4" screens for Apple's next iPhone will be built as soon as June



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    Originally Posted by Jcoz View Post


    I frequent probably 4 different boards all of which are very different in content, target audience, size....etc. Absolutely none of them get spam posts. I only ever see that in comment sections of blogs and articles....

    Well to continue further off topic - most well run public forums have administrators deleting the spam or they have sign up approval processes or post approval requirements. vBulletin also has a couple spam extensions that can delete spam on the fly. Just as an experiment, set up a phpBB forum with no restrictions and post a link to it somewhere popular on the Internet. Within hours, I guarantee you will have dozens of spam posts. They find it based on the url pattern just like they do with WordPress.

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    Originally Posted by Jcoz View Post

    The smartphone market isn't even close to saturated at this point. Even the US is only at 50%. When you are looking at the premium porition of that market or potential market, there is a strong case to be made that one size does not fit 70-80% of that sector.


    Fifty percent of what? You have to understand that smartphone saturation is far, FAR lower than the saturation point of dumphones or landline phones, for example.



    Originally Posted by Jcoz View Post

    Your comparison of pre-iphone smartphones vs iphone and Phones 3.5" vs Larger screened phones, is apples to oranges.

    Yes, which is why I said that in the post you quoted. I explained how "smartphone" is the market and the sizes are subsets of that market.



    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    I would imagine that there is a lot less spam posts because it doesn't employ a universal script such as "showthread.php" which if you did a Google query it brings back 2,930,000,000 results.


    Edit: also it kind of looks like it is built in Rails which is not known for speed to begin with. Not sure maybe someone else knows?


    I'm finding fewer spam posts to be the case, but I'm also finding that our automated catcher doesn't catch very many of the actual spam posts, choosing instead to flag valid posts as spam.


    So please, DO keep reporting spam that you see, because sometimes I'll miss some of it. The auto-catcher is supposed to learn over time, so maybe we can get it to flag the right stuff eventually.


    And if anyone here would know about how this site's built now, it'd be Marvin. Strangely enough, I can't seem to find anything about what it's built on via the Huddler site or anywhere else…  



    Yet you proclaim that a 4" screen wouldn't serve the purposes of the vast majority..based on zero evidence, just because you said so. My arguments towards your points are not and were never based on my own opinion, which is irrelevant, but market realties that you seem completely dismissive and out of touch with.


    Do you have evidence to suggest that 4" would serve the purposes of the vast majority?



    Again, cause you say so, right?


    Because anyone is able to look at the last ten years and see that. Apple aims for the center of the dartboard and uses as large a dart as they think will stick. Anything that falls outside that is up to everyone else to fill.



    You're stating that the 'market' is simply divided by screen sizes? Really? That by slightly changing the screen size, Apple will effectively be changing markets?


    I'm stating the exact opposite.



    A 4" screen would not be a response to anything


    Well, if Apple announces one, we'll just have to see what the forums say about that.



    An actual response to what? Your analogy? I gave you one, which is all the response you deserved. That uour analogy was idiotic, and I even took the time to explain why. What kind of response do you want, pray tell, to your 'a 4" iPhone will be a limousine" analogy?


    I'm sorry, I must have missed the explanation. All I see is:



    Do you not realize how ridiculous that analogy is? Or did you not bother to think 5 seconds about it?  


    Did you write the explanation in #E2E1E1, by any chance?



    Opinion should be based on verifiable facts and realities. Do you realize that an appstore wasn't even envisioned during the design of the iPhone? 


    I find this juxtaposition humorous. You couldn't be further from the truth. The App Store was envisioned on the iPhone from its inception. Jobs just didn't allow it.



    I'm gonna take a wild-guess and say that from the amount of posts you have on this forum, you don't get out much… …But carry on. You need to pad that post count somehow…


    Hey, Solipsism! I get it now! image


    Again, how the hell can you speak for what the majority want when you don't even use a semi-recent iPhone? I couldn't care less what you use, but continuing to make threats of not buying the next iPhone, and of speaking for iPhone users,  are incredibly pathetic and empty in light of this.  



    You don't currently use an iPhone,


    Not as a phone. But that's not the primary use. I use it for everything else. 



    you plan on using a 1st gen in the future


    If Apple decides to make a phone unusable for me, yes. Either that or I'll 



    …so clearly whatever new innovations, features, hardware, and software Apple has introduced in their mobile line in the past few years means nothing to you… …if you had the slightest care for any of these you would have made the effort to get a phone within the last 3 generations… …You don't use, nor care to use anything that Apple has introduced in their iPhone line within the past few years. 


    Yes, that's obviously the case. You got me. This statement is certainly the truth.



    Why don't you break down for us again why the next phone will never be called the iPhone 5, and how you'll be 'finished' with Apple if thats the case? Hilarious how often you threaten to stop being Apple's customer, when you can't be bothered to use their products anyway, and don't understand the 1st thing about them nor their users, nor human beings in general. Get out of your house, get some fresh air, and maybe you'll be able to claw your way out of xenophobic ideological hole you've dug yourself. Your basement isn't real life, stop making absolute statements proclaiming what people want and what Apple should do.


    Please note that had this comment been directed at absolutely anyone else on the forum, be it Apple ][, Zither Zather Zuzz, or any of our moderates in between, I'm certain it would be infraction-worthy.


    I'm rather laid-back, so I tend not to care about this stuff when it's pointed at me. You don't know squat about who I am, and as such your prejudice is simply hilarious. And don't pretend you're having a favor done nor get all mock-deferential. I made the choice to forgo infraction power for the ability to continue discussion. I'm not going to be punishing anyone for insulting me.

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    Originally Posted by bugsnw View Post

    I have my iPhone 4S right here and there's enough real estate to hit nearly 4.5" diagonally. Apple could hit larger target audiences without making the thing physically larger.



    Exactly. Though to keep the same form factor it would require the Home button to go for good or moved to the top edge where it can be placed along the Power button.


    I've read the arguments and then started analyzing my usage. How many times do I use the iPhone 1-handed? Not very often. I even dial numbers (when I'm not using Siri) with 2 hands. I don't even hold the phone to my head with one hand, preferring to use the speakers as I hold it while I'm walking. Or it lays flat in my car while Bluetooth takes the audio.




    I actually hold and use the phone 1-handed most of the time. It does not mean though that the Dialer app (the keypad part) should grow in size along with the screen.

    Apps for 1-handed use could stay within the reach for any user at the middle.

    But apps that need full screen (games, browser, video player) would utilize 100% of screen real estate.


    I'd even offer that there is some room to make the device physically larger. Just a tad. 4.5 - 5" seems like a better target. The market will decide as Apple moves along.



    Apple please do not make it larger!

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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    I would like a larger screen if the interface was slightly larger too. iPhone text and button size is a little small for my old eyes and large hands.

    I'm with you on this, but I have a 4" LTC Incredible with the teensy tiniest font size and no way to enlarge a thing. I'm looking forward to owning my first iPhone with the release of the next one later this year.

    A bigger and bigger percentage of baby boomers are needing larger type fonts and it would be wise for Apple and other companies to keep that in mind when designing their UIs. It would be corporate suicide to not do so, given the size of the aging populations.

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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Nope. The iPhone can easily be manipulated with one hand. By the time you get to 4.5 to 5 inches, that's no longer practical. Since they can increase the screen size to around 4" without increasing the size of the device, you don't have such a problem with a 4" phone. You do have a problem if you go beyond that.


    As someone fortunate enough to be in possession of two fully functioning hands, I don't have a problem in using them both at once.  I always use my iPhone with 2 hands anyway, it's much easier to use that way.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    Yes ... I explained how ... I'm finding ... Strangely enough... evidence ... ? ... I'm stating ... I find this juxtaposition humorous ... I couldn't care less ... I'm rather laid-back ... it's ... who I am ... don't pretend ... I'm not going to be punishing (you) ... for insulting me.


    A good rule of thumb on forums (which you should already know) is that if you find yourself going back and forth three times with the same person on the same topic .... you should give up. If you also find yourself fighting with more than three people at once on the same thread ... you should give up. 


    I don't know what a "global moderator" is supposed to be, or if you are really even a moderator at all, but you're coming across very poorly here IMO.  

    I generally find myself in agreement with most of your posts (when they contain anything but endless rebuttals), but regardless of whether you are winning or losing all these micro debates, you're just looking foolish overall with all this endless arguing over minutia  and personal attacks (which are actually against the rules).  


    Friendly advice ... please stop.  Go for a walk outside or something.  


    As a former forum posting addict myself I can tell you that none of this is really that important.  ;)

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    As there still seem to be a few people who want an iPhone with a tiny screen, why wouldn't Apple just offer a choice of screen sizes? They've done it for years with PCs, and it looks like they'll be doing it with iPads soon too. Offer a 4.5" iPhone, and a 3.5" iPhone. That way, everyone is happy.

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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    A good rule of thumb on forums (which you should already know) is that if you find yourself going back and forth three times with the same person on the same topic .... you should give up.


    This is neither minutia nor pointless, and neither of us is completely right. I'd rather we sort things out than let it sit.

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    Ask anyone who has switched from an Android phone with a nice big screen to an iPhone what they miss the most and invariably they will tel you the screen size. I had an HTC Evo with only a 4.3" screen and even though I absolutely love most things about my iPhone 4S and iOS 5, I hate the small screen. Never once did I think my Evo was too big or bulky and it wasn't even as slim as newer phones. 


    If you can find even one online poll to support your theory that iPhone owners are overwhelmingly happy with 3.5", then do so. Every online poll I have seen supports a larger screen at around 85%.

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    Originally Posted by gwmac View Post

    Great Idea! Even though you are being sarcastic I would love a 6" iPhone. With a good bluetooth headset it would enable me to ditch my iPad and only carry one device. Of course Apple would never make that since it would kill iPad sales, but a 5" to 6" iPhone would be perfect for my needs. But thanks for making my case about hyperbole. No one besides you mentioned anything about 6". I realize that would be a niche product at best. But an iPhone in the 4" to 4.5" size will easily fit in your pocket. If you like tiny screens, why stop at 3.5", why not a 1.5" screen? 


    You sound almost as ridiculous as people that are opposed to same sex marriages by arguing if you allow that why stop there, next people will be marrying their pets. Can I borrow some of that straw you like to use for your argument since you seem to have an abundance. 


    I never said I liked tiny screens. I said that Apple chose what they concluded was the optimal size and shape for a smartphone.


    Since you're a little slow on the uptake, my point was that many people think that Apple "needs" to make a bigger iPhone because Samsung has one and because "bigger is better." Apple has always shied away from competing on "specs" and has focused instead on what's best, period. Quite a few people seem to agree given their unparalleled success over the last several years.


    A great example of this is how a review of smartphone cameras revealed that the iPhone generated higher quality images than competing phones boasting higher resolution cameras. It's not about the specs, it's about the total execution.

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    jragosta wrote: »
    I don't think it would take much selling. "Same dimensions outside but bigger screen inside. It's magic." What is there to sell?
    That's assuming the phone overall doesnt increase in size. If that's the case then yeah easy sell. But if, god forbid, the phone itself gets much bigger ala Samsung then I'm not so sure.
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    Originally Posted by nycjdc View Post

    Nope, won't buy the iPhone 5 if it is a physically larger device; at 4" that's too big. Really can't see carrying around a larger form factor in jeans pockets, suit jacket pocket, dress shirt pocket. Size isn't everything (when it comes to gadgets). I know so many business people that would kill for a smaller smartphone. Don't need a full blown personal computer in my pocket.

    People would kill for a smaller smartphone?  Why resort to murder when there are BlackBerry and Android options with smaller form factors...


    Edit - to each their own, choice is a good thing in this market, however, a larger phone would still fit perfectly inside a dress pocket with no issues.  Unless you're wearing skinny jeans, there is also absolutely no problems with phones in the front pocket.  With skinny jeans, the back pocket is suitable.

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    You left out- Apple needed to wait until the 4" screen was perfected to Apples standards.
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    This forum is very 1.0-like but does your home-brewed forum have 100s of database tables with right, left joins and subqueries, dozens of include files, remote ajax calls to stock quote severs, RSS feeds, multiple languages, 1000s of concurrent users, embedded advertisements and pushing a continuous10Mb of bandwidth? Probably not, so it would be difficult to compare it to a commercial application on the level of this one, phpBB, VBulletin etc.


    Um... I think you just explained the unexplained data usage increase on my iPhone since these forums went live.

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    +1 for Tallest's initial post.  Practical case in point:


    My wife's LG Shine II is finally starting to give up the ghost, but we were planning to hold off for the upcoming iPhone.  Note that her LG is a slider; it might be a little thicker, but it's a LOT smaller in the hand, and that's important to her.  The size of the 4s is pushing it for her smaller hands, but she really likes the feature set.


    This rumor of a larger screen has us seriously considering purchasing a 4S sooner than later (8GB will not be enough).

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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    I just discovered you cannot block a Global Moderator. Shucks!

    So, despite what SolipsX says, a moderator is a Digital Jesus!

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    Same size, less frame thickness, larger screen. Et voilà!
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    Well iphone is an amazing phone with its ultimate applications and  is the most selling product. It is good to hear that the next iphone is going to launch with 4" screen and is quiet interesting. But i think it is not necessary for the mobile to have such a large screen as it might become difficult to carry and it is also equivalent to the tablet.

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