Apple unveils iPhone 4S with A5 CPU and 4G-like data speeds



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    tenobelltenobell Posts: 7,014member
    I agree everyone should do what they feel best with.

    The one thing I question with people who want larger screens. Is the understanding that a larger screen also needs a higher resolution. Otherwise you really getting fuzzier pictures and text on a larger screen.

    As far as LTE. I question if people even know if LTE is available in their area, do they know the realistic speeds that are available, and is the reduced battery life something you can live with.

    Originally Posted by gwlaw99 View Post

    I am dissapointed because I wanted to swtich from Android after getting an iPad and loving it. But the screen is too small for my eyes and I do not want to wait another two years to get LTE. So I will get my iOS fix from my iPad and probably get an LTE Android phone sometime this fall which I will tether to my iPad. .

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    Originally Posted by resnyc View Post

    Well, we'll see. Good points (1st pgrph). But seriously, your dad? Is he multitasking photo-editing and video-editing software? People I know who use iPad2 professionally say the difference between it and iPad1 was like the difference between a tool and a toy. I'm really only guessing how a dramatic increase in iP4S processor capacity will affect the user experience, but it sounds impressive enough to assume that it will allow the device to do things we haven't even thought of doing with a smartphone before - just like we had never thought of half the things the phones we have now can do.

    Well he's the only person I know that has used both.

    I obviously cannot speak for professional use. I would argue though that most people who buy an iPad are more like my dad than like the professionals you describe.
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    conradjoeconradjoe Posts: 1,887member
    Originally Posted by Bergermeister View Post

    And how well is the HTC selling?

    Yeah! Our team's owners are richer then yours!
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    Originally Posted by mercury99 View Post

    This phone is obsolete on arrival.

    8 mpx, face recognition, voice command, notifications, "4G-like"?

    Wow. All of these was available on HTC EVO 4G 1.5 years ago

    Except the camera is better, the notifications are better, and the 4G is better (same speed, no drained battery).

    And all of those other things you didn't mention because then the Evo would look like shit.
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    sargessarges Posts: 94member
    Originally Posted by bettieblue View Post

    Tim Cook at HIS first Apple event releases the iPhone 4S...S for So What.

    based on this damp squib of an iPhone event today, what are the odds that Mr Cook will be out of the job within three years?
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,600member
    Originally Posted by JupiterOne View Post

    OMG, seriously. All you whiners who got all pumped up on baseless rumors. And now you sound like this.....

    Exactly. This blog is being flooded today with Veruca Salt clones.
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    richwlrichwl Posts: 30member
    Originally Posted by alienzed View Post

    It's a phone, it's already real time!!! What company convinced us all last year that a phones specs didn't matter, only the experience does? Apple!

    I now fully understand why Steve left, Apple hit it's peak at 12:59 pm today.

    Really? I don't recall them saying that specs don't matter. What they did say was that their competitors are making a mistake by focusing ONLY on specs rather than the entire experience. To me, the entire experience includes the design, performance and ecosystem. Again to me, the design of the iPhone 4 is still better then the designs of the competition, but that's completely subjective. They nailed the design with the iPhone 4 and now they are upping the performance to imrpove the experience. Nothing wrong with that.
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    pxtpxt Posts: 683member
    ... but can it sync ?

    ... and, 2 years on, will apple put an OS onto it that can't run the phone ?

    Ah, the bitterness of an iPhone 3G owner running MobileMe.
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    Originally Posted by booradley View Post

    I have a 3gs and will wait for the iPhone 5. Disappointed with this update. After 16 months there should have been more.

    You are getting an entirely new OS riding on entirely new hardware


    Here's what the iPhone 5 will have, plus more. It will pass the competition, not just catch up to it.

    Faster processor than the 4s has.

    1 gig of ram or more. The 4s only has 512, same as the 4.

    I was actually hoping for more RAM so on this we agree. As to the processor it is currently state of the art that nobody else can touch. So your complaint isn't valid.


    Much better battery life.


    You can't currently have both of those in an iPhone sized machine.


    4K video

    Different design with bigger screen

    4K video, you must be jerking chains right now. That won't be possible anytime soon. As for the bigger screen I'd like to see that also. However a bigger screen doesn't need a significantly different design.


    Better camera

    Nice! I suppose you consider the current one chopped liver.


    Apple's own GPS that will do turn by turn and more

    The screen on the 4 and 4s is nice but the 5 will make a much bigger leap.

    It's worth waiting for it. I can't afford to get locked into another 2 years for the minor upgrades the 4s has.

    It will be a very long wait.


    Very disappointing Apple. A classy MS move here.

    Not at all, if you are still on the 3GS you don't have a clue as to what is going on here!!!
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    conradjoeconradjoe Posts: 1,887member
    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    It's a great update - whether they called it iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 or Swiss Cheese.

    Maybe they should call it the "Jumped the Shark"?
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    Originally Posted by ConradJoe View Post

    Maybe they should call it the "Jumped the Shark"?

    Just "maybe"?!

    C'mon... have some balls and put it all on the line. Is the 4S going to do well or not? None of this "maybe" shit.
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,600member
    This upgrade is all about iCloud and iOS5. And it is free to everyone around the world. That is great news in my opinion. We're getting something for nothing!

    Sure, there was an upgrade to the iPhone 4 that lacked the "wow!" factor, but that is not as important as iCloud and iOS 5. I am very happy.
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    Apple releases software that benefits only the latest iPhone -> Apple is greedy and evil

    Apple releases software that benefits the last two years of iPhone hardware -> Apple is lazy.

    Apple releases iPhone 4, gorgeously magnificent phone with the best screen on the market, surpassing the Android devices that packed ~200 ppi -> This is all fluff and proves Apple is playing catchup.

    Apple releases iPhone 4S, focusing on internal upgrades AND still managing to pack in more battery life, changing everything but design, screen size and capacity -> Apple is lazy and DOOMED

    F*** off, really.
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    Originally Posted by mesomorphicman View Post

    If I was you (obviously am not) I'd hold onto the iP4 another year. This is a great update, but not that radically different from the 4 especially since most of everything is an OS upgrade not hardware. I'm on a 3GS so for me this would be a major upgrade for hardware and OS... my decision thinking starts... now!

    I am a 3GS user as well, and the one feature that would have allowed me to upgrade is not there, namely HSPA+ compatibility. I live in a rural area with no DSL, cable, etc. We just got "4G" with HSPA+, and I would have been using a new model to tether my PC. I have a Shockwave for my laptop, but wanted the new phone for my PC. The fact that they decided to stay with HSDPA (which AT&T will not be upgrading according to their management) was a mistake on Apple's part for me. Oh well, they'll sell millions to everyone else, and I'll continue using my 3GS. All of this is my own opinion, and not meant as an attack on anyone or Apple. I have no desire for any Android device, so I hope my 3GS holds out. I know that there were probably technical reasons behind it, but I am disappointed. Of course next year, the iPhone 5 will come out with LTE, and I will be left hanging again since it will be 10 years before we see LTE (heck, we just got 3G service 4 months ago!).
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    conradjoeconradjoe Posts: 1,887member
    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    Just "maybe"?!

    C'mon... have some balls and put it all on the line. Is the 4S going to do well or not? None of this "maybe" shit.

    Only a fool predicts the unknowable future.
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    I'm not buying one cause it doesn't have a microwave oven built in.
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,600member
    Originally Posted by ConradJoe View Post

    Only a fool predicts the unknowable future.

    iPhone 4S will be the fastest selling smartphone in history. There is your prediction. Call me a fool!
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    Originally Posted by woolie View Post

    I been using Mobile Me for two years, a sheer disaster by any standard, iCloud is way suspect...

    I trusted the spin & have spent endless hours to keep it barely working... I live in the real world...

    I bought iPhone 4, Apple replaced it because it didn't work, serious antenna issues...

    I bought IPAD, Apple replaced it twice trying to find one where the wifi worked...

    It's wifi still barely works now, my cheap $300 netbook wifi runs circles around it and the iPhone...

    I bought a MacBook, Apple replaced keyboard, case, dvd drive, hard drive...

    I bought a iMac & MacBook Air... They've been great...

    I am heavily invested in Apple products, but is clear as avid user Apple is falling way behind in the phone world... So all Apple did today is fix the marginal stuff iPhone 4... Look at Apple own spec comparison chart on the web... It is barely a speed bump... The distortion field does not work anymore...

    I don't know what to say -- I've owned hundreds of Apple products over 33 years (starting with an Apple ][), and can count on the fingers of one hand the critical failures requiring replacement...

    Maybe you're just unlucky:

    ...either that -- or stop taking your computer gear SCUBA diving
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    resnycresnyc Posts: 90member
    Originally Posted by sarges View Post

    The cost of the phone is a lot less than 1,000 bucks, unless you guys are being ripped off twice over.

    No doubt. US has some of the weakest consumer-protection regs in the developed world.
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    atashiatashi Posts: 59member
    Personally, I love the iPhone 4 form factor. For me, the faster processor, faster camera, and Siri had me ready to pre- order come Friday.

    Then it became clear that Siri isn't going to be available in Canada. What the heck? I could see some features not working, like weather or restaurants. But what's regional about setting an alarm, or reading a text message?

    This is my disappointment. I'm not going to pay full price for a regionally crippled product.
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