Amazon Kindle Fire aims to undercut Apple's iPad with $199 price



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    Originally Posted by emacs72 View Post


    i said "the Kindle line, announced thus far, is primarily targeted at folks looking for a relatively inexpensive tablet (sub $250 price cap in Canada or the US) ..."

    iPads do not fall in that category. my point on page one (1) of this thread still stands.

    I guess you did qualify it by setting the price below two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) so fair enough. I didn't notice that. However, I disagree with your position and have explained it. It's competing with other Android tabs so it's essentially in the same space as the iPad. It's existence may not affect iPad sales much, but it's still pitched towards people who otherwise would have considered an iPad.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Great piece by Andy Ihnatko.
    Also contains plenty of info I wasn't previous aware…
    I was a bit surprised to learn that the Fire supports Adobe Flash content directly, instead of using Amazon’s server to recompile that content into straight plugin-free HTML5. But nope, I’m told that Amazon built an optimized version of the plugin and it all runs onboard. There’s no support for Microsoft Silverlight content, and the browser doesn’t offer any sort of open support for plugins, however.
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    The only bad thing with kindle are thet they're just like the udnerdogs of apple, sure there ideas are great but do they have the technology of apple? no.

    That's why the kindles are cheaper plus, when you think of kindle you think cheap... NOt sure that's what they want..

    In my opinion, They'll sell alot of the new kindles but most peopel will stay loyal to apple because we all know, apple is at the top of the technology market, I don't see kindle anywhere close.
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