Apple removes YouTube app from iOS with beta 4 release of iOS 6 [u]



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    Then here is what you do.  You go out and buy a POS Android device and stop whining.

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    Originally Posted by palegolas View Post

    YouTube in Safari is much better than the app.

    The YouTube app has long been in my iOS folder called "waste", full of apps I can't delete, and never use.

    Didn't the YouTube app also play any movie link by default not just those on YouTube?

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    So glad the Android version of this app is incredible.


    Amazing UI and can even preload my videos for whatever channel

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    sevenfeetsevenfeet Posts: 465member

    I was wondering if there was going to be a change with the Youtube app and now it looks like there will be.  The original contract was likely exactly five years which I'm sure there was much debate at Apple as to renew the deal.  The deal had some things I that I'm sure both parties didn't care for.  For example:


    1.  Youtube got first screen placement.  That was just fine in 2007 but Apple and Google just aren't friends any more and are barely frenemies.


    2.  Apple doesn't allow Youtube to have a logo, which is consistent with Apple and vendors (i.e. No Intel inside stickers or logos).  Google probably didn't care for that.  That restriction doesn't apply to apps from the App Store.


    3.  Apple just wants to reduce their dependency on any vendor or tool they don't control and they will do it in a way that doesn't put at risk having the app around at all.  Google probably will start running ads in Youtube on iOS which they've never had the opportunity to in lieu of license dollars from Apple.  Apple users will not like that, but that's the price of the new relationship.


    4.  The Youtube app like Maps was written by Apple and therefore is probably not using all the latest and greatest APIs and features.  That will change.

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    poochpooch Posts: 768member
    This is starting to get ugly. I've been an Apple customer since 1983. No longer being the hungry underdog, they are now telling users what to like and what to not like. I haven't used the new "Maps" for iOS 6, but I am familiar with and have used "Maps" for the last 3 or 4 years on the iPhone. I can only wonder now with the elimination of the YouTube application (yes, I know it will still be available through Safari for the iPhone, which some people may even claim has more features) that Apple will replace it with something called "iTube". It's only a matter of time before they start restricting what pages Safari will load, and what pages its customers should and should not see.

    ¿Cómo se dice en español "fat chance"
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    gijoeinlagijoeinla Posts: 215member
    Here's a crazy question -- does that mean the beta for Apple TV has excludes YouTube? Maybe more evidence that APPS are in fact coming to Apple TV ?!!
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    gqbgqb Posts: 1,934member

    The less pre-installed, undeletable apps, the better.

    If I want it, I'll download it.

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    Good grief. Just download the inevitable YouTube app or visit Not a big deal to us, but it probably saves Apple a ton of licensing fees.

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    Originally Posted by gijoeinla View Post

    Here's a crazy question -- does that mean the beta for Apple TV has excludes YouTube? Maybe more evidence that APPS are in fact coming to Apple TV ?!!

    Prize to the first intelligent question in this thread.

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    Why does Appleinsider Staff jump to the conclusion that this


    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    ...appears to be an escalation of tensions


    There are other possible scenarios as noted in this thread already. Why does every change have to be a reflection of some tactical shot to beat the other guys, ie, Google? Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, of course, but speculation is being presented as news.


    <suggest> I've been following AI for years now. I love it. I do wish that we could have an editor who wants to take this site's profile to the next level. Grammar checks, less sensationalism, add originality, bring back the occasional article from Andy Zaky, more reviews, etc, would be great. (I do really appreciate DED's indepth, original reviews.) Some sensationalism increases viewership and ad revenue but there are so many loyal followers. How about you reward us by maturing the site? </suggest>

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    gqbgqb Posts: 1,934member

    Serious question...

    Does Google provide complete APIs to YouTube?

    Just occured to me that I don't know of any 3rd party YouTube apps, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    It sucked anyway. 


    Just bookmark it and drag it out to your screen.


    Vimeo is waaay better than YouTube for those seeking an alternative.  It's all HD, it's mostly trash and idiot free (unlike YouTube) and even the "trashy" videos (naked photo shoots and time-lapse stuff), have super high production values.  

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    Originally Posted by mrstep View Post


    If Apple is burning the midnight oil, it isn't doing it trying to figure out how to keep apps based on the infrastructure of their chief competitor in the mobile device OS space on iOS. I'm sure it's no coincidence and they likely do also happen to have contracts that are expiring as well. :)


    The good news is that there's probably a fair chance that Google will make more off of Android users than iOS users in the not-too-distant future; the bad news (for Google) is that it doesn't mean Google will be bringing in more revenue, just that they pissed in their own well when they decided to compete directly with Apple in this space.


    The accepted "business" terminology is "pissing in the soup" -- from the Peter Principle.

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    Originally Posted by DaHarder View Post

    <whine..., whine..., Apple hates users,... etc...>

    I'd add my 2-cents but it appears the sane folks here did it for me...

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    oooooooh pretty blue status bar...


    wait... where'd my coloured icons go? Boooooo!


    Oh yeah and the Youtube thing is shit.


    Apple made Youtube less crap for a bit though! Except the not being able to change video quality thing. Retina sucks for that. Takes ages on a moderately crap connection. Well, even longer than usual.


    But yeah, Google suck, and now I'll have to download their stupid app. Dammit.

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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Didn't the YouTube app also play any movie link by default not just those on YouTube?


    No, it was probably mostly a wrapper for Quicktime. It won't be missed.


    In the meantime, you can use the restrictions feature to get rid of the YouTube app and still play using Safari / Quicktime.

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    Licensing expires.. Really! to me it seems like google will now pay apple. First they will have to go through the approval process... Later, Apple will Tax 30% on any movies you try to purchase on the youtube app. All in all its good ol business.... 

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    zoolook wrote: »
    I never use the YouTube app - it has worked perfectly well within Safari for over a year.

    This is nothing to do with 'escalating tensions'.

    I'm with you. I hated whenever it takes me out of Safari just to play a video that is usually quite short in length.
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    I suspect it was google's decision to remove the app from iOS, not apple.  

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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,686member

    Obviously AI is going to have a pro-Apple opinion on this. At the risk of being called a troll, despite about 95% of my posts being pro-Apple and being here for years etc, this is a very very bad move. 


    Think the average user. I mentioned something about iOS 6 recently and a non-technical friend replied on Twitter that she was looking forward to it. Shes a big iPhone fan.


    What she will get - the most obvious things at least are


    1) An inferior map service with no StreetView

    2) No youtube.


    Whats new?  From here - - because I honestly forget.


    Siri on iPads.

    Reading list. 

    FB integration.

    Passbook, smassbook.

    FaceTime over 3G


    An Iphone user wont notice siri on iPads. Reading list is a minor addition. FB integration wont matter, as apps do that already where they need to. Passbook wont be useful off the bat. iCloud integration on Safari is a small update, and matters to people with more than one device. FaceTime, not really used on iPhones and you better never use it on a data plan.


    So, the update will seem like a regression to the average user. They will download and wonder what has changed and miss youtube and google maps. The day after a general release the conversation will be how to download google maps and you tube. 


    This is nuts: just as Apple uses google search, it should use google where it has to, where Google is better. And cut the crap.

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