Rumor: Apple axed 'evolutionary' 64-bit Final Cut Pro 8 for 'revolutionary' FCPX



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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    I don't like Lion. I have it on my MBP. At work I run CS5, FCP7, Handbrake, Audio Hijack and Maya on a Mac Pro. On my iMac I use Xcode. I do use iDisk but only until June 2012 apparently. I may quit sooner it is getting really slow. I suspect that Apple might be intentionally slowing it down to motivate people to migrate to iCloud which I have no intention of doing. I will just use Dropbox. I think my .mac email is dead too as I discovered just recently I can no longer receive mail at that address even though that is my iTunes user id.

    Understandable why you wouldn't switch to Lion. To each his own. But look at what you'd miss out on by switching to Windows. Not a ton, but enough to make me not (heck- just the $1.5k on CS5 would be enough).

    Originally Posted by Patranus View Post

    Print to PDF and can take care of the rest.

    Originally Posted by blur35mm View Post

    +1. You can do this on a Mac using Print to PDF and Preview where you can merge multiple PDF's into one (and include security).

    I know it sounds whiney- but you are adding a step. I print to PDF, then go grab the PDF and merge. We do hundreds of these a day. That's hours of productivity.

    Right now, I can highlight 30 mix-match files of all types and right click- print to sharp desk, and its done.

    Adobe Acrobat lets me do the same thing- but they took that feature off for the Mac version for a "technical reason" (i.e.- they hate Apple )

    Originally Posted by yuusharo View Post

    Ever thought of looking into PDFpen from Smile Software? Not sure about excel documents, but it does allow you to open up and create PDFs from Word documents and others. Pro version is $99 and the base version is $59. Both are available on the Mac App Store or directly from the developer.

    *** Affiliate link *** *** Affiliate link ***

    Just wanted to give the guys over at TWiT a little plug .

    I'll look into it- Thanks. Excel and Word are the two keys- so hopefully it works effectively. Sharpdesk is actually a fantastic program through windows- I wish there was a Mac version. And the only way I'm switching over to all Macs is if there is no Windows needed. Why buy a Mac if I still have to use Windows.

    Here is what I had my QA office post a few months back (and got no responses).

    We are considering converting our small business from PC to Mac. We want to avoid having run windows simultaneously via parallels if at all possible. We use Sharpdesk Desktop for windows which is a document/page manager. We've built our reporting process around the capabilities of this program, and we report hundreds of 20-30 page PDF documents a week. We mainly just use the Composer feature because you can print directly to the application from almost any other application using the built in printer driver, and then print or export the entire file to PDF. We currently print from Filemaker, Microsoft Office, and Adobe programs.

    Composer displays all of the pages in a window as they are added, and we can add/remove, import additional documents or pages, or arrange the pages in a different order. I'm looking for a mac application that can provide this functionality. We've considered just using Acrobat, but we print from multiple layouts in Filemaker a single page at a time, and having to print so many single page PDF files and then combine them into one PDF for every single report we do, seems more time consuming.

    I've looked at a few document management systems, like iDocument, but we are looking more for the ability to compile a final document as opposed to organizing or scanning existing ones.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    Originally Posted by blur35mm View Post

    I know you guys think this is crazy, but we are almost at an upgrade cycle and 3 years is stretching it for our studio. Maybe you are not at an upgrade cycle yet but when that time comes and there is still no Mac Pro refresh and rumors are abound, let's see what you say then?

    Look - it's very, very simple. No new Xeon server class chips from Intel, no Mac Pro update!

    Unless your machine is a smoking crater on your desk, what does it matter anyway? Have you maxed out the RAM in it? Changed out SATA for SAS or SSD? Upgraded your video card?

    All of those things will get you higher performance for video than a CPU upgrade, and you can do them today.

    You can play chicken little and switch platforms on a rumor or gut feeling, but it seems pretty irrational to me
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    The fight is over, FCP X has won the day, but lost much of the professional community in one slice of an X.

    If any FCP management had one scintilla of acuity in this area they would promote the heck out of X ( oh right..they are doing that...thats Easy with al the shills around) but bring back the 'Classic' coke as it were, bringing back the Pro and in the process bring back the pros to the Apple fold.

    X is a Toy, it remains a toy for the forceable future. The two updates have done more to prove that there is little to no trajectory in X towards the professional market.

    Those with courage like Walter Murch say what those afraid of offending Apple won't say :

    "When we made Cold Mountain on FCP 3, it was tough but we did it. But I can't use FCP X, it doesn't do the job"
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    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post

    Im your typical dad who does slight video editing of basic vacations, etc. I like Final Cut Pro X better than 7 because I was more familiar with iMovie. But Apple obviously has made the move to consumer (i.e. Aperture and FCPX) and left Adobe to pick up the pros (i.e. Photoshop and Premiere). I definitely like FCPX vs Premier Elements. So they have my $ there. And my wife prefers Photoshop elements over Photoshop CS5 (and oddly- prefers iPhoto over Aperture 3).

    Different strokes for different folks. I think it was a smart move by Apple as FCPX will sell more and they can't justify having two paid programs for video editing- even though it sucks for the FCP 7/8 fans.

    Thanks for MAKING MY POINT!!!

    Why call it PRO if it's made for typical dads?

    No Xserve, no pro products...Apple needs to have a pro department or give up on pro altogether.
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    Originally Posted by Jim W View Post

    God help us if Apple ever quits supporting the MacPro. It will be a Windows world in post. UGH!

    They've already given up on Xserve, so who knows what short-sighted BS they will pull?
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    Apple additionally responded to patron restlessness by charity refunds, as well as a association even offering a little business a capability to buy a prior era Final Cut Pro Studio with Final Cut Pro 7 for $999. Sales of Final Cut Pro Studio were finished accessible usually over a phone, as well as were pronounced to be in ?limited quantity? for business who indispensable a comparison program for ongoing projects.
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    Originally Posted by FreeRange View Post

    You need to get a life outside this fantasy world you live in. Or get someone to unlock the basement door.

    this sounds like reality as it happened, to me. maybe its you who needs to "come out of the basement".

    Anyway, whats with all the personal attack rubbish on here anyway?
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    Originally Posted by blur35mm View Post

    HUH? Again, the point is that it can be used to collect data points in an equation to improve their products. Nice elitist tone you are taking. I did not sling any arrows at you.

    A lot of this seems to be happening on here. Thats why I have stopped dropping by so much...
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