Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO



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    esstekesstek Posts: 14member
    Why don't you go play with your flashing LED stuffed, gaming PC???
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    mj webmj web Posts: 918member
    Peace Steve
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    Created just a few days ago...little did we know Steve was about to resign.
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    jaxjax Posts: 1member
    32 years ago my dad brought home an Apple II Plus. That moment changed our lives forever. Thanks and namaste, Steve!
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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    I'm sure Apple will continue business as usual with plenty of innovative new products to come.

    Steve Jobs has contributed so much, best wishes with a well deserved rest.
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    zindakozindako Posts: 468member
    Steve, spend all the time in the world with your family and children, this company you so splendidly crafted will continue to flourish and remain the worlds premiere technology company. Best regards with your health and family, it was an honor having you at the helm of such a great company, and your genius has enriched all our lives.
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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    Originally Posted by Commodification View Post

    Glad I don't own Apple stock right now because it's going to kind-of-suck for shareholders tomorrow.

    It's down about 5% in after hours - and fairly steady. That's about what I would have expected.

    It won't take long before the street regains its confidence in Cook - probably about the time of the first major product launch.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    Originally Posted by guch20 View Post

    The stock has already lost more than $22 per share in after hours trading...ugh...

    That's really the least important thing at this point. Idiots will short AAPL right on schedule.
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    Best of luck to you Steve. I can only imagine what my life at work and at home would be without Apple products. Thank you so very much.
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    straskstrask Posts: 107member
    Originally Posted by Santoanderson View Post

    Bummer. I really hope this doesn't come across as crass, but I don't want to see a Steve Jobs obit for a long time.

    Not at all crass. This is sad news and we can only hope that Mr. Jobs might live a long life, even if he isn't well enough to devote his full energy to running Apple. Being sick can be a full time job in and of itself. For myself, this news just makes me very, very sad.
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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    Eleven years after my first Mac purchase, it's hard to think of the company without him. Thanks, Steve. Best of luck.
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    jonamacjonamac Posts: 388member
    It's the end of an era that will be studied by business students for decades. Turning a near-brankrupt company into the world's most valuable one in less than 15 years. Arguably inventing the iPod and the iPad and entering a saturated cell phone market and dominating it in 2-3 years.

    A remarkable man and a reminder that sickness has not the wisdom to choose its victims. I hope he can restructure his life to regain his strength. Flawed or not, Steve Jobs is the name that will always stand above all others when people look back at the birth of the personal computing age.

    I have a lot of confidence in Tim Cook and wish Steve Jobs good health and a long life.
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    see flatsee flat Posts: 145member
    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    If so, it hasn't worked. Last I checked, AAPL is down over 6% in after-hours trading. .

    There is no way to prove it hasn't worked. Perhaps it would be down 12% without the wording in his letter. If there is one thing I've learned about Jobs over the past 25 years is that he puts his words in a certain order purposely. Always. And it usually has an effect on people.
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    dr millmossdr millmoss Posts: 5,403member
    Originally Posted by Doctor David View Post

    I would say for both formality and as a politeness to the current chairman of the board at Apple.

    The board chair was Bill Campbell. It would not have been polite in the least to ask to assume his position in a letter unless it was previously agreed to.
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    Hey Samsung!! You're no Steve Jobs!!!
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    Originally Posted by seedyjudgements View Post

    reading the comments on gizmodo and engadget and it is horrifying to see how heartless, egotistical, and just plain retarded some tech fans are. absolutely heartbreaking. for the heartlessness yes but also for the sheer blindness some have when it comes to certain contributions this man has made to the world of technology and beyond. just because they don't like the iPhone or the iPad or because they've had one too many 'android kool aids'... unbelievable how little perspective some people can have... and I suspect they are all quite young and have little life experience. oh well.

    Not even about being a fandroid or whatever, some people are just plain dickheads...I don't like Apple all...they are beautiful but that's it IMO...

    I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT deny Apple's continuous impact on the industry as a whole and as such I must give thanks and credit where it is due or risk being intellectually dishonest. Apple has jumpstarted tech by a good 5 years at a minimum (capacitive full touch devices were going to happen eventually) and they are the reason we have so many great OSs today.

    I hate all the hatred...from both sides period, and especially from my side regarding Steve and his health.
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    kohamkoham Posts: 6member
    I had hoped that he would have done this a long time ago to take care of himself. Apple and creating gadgets isn't everything. I really hope he beats his cancer, leaves Apple and creates something else that's totally amazing. People like him are in short supply in this world.
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    Originally Posted by pooman625 View Post

    Even without Steve apple will survive. He'll live happy knowing he has changed the face of this planet forever and has achieved his life goal of pure simplicity in technology. I just hope Tim cook was a better option than jony Ives...

    I have nothing for respect for Jony Ives, but I'm 99% sure he's NOT the right guy for the job. He's a brilliant designer, but that's a whole different skill set than what is required for CEO.

    Tim Cook is an operations guy and former head of the Macintosh division, if I'm not mistaken. He has done a brilliant job of securing supplies, handling logistics, etc. That seems a much better fit for the CEO, who must have an "overall" picture of things.
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    modemode Posts: 163member
    Wonder how the culture will shift with this news.
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