my feelings towards iOS. I hope this will bring some level of change at Apple and that they innovate and become more open to alternate ways of using the Platform, and continue to compete in the market rather than try to stifle competition through litigation.

    I believe that both Android and iOS can thrive in the market and that the presence, growth and success of both platforms will drive both Google and Apple to give us better products and further the development of even better technology as a whole. I hope and believe that many of you feel the same. I don't beleive the mobile OS market has to be a one size fits all type of deal. It shouldn't be, as competition spurs innovation. Apple is a brilliant company, and I have no doubt it will continue to create great products and help move technology forward.

    If this announcement is due to his health, I wish him the best and for a full recovery. I lost my uncle to pancreatic cancer and its a brutal disease.

    Finally, to anyone claiming to be an Android fan and cheering this announcement or his potential poor health, grow the f*ck up. People like you make our community look bad and frankly wishing ill health upon someone over a mobile OS makes you a poor excuse for a human being.

    Steve Jobs was the driving force behind one of the most influential technology companies of the modern age, and we all lose a bit for not having him in it.
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    A truly great man in an industry full of pygmies (with apologies to the pygmies).

    Eric Schmidt put it best: "Steve Jobs is the most successful CEO in the U.S. of the last 25 years. He uniquely combined an artist's touch and an engineer's vision to build an extraordinary company... One of the greatest American leaders in history."
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