Rumor: iPhone assembler Foxconn plans to build manufacturing plants in US



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    "Apple wrote:
    [" url="/t/154160/rumor-iphone-assembler-foxconn-plans-to-build-manufacturing-plants-in-us/40#post_2229577"]I wouldn't buy a single Apple product if it was American Union made. I don't support criminal enterprises.

    Hah! But I'm surprised you don't think China is a criminal enterprise.

    I don't, by the way, just that they're at a certain stage of development. But now that I think about it, the US has been a criminal enterprise off and on during my lifetime. In certain areas of the world, still is.

    Off topic again. Sigh.
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    Originally Posted by Flaneur View Post

    Hah! But I'm surprised you don't think China is a criminal enterprise.


    Oh, but I do think that of China.image


    It's just Chinese communists are no surprise to anybody, but I don't like American communists/socialists/marxists.

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    Originally Posted by jd_in_sb View Post

    They want to build manufacturing plants in Taxifornia? That doesn't make good business sense.


    Especially now. This week the Democrats won a super majority in Sacramento because Romney's 47% is more like 65% here. It's single Party rule. They can now rape the taxpayers with no opposition, and they most assuredly will. Anyone who thinks it'll just be "the wealthy" are deluded well into the realm of severe mental illness. That class warfare pablum is a giant mathematical fail; cheap mana cooked by the sopciopath politicians for the masses of voters whose economic knowledge comes from Disney cartoons.


    Any remotely productive person who is able to will be gone from California within 5 to 10 years. It'll be nothing but politicians, fat pampered state employees and people who can't wipe their own asses without a government program in place.


    In the past five years, a net total of 10,000,000 people came into California. The number of new tax returns filed in the same period is 150,000. Let that sink in for a bit. Well, unless you're one of the voters mention above and you'll just sit there and say, "Duuuhhhhh, I don't get it! Duuuhhhhh. Is Jersey Shore on? Duuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!"

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    China is changing, and this will become more evident as time progresses. These changes include dramatic 'class' movements.


    Recently, Lenovo announced plans to build a plant for PC's on the east coast/south, and Samsung is reportedly building mfg facilities for making chips in Texas.


    These plants are unlikely to bring the million-person dormitory model, and will be subject to employee standards.


    Golly Gee. Maybe Apple can assemble something here. Blue t-shirts?

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    Those factories in the US are using skilled labor, or union workers, or making high margin products (50%+) non of which Foxconn will use or hire to build TVs.


    Also, the US employees less then 10% of the total work force in a factory, however the US is the 2nd largest producer of finish goods in the world second only to China which employees about 30% of its work force in factories. and China does not product 3 times as much as the US only about 50% more.


    Another fact, most US factories heavily depend on automation and robots to make products, thus requiring less low level work forces, Automation is illegal in China as long as a human can do the same task to the same level as a machine. If you notice in Apple's Iphone 5 video that Tom Crook showed they had a robot and vision system picking out which display went with the corresponding case, why, a human could not do it so they allowed an automated system.


    Keep in mind Foxconn manufacturing model depends on humans doing repetitive low skill tasks to out put lots of products very quickly. So they are not going to pay top dollar labor wages that exist in other US factors.


    As others pointed out, Asian companies are making products in the US, what they do not understand is the reason they do it is because the high transportation cost for those products or they are high margin products which they can afford to pay the higher US labor costs. Most people in the US except maybe the migrant farm work is willing to sit in a factory and do the exact same thing day in and day out for a low wage.


    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    This is nonsense! Almost every factory in the US is paying above minimum wage rates. Wages might be slightly lower due to the economy but the idea that there is an excess of people out there willing and able to work in a factory is a mistake.

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    Originally Posted by emig647 View Post

    I don't care what they're assembling, jobs in the US is win win no matter what the circumstances. It's a step in the right direction to bring jobs back. I hope the rumors are true!


    And yes, I'd pay an extra $50 per phone if it meant jobs in the US.

    Everyone says they would pay more for a product truly made in the USA but history shows us that few ever actually do. Very few ever check where the product is manufactured to start with, it normally comes down to most buying the item that costs them less.

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    It's been quite some time since randomly swallowing and regurgitating others' vomit came to be accepted as "journalism." Now ("according to a report published Thursday by hit-or-miss industry publication DigiTimes") we're reaching new heights in unsubstance%u2026 not so much swapping spit as swapping dreams about swapping spit, presumably via Twitter.

    Soon the standard lede will be "someone somewhere may have said something like%u2026"

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    bdkennedy1 wrote: »
    Apple won't need workers. They would use robots to keep the cost down. With the iPhone 5, we all saw the trouble that humans have with such small, delicate equipment.

    But then those robots would start riots and commit suicide, and Mike Daisey will have that to add to his one man monologue about the evils of Apple. And Tim Cook would have to put on the yellow jacket again and pose for a photo on the assembly lines, while forum trolls demand that Apple stop mistreating robots.
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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    Not gonna happen.


    Wall Street whines if Apple's margins are 1% less and people on this forum whine about dirt cheap $329 gadgets. Look at Apple's stock action lately. Where will the stock be if Apple's margins declines? And imagine if unions get involved in those factories. There is also the question of qualified workers. Factory jobs are not going to be high paying jobs, and I doubt that there are enough qualified people. Are they going to hire illegals and pay them $3 an hour?image


    I am looking forward to the next four years, tons of more Americans will be unemployed. The American people have spoken. image

    You have to ignore this to a degree. Predictions always offset things in either direction. They're betting on growth. If Apple sees continued growth, the stock should have a very healthy future.

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    This story about opening plants in the US for TV manufacturing goes with another DigiTimes story from yesterday. It says that Foxconn is planning to make panels over 100 inches, and UltraHD ones as well.

    Maybe it would make sense to build these fragile behemoth screens closer to where they'll be sold, One plant in the Western US, one in the upper Midwest. Here's the link to the companion story, which AI should perhaps have noted:

    Edit: Then the obvious question is, how would the TVs be branded? Does Foxconn have a US partner that might be in on this?
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    To build razor thin margin TVs at American wages/benefits? I think not.
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    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post


    What is this even supposed to mean? That Apple products aren't complicated (to manufacture)? That Americans can't handle complicated work?


    No, it means it will cost more for American's to build that product than elsewhere because it takes longer. 

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