AppleInsider's New Look (This thread was about the first Huddler redesign)



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    Originally Posted by chabig View Post

    There is too much white space in the forums:


    OH yeah totally. the forums shouls also be center aligned.

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    mazda 3s wrote: »
    Cool new layout! Too much white though :)

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    Originally Posted by CRHain88 View Post


    I think there's too much adspace. Things are blinking and flashing all over the place, and the content is squeezed in the middle. Very distracting, but can be fixed with RSS I guess? Or ghostry.


    No one should ever complain about ads!


    You wouldn't need to complain if you used Adblock.

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    I don't mean to sound too harsh, I know a lot of work goes into these things. But I literally have a hard time going through the new layout. There are 11 something ads on the left, right, top, and between articles. Some of which are specifically designed to match actual articles. And they go back and forth between ad and sidebar promos for this site which are not technically ads, but feel that way. 

    I mean this more as constructive criticism than just bashing all the efforts - just think it needs a serious rethinking. The new style is on the right track, but it's very very cluttered to the point of confusion.

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    Originally Posted by chabig View Post

    There is too much white space in the forums:

    Originally Posted by marcusj0015 View Post

    OH yeah totally. the forums shouls also be center aligned.


    Under "Edit Account Details" on your username's page:


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    True, but it looks better than the Forums

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    I created an account just to inform whoever's running this site that I will no longer be visiting it. I'm sick and tired of my favorite websites all over the web (IGN, Gizmodo) and now AppleInsider succumbing to such unbearable design choices. Your old layout was absolutely perfect, with the right mix of content per capita and substance over style. I have zero interest in viewing 24-Point font on an atrocious white background with a cluttered mix of irrelevancy all around it. Blogs should be about the articles and you've ruined everything. Goodbye AppleInsider.
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    Hate this new format - harder to read comments, and requires a lot more scrolling. :(
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    A step back in terms of being able to read the headlines at a glance in my opinion.


    The look has improved, however the ease of use has decrease.

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    Comments no longer jumps into the forum?! Bleh!

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    I am appalled by the new look. The space for the stories is only a quarter of the page?

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    So narrow! Less than half the width of my screen. Can't you make it so that we don't have to scroll? The old format used to stretch.


    Also, very cluttered, hard to pick out the articles from the riffraff of ads, banners, highlights, and outside links.


    You do realize that most of us are Mac users, which means most of us have fairly wide screens - many Macs come with 1920 width screens, and I run 2560 pixels. That you chose a format that is only aimed at a maximum of about 1000-1200 pixels wide strikes me as not understanding your customers.

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    Too much white, fonts too big (and too many variations in them) - ironically, much more difficult to skim and to read than the simple black on grey.


    And how do you quote in the comments?  (And are comments now fully moderated?  My comment didn't appear, even after a refresh.)

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    WTFINGF is my response. Did a third grader do that redesign. It's horrid. Too many ads, too little visual contrast. Hideous font usage. Comments buried so far below the fold they are in another paper.

    The version before the one that was the front page and is still the forums was better than this bleach. The only thing perhaps that needed changing was going from 'timeline to 'article' to 'forum that starts off with a repeated of the whole article again'. Either go timeline to forum and dump the article (well perhaps keep it for the multi page stuff) and/or have the comments link jump to the first actual user comment.

    And dump about 75% of the ad blocks. And be consistent in placement of items
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    No one should ever complain about ads!

    You wouldn't need to complain if you used Adblock.

    Some of us are on phones etc that don't have Adblock.

    And even if we did, that still doesnt excuse the other terrible design choices
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member


    Originally Posted by marcusj0015 View Post

    Now we just need the forums to be upgraded, oh and could you guys make it so we can copy and paste, instead of having that paste button popup? Chrome autocorrect is broked. :(

    I have been complaining about this for a while, I wish they would fix these basic things before doing an overhaul and introducing new issues. Not sure what a right click in a misspelled work bring up a paste button popup no other website does that. Auto correct if more important then have a right click paste.

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    I felt compelled to post seeing the new look.

    It seems completely ad driven and the actual content is now a distant second to the adverts in terms of readability and scalability. it looks very much like a site where the css hasn't loaded rather than a cohesive design to show off the latest news. Even after blocking the ads there is not enough definition between the headlines and articles. I used to put up with the ai ios app when not able to view the full site, with this update i'll ONLY be using the iOS app as the overall style makes the home page, articles and comments jumbled and  overall an uncomfortable viewing and browsing experience :(

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    Old vs New - look at the wasted space on my MacBook, and how many fewer articles I can see. From 11 articles to 3 articles!



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    writerdude wrote: »
    I completely agree - the main page update is outstanding.

    Thus why you are writerdude and not designerdude. You don't know what useable design actually looks like
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