Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO



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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,388member
    Whatever anyone's OS allegience, Steve Jobs is unique in the industry and an irresistible force. I can't think of anyone who has driven more innovation in any industry over the past dozen years. He's been an amazing influence.
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    grmacgrmac Posts: 67member
    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    Nothing can be proven naturally, but 6% is a very big drop by any standard, and I don't see how giving the possible impression that Steve might not assume board leadership could mitigate investor uncertainty. Seems to me the only possible outcome is more uncertainty, and questions perhaps.

    Anyway, I suspect this will come out in the wash over time. Tim Cook has been CEO in everything but name for a couple of years now, and I've been arguing for much of that time that Steve should make it official. But it seems Apple can't help but make these events more dramatic than necessary. Hard to miss this peculiar wrinkle.

    Money is made is both directions.
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    This can't be good. God bless you, Steve. Thank you for your time here on Earth.
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    tulkastulkas Posts: 3,757member
    I used to think Steve was absolutely necessary for the continued success of Apple, but I realize now that he has so completely transformed Apple in his image and engrained what they do well so deeply into every part of them that they will be fine without him at the helm. Stock will take a hit and no one does a product launch like him, but those don't make or break them as a company.

    God bless Steve, take some rest. Thanks for changing the world. Again.
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    I was always hoping he would outlive me!
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    realisticrealistic Posts: 1,154member
    Originally Posted by jazzguru View Post


    Agree 100%

    Steve, iThank You and wish you well.
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    p lp l Posts: 64member
    Leave at the Top!

    Your a Life Changer A World Changer

    I consider myself your friend and fan.

    "One more thing"

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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    Knowing this day is coming is one thing. Having it truly happen is another. My heart jumped into my throat when it first hit my screen. It must be painful to step down. I wish Steve all the best.
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    nikon133nikon133 Posts: 2,600member
    Duplicate - deleted.
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    Enjoy your time, because of you, we can enjoy ours.

    Thank you so much for your vision and strength.
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    I took this news like a punch to the gut, Best Wishes Steve.
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    zanshinzanshin Posts: 350member
    That's the bad thing about legends. They don't last forever. But wow, what a ride. Nothing like being the guy who changed the world.
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    This is scary! If there is even one hiccup in the Apple scheme of things it is all down hill!!!!

    Apple, with Steve, was just too well balanced from my POV. No other effing tech company is giving the consumers such great products. Not Samsung, Sony, LG etc. Nobody.

    Man Steve please be alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You think any other tech company would release a laptop like the 2008 macbook? I still have unibody Al macbook and it is above awesome. A work of art!
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    I suspect you are right, and this was the other implication of the announcement. The succession was probably all but done six months ago, which makes me wonder yet again why it took so long.

    Cook is not charismatic in any sense of the word which is probably better for Apple right now. Trying to find another genius to replace Jobs is not going to be easy, but again I think that may also be part of the eventual succession plan. Fortunately, Apple, I'm sure, has a business plan and product pipeline several years forward, mainly inspired by Steve, so there is no rush to find a new visionary, but, I think eventually they are going to need one.
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    blastdoorblastdoor Posts: 3,429member
    In the future, people will look back on the first couple of decades of this century as a period of darkness and despair. War, depression, ignorance, and hate have dominated our lives. This miserable backdrop, combined with his own personal illness, makes the success of Steve Jobs even more remarkable. He has persevered through great hardship to attain unparalleled success. He has committed himself to excellence and leaving a legacy (which I believe will endure for decades to come) even as he has struggled to stay alive. If humanity is capable of creating such a man, then perhaps there is hope for our species. I urge everyone to commit themselves to excellence in everything they do, and to occasionally think of Steve Jobs as they do it. If we could all make half the effort towards achieving our purpose in life that he has, then maybe we can come out of the dark age and move humanity forward again.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    Originally Posted by guch20 View Post

    The rampant idiocy of people on various message boards has brought out some deep-rooted anger in me. I'm almost shocked over what I wrote to someone who was making fun of Jobs' health: "Wow you're an idiot. Just go hang yourself and be sure to set up some cameras and film yourself doing it so your kids will have something to cheer them up on sad days."

    Didn't know I could be that cruel. But he kinda deserved it.

    Wait until Jobs passes. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Jobs and Apple have turned the tech world upside down the past decade and there are throngs of haters who still can't accept it or deal with it.
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    Best wishes to Steve and his family.

    What else can you say at a time like this?

    The very least of which....

    You will be missed.
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    At least as the Chairman of the Board he'll have some influence. I bet he'll have a hard time holding himself back from just showing up some days and really getting into what the company is doing.
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    mike_tmike_t Posts: 15member
    Truthfully, Steve has been pretty ill and not really running things as we were used to in the past. Tim Cook is (and has always been) an excellent choice to head things up. Apple has a stellar design and production team, second to no one. They will be fine. And if Jobs can chime in for "big picture" stuff and come out for the Mac events, that's even better.
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    argonautargonaut Posts: 130member
    Originally Posted by jax View Post

    32 years ago my dad brought home an Apple II Plus. That moment changed our lives forever. Thanks and namaste, Steve!

    ditto , +1
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