Google, Samsung reported to take on iPad with high-end 10-inch tablet



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    Great. More also-ran tablets to flood the market.......

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    Originally Posted by iSheldon View Post

    It will mirror their phone's unlike the iPad's to the iPhone's. Less fragmentation.



    I don't think you fully understand the term fragmentation... There's a lot of factors that play into it, but none are about the shape displays between phones and tablets.

    No matter what, you're going to get difference between tablet and phone screen sizes and shapes, and "fragmentation" of software to support these massive resolution difference is going to happen - or at least, should be happening to avoid piss poor experiences.


    The word you are looking for is consistency, but I don't think that really matters as far as shapes of displays across types of devices. 

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    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post


    I believe that technology is actually called "Marmite".

    So you suggest, Ice Cream Sandwich with Butter and Marmite?

    Well, in that case I believe I will stick to the iPad. ;-)

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    2560x1600? So a 16:10 tablet? Why can't we have 16x10 back where it belongs: on computer monitors!


    LOL, I can't even imagine what would it be with Android running on 16:10 screen, it must be that high-end hahaha.

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    Originally Posted by Rabbit_Coach View Post

    So you suggest, Ice Cream Sandwich with Butter and Marmite?

    Well, in that case I believe I will stick to the iPad. ;-)


    It's definitely an acquired taste, and the user experience with Marmite isn't really what most people are hoping for.

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    anonymouse wrote: »
    hill60 wrote: »
    Apple open source work on cups for Linux...

    ...being able to print, what a relief!

    Linux is a great server OS, but using it for your desktop to be "Apple OS free" is like heating your home with a wood stove to be "green".

    Can't burn on spare the air days in Northern California.
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    Originally Posted by jfanning View Post

    We can, a number of companies still produce 16:10 monitors


    Yeah, but not all of them, like it used to be…

    Originally Posted by iSheldon View Post

    It will mirror their phone's unlike the iPad's to the iPhone's. Less fragmentation.


    "You keep using that word. I know for a fact it doesn't mean what you pretend it means."

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    Android is quick to call the fragmentation card because their own ecosystem is so fragmented that to call it a system is stretching the meaning of the word.


    So they stretch the meaning of the word "fragmentation" to include iOS so they can feel that this huge problem of theirs equally applies (or will equally apply to iOS as well).


    But Android ignores these fundamental facts: 1) easy OS updatability; 2) universal application support across devices.


    These are the two most defining factors of fragmentation.


    I've said it before and I'll say it again - Android's propaganda machine simply ignores logic and rationality.

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    Originally Posted by hfts View Post

    Take a ticket - another iPad killer is on the horizon.

    My household is now Microsoft-free, except for son's Windows 7 Netbook (high school mandatory equipment). And we are all very happy, except for my son.

    Funny, but students in the lower grades will be allowed iPads to school, which is good news.

    Once my son finishes high school we both intend to take his Netbook together with a large axe to the nearest field to give it some tender loving care, think Office Space.

    As for Android phones/tablets, I would rather dip my arms in 16M concentrated Sulphuric Acid.

    Rather than take an ax to the netbook, install Linux.  My wife had a netbook that was unusable with Windows.  After it took 18 minutes to boot up, I installed Ubuntu.  It is now a reasonably fast, stable, net surfing machine.  As they say, don't kill the messenger.  That poor netbook is only delivering Windows.  Give it something better to deliver.

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    I wrote that late last night after a hard day.


    Here's my story:  I can understand what Apple feels to a small extent because I am going through a similar experience on a smaller scale.


    My business is the originator and innovator.


    A wealthy foreigner comes into my market, and unethically and illegally copies much of my business, and begins to undercut the market by offering inferior and cheaper versions of the same service.


    Unlike Apple, however, I don't have billions in cash to litigate and have real financial constraints that limit my ability to invest in my own innovative business.


    When I look at Google and Samsung I see the same think, on a much larger scale.


    So, I don't care about whether those are good products or not.  They are bottom feeders, feeding of the blood, sweat, and tears of those that took the risks, put in the time and work to create something special, to simply grab a piece of the pie by any means necessary.


    I refuse to buy anything by Samsung.  Unfortunately, I tried to stop using google services, but unfortunately Bing just isn't as good for search as Google, no matter what the ads say.


    So, for those who can't see the situation for what it is, I will believe that you implicitly condone such behavior and thus are also part of the problem:  bottom feeders, riding off others hard work and innovation.

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    Originally Posted by Fotoformat View Post


    Does a link-up between Samescum and "Don't be evil" Google sound like a marriage made in heaven? Just asking  ;~)

    Certainly looks like a move of desperation.

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    "You keep using that word. I know for a fact it doesn't mean what you pretend it means."

    :lol: Who are u quoting and what is it in reference to as that's like the first time I've ever used that word?
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    No offense, but only someone who is ignorant would look at MHz to determine performance. If you want to say it has less MHz, less RAM, less weight, less thickness as all signs of it being lesser then that is technically true but it's not accurate in any technical sense of it functionality. It's not a fluke or a result of just some crafty OS code. There are real technical achievements that allow for it to be better than all other phones on the market.

    I think your turning this into something that it isn't on what I said.  I don't disagree with you because I know the numbers don't mean a thing but I don't think the majority thinks that way.  It's no different than the Porsche 911 vs Chevrolet Corvette argument.  Most Americans will look at the engine size and HP numbers and Torque and tell you that the porsche is a rip off when you can buy the better car for less but Anyone who knows about cars knows that although the Corvette isn't a bad car by any means just isn't as sophisticated a car as the 911 is.  I know even on here I'll get a lot of disagreement but the porsche squeezes out a lot with a little.

    So to call me ignorant because I'm nearly stating what the majority of people see and not what I see, because I prefer the route Apple goes which is to squeeze a lot out of a little taking into account not just performance but efficiency, is wrong. It seems other companies mantra is the bigger everything the better (screens, batteries, processors) is just plain grade school boy recess mentality and people seem to fall for it.  

    Now do you understand what I was trying to say? 

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    Originally Posted by MacCentric View Post

    Seriously though, by the time this thing actually ships, it will be just in time for March when the 'even newer' new iPad will come out and crush it. Oh and by the way, very few people will be willing to pay a higher price for any non iPad tablet, so it is dead on arrival regardless.


    You could be very right in the end. which is why the headline perhaps should be "Google, Samsung reported to TRY to take on iPad . . . "


    Name does count and right now for many folks, Samsung is just the folks that copy what Apple does. Outside of the die hard haters and tweak geeks, the general public has more mindspace for Apple on these matters. 


    And if Apple does announce an iPad mini, as the rumors claim,  in the next two weeks, it will be out by the holidays and anyone looking for a cheaper tablet will likely have that on their brains, if not in their hands, before this Nexus Maxi or whatever comes to the market. 

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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    Name does count and right now for many folks, Samsung is just the folks that copy what Apple does. Outside of the die hard haters and tweak geeks, the general public has more mindspace for Apple on these matters. ...


    As pointed out in this and other threads, the only reason that Android is selling as well as it does in phones is because carriers are and have been pushing it like crazy.


    That dynamic does not exist in the tablet market, which is why no Android tablet to date has garnered any significant market share. The one possible exception (for which we don't have an actual, real, sales numbers) might be the Amazon Fire, where again we see an (the) interested party marketing it like there's no tomorrow. Who exactly is going to market these Android tablets and convince consumers that they are "as good as" iPads? I don't really see anyone able to step into that role, the role the carriers play in the handset market.

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    Originally Posted by mocseg View Post


    We're also so very happy being Microsoft & Apple OS free. What a relief!

    "And, yea verily, the Troll doth riseth from the primordial ooze, yodeling its paean of Linux/Android/AnythingNon-Commercial-ness, reveling in its power to smite the great unwashed masses, sure in its power and might, That Its Way Was The One True Way.(tm) The Troll knoweth its work doth be cutteth out for it, for the Forces Of Pleasant User Experience(tm) were many, stubborn and willful. Yet, the Troll fought on, knowing its lack of social skills, personal hygiene and dense neckbeard would prove to be effective weapons and armor against anyone daring to prefer something else."


    Or something like that.


    It will never, ever cease to amaze me how some people will go out of their way to post on an Apple-centric web site, when they obviously never have or never will own an Apple product, just for the sheer "fun" of attempting to piss other people off.


    And now, back to the actual topic:


    Samsung may very well be able to come out with a screen of that high of a resolution; they've been the manufacturers for Apple for quite a while. While they may not be able to use the exact same technology (I'm not sure on that part - depends on the licensing) they've certainly got the manufacturing capabilities.


    Now, will Google be able to get its act together with the next couple of iterations of Android, so that the user experience is smoother than it currently is? And, most importantly, will they make this new platform an attractive enough target that a decent number of developers will put in the time and effort to write their apps for it?

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    jivanile wrote: »

    I think your turning this into something that it isn't on what I said. 
    Now do you understand what I was trying to say?

    You have now officially become a member of AI- welcome! :lol:
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    Originally Posted by Jivanile View Post

    The vastly inferior technology goes beyond the battery.  I don't even bother arguing with people though as I'm not one to try and persuade just for the false satisfaction of thinking I have something to do with Apple.  The iPhone 5 is superior to GS3 in almost every aspect.


    I figured out that Samsung owners actually spend their days on Web forums proclaiming the superiority of their specs, complaining to game developers why such-and-such game hasn't been ported from iOS, rooting their phones, and otherwise never using the kitchen sink features that Samsung carelessly dumped into the product to win a features list war. It's a product without vision or care. Born out of a desire to make money, not change the world.

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    With the lack of proper Android tablet apps food-chain. It's not unlikely for folks who invested $50-100 on the Appstore to switch over.

    At the end of the day most of these tablets are so similar in spec it's not a deal changer. The real deal changer is the overall ease of use and app store selection.
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    Originally Posted by Cpsro View Post

    Bigger commission, maybe. Why a bigger commission? Maybe because Verizon can install more crapware and spyware, and consequently reap greater dividends than from the sale of an iPhone. Or maybe Android users don't use the Internet as much, so they're cheaper to support. Or maybe Android users feel compelled by the "high quality" to upgrade sooner, even at full, unsubsidized price.


    I worked at Verizon Wireless when they first received the iPhone 4. There's no question that Verizon gets a better deal with Android manufacturers than the iPhone, but I'm going to doubt corporate honchos are asking their sales people to ignore the iPhone in favor of Android. When we first received the iPhone it was business as usual for me in the call center. Nothing changed. We offered the iPhone just like we offered Android, and we had plenty of training on the device. But the problem was that veteran Verizon employees were trained for years how to talk customers out of getting the iPhone on AT&T. We're talking about a workforce whose main nemesis was the iPhone in terms of hitting sales goals and gaining personal success. I myself on occasions had to talk customers into taking a Droid device with Verizon instead of an iPhone. 


    So you have a workforce who was bred to resent the iPhone from the beginning. These people see Android as the good guys, the guys who brought prosperity to Verizon, the guys who brought record profits to the company. I remember when I went into Verizon to buy the original Droid during launch week, the amount of excitement from the employees of that store was staggering. I think the company and it's employees just need a mindset change, and it'll happen over time. 

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