Samsung guilty of patent infringement, Apple awarded nearly $1.05B [u]



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    Originally Posted by Radar View Post


    The picture says it all. There's really no other way for this to go other than Apple winning BIG time. Anything else and American/Western innovation might as well self-immolate or simply farm its R&D off to China, Korea, or any other lowest-common-denomitator knock-off artists.

    The picture doesnt really say much at all

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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Hey, where are our usual trolls? /s

    This verdict is so dumb! Apple thinks that they invented the square? You can't patent a square! Apple users are such sheep. They've gotta be brainwashed and dumb to choose the best phone and tablet on the market! Who would ever do such a thing?

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    jragosta wrote: »
    True, but Apple has won almost everything but the tablets - for at least some of the devices.
    Samsung would have to win big on their FRAND counterclaims to defeat Apple's wins here. The big one will be in how much the jury awards in damages.

    That why I said wait, since FRAND counterclaims are not in

    Edit Samsung have not proven their case, do far no damages awarded .lol
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    Samsung claims:


    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…



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    I agree with the verdict. As an American (Californian even haha), I'm also happy with a U.S. win. :-P I hope Samsung won't try anything in the way of trying to disrupt Apple's supply chain, as there are quite a few Samsung parts in the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook's. For example, I REALLY like the 256GB Samsung 830 SSD, which is in all the new Retina MacBook Pro's as well as at least half the Mac Book Air's, which Apple renames "Apple SSD SM256E". And whenever you find "0x80AD" next to any part, you're once again looking at a part from Samsung.

    Then again, at least using the SSD example, Intel's 520 Series SSD is basically equally as phenomenal but would likely increase Apple's overall costs for making its notebooks. I'm not so sure if that's the case for the various Samsung parts needed to make the iPhone and iPad.
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    LOL the trolls are stupefied, they must report to their samsung leader for more of their rhetoric bullshit. 

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    The only big thing left is whether damages are trebled for willful infringement or whether there are punitive damages.
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    Up to around 2.3 billion now...

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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Hey, where are our usual trolls? /s

    Maybe their 'pay per post' money just dried up. image

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    Sammy has literally not scored a single point. Nothing! Lose, Lose, Lose!

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    I'll bet the appeal by Samsung has already been filed...

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    AAPL up $7.78 as of 7:13 PM.image

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    "And boy have we patented it!" - Steve Jobs




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    Samsung is Guilty... it has been copying Palms designs, Blackberry's and then Apple's. Book 'em Judge! For selling smartphones that suck!
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    Interesting. Samsung isn't guilty of antitrust for its FRAND / SEP games.

    However, even if Apple infringed, Samsung could not collect due to patent exhaustion.

    This is HUGE. Aside from the monetary damages, it sends a clear message. More importantly, it establishes a precedent that Apple can use against other infringers.
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    4:43 AM | by David Hamilton
    Scorecard so far:
    * Jury finds Samsung infringement of Apple utility, design patents for some (though not all) products
    * Jury upholds Apple utility, design patents
    * Jury upholds Apple trade dress '983
    * Jury finds Samsung "diluted" Apple's registered iPhone, iPhone 3 and "Combination iPhone" trade dress on some products, not on others
    * No Apple infringement of Samsung utility patents
    * Jury found Samsung violated antitrust law by monopolizing markets related to the UMTS standard

    Damages owed by Samsung:
    * $2.3 billion and counting
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    hill60 wrote: »
    It will be interesting to see the London newspaper headlines:-


    There I corrected that for you.
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    #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
    Total Damages to be paid by Samsung = $2,490,185,000 USD


    Total Damages to be paid by Apple = $0 USD




    Team Apple!  Fu.. Yeah!

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    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Oh man! I just got home and read the news.  It's about time!!  Scamscum and its phandroid b!tches are getting a really good taste of humble pie!

    Samsung had it coming, and while they didn't get the machete to the head, they certainly had the sledgehammer dropped on them!

    This will be great for consumers.  Why?  Because this sends a message that competition is good only if you make your own stuff and not steal from others.  Let's see what Samesung can do if they actually have to think for themselves!!

    It's a great day!

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