Apple rolls out Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard updates



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    Originally Posted by lenny View Post

    This must be a joke! After updating my mid 2010 iMac, Wi Fi would not automatically reconnect to my network after sleep mode! Didn't have this problem with 10.7.2

    I would delete all network settings and then reinstall the Combo Update for 10.7.3.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    I would delete all network settings and then reinstall the Combo Update for 10.7.3.

    Even a clean install of 10.7.3 has this problem, so it's more related to versions of Lion past the GM than anything else.
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    I made a resolution not to do OS upgrades till the noise dies down, but was so fed up with the post sleep problems that required a restart that I did this upgrade as soon as I had time.

    Prior to the upgrade, whenever my new iMac went into sleep mode, the screen was unavailable on wake up, and required a restart to get going again. It was happening almost everyday.

    Happy to report that following the upgrade, I have had a week of smooth running with no problems. Fingers crossed.
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    I upgraded to 10.7.3 about 2 weeks ago.

    The good news

    In 10.7.2 I needed to restart the machine quite often, when coming out of sleep mode, because the screen appeared to be inaccessible. This was a major problem happening everyday, and it now seems to be fixed fixed.

    The bad news

    My IMac regularly (but not always) does not connect to the internet when coming out of sleep mode. I have to stop start wifi to get it going. i have seen several references to this in other posts and some have suggested the problem is longstanding. For me, I can only say its a new problem to me and its getting annoying.
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