Samsung says an Apple television won't beat them in picture quality



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    Originally Posted by cutykamu View Post

    i know those are old devices but all i simply meant is that apple can replace all the extra boxes which we people are having today to connect with their tvs and all those wires and boxes looks horrible?

    I don't think Apple is anywhere near doing anything like that

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    true but if they plan for this i'm sure they won't be making the upgrades the same as iPhone/iPad which you can update every year? i think apple tvs will be like upgrading 5 years once?

    If they lengthen the time between required upgrades, then they will increase the price of cope with this

    Originally Posted by cutykamu View Post

    i'm just using iTV for now cos we don't have a name how to call apple tv?

    What about Apple TV?
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    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    That's right - Apple invented QuickTime, the world's first computer video player. They have some pedigree of their own in this area. Video compression plays a big part in picture quality.

    I know QT came out before VFW, are you saying there was no video playback software available prior to 1991?

    Also go have a look at the MPEG-4, AVC etc patent pools, Samsung believe they also have some talents in this area.
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    I agree with the samsung guy! I still think TV's main focus should be making stuff look pretty, everything else should be secondary. If any component in your home theatre becomes outdated you can just replace it, not so simple with a huge HDTV. So I'd still prefer all the cool rumours about the Apple HDTV to be crammed into a set top box, they can still do Siri and all that on it.
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    Since this topic is so old now, I doubt anyone will ever see this comment, but I am dropping in here from four years in the future with some news: Apple will not build an Apple TV that includes an actual screen, but they will have a new Apple TV iOS device that has apps for channels and game play capability. Imagine that future, 2012.
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    Terrific Samsung TV, but it developed a click-click-click-click before turning on.  Then that became a click-click-click-clickclick-click-click-click  which went on for a couple months and then ...
    click-click-click-click click-click-click-click click-click-click-click click-click-click-click click-click-click-click ON.

    but now, it turns on and the picture is messed up.  My solution is to not watch TV, but I am in the market f or a new one.  Let me see, "ten thousand Q&A of Samsung found victory today".  Not quite the right tune.

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