Samsung guilty of patent infringement, Apple awarded nearly $1.05B [u]



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    the second biggest smart phone maker?



    Samsung Passes Apple, Is World’s Top Smartphone Maker.

    well you're just stupid...


    yes, they used to be #1, but Apple passed them about 3 weeks ago, Apple is like a 62% now. So ha!


    And time to update the block list.

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    Congratulations to USA !!!!!


    USA 1 - ASIA 0  

    And your signature is just dumb.

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    Saw on CNN a report about the shock being felt in Korea over the verdict against their largest company.

    One guy said that he thought the jury's action was based on "American nationalism" and that they were protecting an American company over a foreign one.

    But the jury members specifically said national origin had nothing to do with the verdict. Are we to take the word of some random person in Korea over someone WHO WAS ACTUALLY SERVING ON THE JURY about how the jury decided?
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    Understanding Apple vs. Samsung, my latest blog posting:




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    Samsung willfully infringed on a number of Apple patents, a nine-member jury ruled Friday, dashing Samsung's hopes of taking on tech's biggest name and walking away unscathed.

    The decision leaves Samsung to pay $1.049 billion (£664 million) in damages to the Cupertino company and signals the end to one of the most closely watched and hotly contested patent trials in history.

    That figure is down $2 million from $1.051 billion (£663 million) after discrepancies were found in the jury's ruling.

    The seven men and two women of the jury also rejected Samsung's countersuit, meaning the South Korean company will walk away with nothing.

    The verdict brings an end to the four-week patent trial that left spectators and the industry reeling at the inner workings of two of the world's largest and most clandestine companies.

    In the end, the verdict probably surprised even the lawyers who argued all the way to the end.


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    After several weeks of heated hearings in the Apple v. Samsung case, the jury today finally released the verdict after closing statements earlier this week. The verdict is a complicated one, since each Samsung device is ruled to have infringed differently.


    Overall, this is a fairly negative verdict for Samsung, with the one exception of the verdict that the Galaxy Tab was ruled not to have infringed on the iPad’s design (which specifically concerned the edge-to-edge glass and bezel).

    After covering the infringements, it was announced that Samsung would be ordered to pay damages of $1,051,855,000 to Apple, over $1 billion. Not quite as large as the $2.5 billion Apple was seeking, but still a hefty sum.

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