AppleInsider's New Look (This thread was about the first Huddler redesign)



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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    jasenj1 wrote: »

    Comments no longer jumps into the forum?! Bleh!

    Click on View All.
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    After using the site for a bit, I have to agree that having a font with a bit more chunk would be nice. It looks great on my rMBP but the font seems too thin. I actually like the white space but it may appear overbearing due to the thin fonts. Or to some it is just too overbearing period. Everything seems organized and snappy though. The forums where this site gets a lot of use needs some fixing. I'm sick of the one smiley image

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    Originally Posted by oseame View Post

    I thought AI had been hacked or something. Oh well, I suppose I'll get used to it...

    hah same here, I'm sure the IP has been hijacked in the past.


    Nice clean new look, think I like it.

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    [deleted by me]

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    Originally Posted by einsteinbqat View Post

    True, but it looks better than the Forums

    Disagree 100%.  It's so much easier to skim and read the forums, than the new main page texts.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    Originally Posted by chabig View Post

    There is too much white space in the forums:

    Originally Posted by marcusj0015 View Post

    OH yeah totally. the forums shouls also be center aligned.


    Under "Edit Account Details" on your username's page:


    Ugh, you're kidding, right?  Is this some new trend, I'm going to have to start going in and setting view preferences on every site I visit?  And why shouldn't the basic default view be the best one, anyway? 

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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,167member

    Looks flat and unfinished. I find the ads annoying when trying to read headlines in the front page. The ads are everywhere. Use some light gray to distinguish different parts of the page.

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    gdoggdog Posts: 224member

    loads faster.  good job.

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    The site sucked before, it sucks even more now.

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    rokkbandit wrote: »
    I created an account just to inform whoever's running this site that I will no longer be visiting it. I'm sick and tired of my favorite websites all over the web (IGN, Gizmodo) and now AppleInsider succumbing to such unbearable design choices. Your old layout was absolutely perfect, with the right mix of content per capita and substance over style. I have zero interest in viewing 24-Point font on an atrocious white background with a cluttered mix of irrelevancy all around it. Blogs should be about the articles and you've ruined everything. Goodbye AppleInsider.

    Are you crazy? It's called Good Design, AppleInsider was stuck in the nineties, and if you don't appreciate good design, frankly you shouldn't be on an Apple fan site in the first place.
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    New format...too BUSY!

    I did not have an adblock in place and got flashed all

    over.  Also, half the paragraphs in the top article are center

    justified instead of left

    justified.  Overall, I'm finding this harder to

    read, and the headlines are getting lost in the

    fray.  I don't mind a refresh after

    many years, but this...? --Not good.







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    AI's new design hurts my eyes.
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    I do not like the new look.  The menu bar and the font choices are just fine, it's the layout that I am not happy with. The new design is just too cluttered. The articles lose there focus due to being smothered in an advertisement sandwich. I can't stand static width designs, they just waste usable space. The new look just seems to crush everything to the center and it is no longer pleasant to the eye. The old layout was much better, albeit a bit dated. I have been a faithful AppleInsider reader for many years. I come here for the articles, but now the actual content seems to have taken a backseat to clutter and Ads. Please rethink the design.

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    dimmokdimmok Posts: 359member

    Poison my eyes. Thats alot of white. But I love the new look.

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    I always find it so pathetic when a website just changes without consulting their readers or informing them they are doing so. How about a survey or two to get feedback on a design that they want. And when a design has been made you inform your readers and then explain why you've changed. Simple change management would rectify many issues with reader.

    I find this new design to be nicer than the grey previously but extremely cluttered thanks to ads
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    The new home page makes me wish there was ad-block for ios; it never used to bother me, however now it's like the entire home AI page is all ads.

    I think it sucks.

    ps. I'm not against the site paying its bills though some ads; however now when it's almost hard to discern the posted news from the ads; it's to much.
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    Originally Posted by RandomChaos View Post

    Old vs New - look at the wasted space on my MacBook, and how many fewer articles I can see. From 11 articles to 3 articles!




    I came here to say exactly this.  I'm on a 27" 1920x1200 monitor, and I feel like I'm using a low resolution laptop screen trying to read AppleInsider now.  I've always preferred it to any other sites, but it's nigh unusable with this layout.  I'll have to switch to reading via RSS, which I have avoided because I wanted to help support by viewing the ads.

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    Very inefficient use of space and it squanders my time scrolling. Fail.

    Try again or better yet, go back to the old look.

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    dimmok wrote: »
    Poison my eyes. Thats alot of white. But I love the new look.

    I agree. There is a lot of good here but the white is overpowering.
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    Originally Posted by marcusj0015 View Post

    Are you crazy? It's called Good Design, AppleInsider was stuck in the nineties, and if you don't appreciate good design, frankly you shouldn't be on an Apple fan site in the first place.

    The new design is beautiful.  But it's not very usable.  It looks fantastic, but the articles lose focus and I can only see about 3 articles at a time on a 1920x1200 monitor now.

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