Apple sold 2 million iPhone 5 units in China launch weekend



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    Originally Posted by philky View Post

    Just heard on the news that Wall Street has dropped their ratings on Apple from "buy" to "neutral" because of decreased orders from iPhone parts suppliers (= iPhone global sales dropped). 

    Hey genius, "Wall Street" didn't drop their ratings, some clueless douchebag at Citigroup did. Other analysts, such as Morgan Stanley came out afterwards and said the exact opposite of what Citigroup said. Morgan Stanley said that iPhone demand was off the charts.


    And Citigroup came out with their retarded speculation right before Apple announced record breaking sales in China.

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    If u look at the PE . Google PE is almost doubled of AAPL. But AAPL is earning 4 times more than google .
    How non sense it is .
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    Originally Posted by Michael Scrip View Post

    How exactly does the stock market work again?

    if (stockSymbol == "AAPL")

         purchaseAction = "sell";


         purchaseAction = "buy";


    Elsewhere in the code:


    if (POverE > 3000 && stockSymbol = "AMZN")

        purchaseAction = "buy, despite all logic to the contrary";

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    Originally Posted by orthorim View Post

    And the bears - well I have no idea, I think it's simply a change of the tide, plus a feeling of "how much higher can it go"; the law of large numbers, which isn't really a law at all. I overheard some guys at the coffee shop recently, and I believe they are representative for the small investors: Both over 60, completely clueless about tech, one says to the other, watch Google, they're good now; the other one says something about shorting Apple. They clearly read something online, or saw that TV show where somebody is shouting about stocks for 15 minutes straight. In my opinion, professional analysts are fueling the flames so they can shear these sheep every now and then.


    And guess what?  A lot of people have made a lot of money in the past couple months doing just that, while those long have lost money.  So don't hate, they were right (or at least the ones who did it a month ago).

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    Originally Posted by tzeshan View Post

    The correct way of looking at the 2 million number is not looking at the total population of China.  The correct way is looking at the number of subscribers at China Unicom and China Telecom.  And you should know the number one is China mobile who has over 600 million subscribers  

    the correct way to look at this should be that apple got almost 1.6billion$ revenue within a god damned weekend. one i5 device is sold at $850. apple is making fcuking shit load money during just one lousy and cold december weekend. who the fcuk gives a shit about china mobile?


    ppl are saying that there are perks to attract buyers. then please show me those perks. i got perk emails on various products all the time, but when i finally made to stores, i usually don't see them much. they just want to lure me into their stores.

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