Apple CEO Tim Cook on Android growth: 'Success is not making the most'



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    cgr111cgr111 Posts: 40member
    You don't understand what he's saying and you think this is somehow "failure" on his part. That's all I'm getting here.

    Ever diagram a sentence? Go through that process here. Find the main point.

    So now we have a core sentence. How about the rest? What of the other information?

    Is it really hard to understand? He's talking here, not writing; there's plenty of leeway in sentence construction. Your first step is listening to it again. You've listened to it enough to transcribe it (or at least find a transcription). Then you go through and do this. It's the same with any information about any topic; if you don't understand it, you break it down to something that makes sense.

    You ought to be an English teacher---in nursery school!
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