Apple's Schiller: Samsung Galaxy S IV may 'ship with an OS that is nearly a year old'



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    So the S4 launches with 4.2.2.


    Schiller's credibility just took a tiny hit.


    I dunno why he did these interviews.  Like I said earlier, just makes him and the company look desperate.  Which they simply are not.  So what's the point?

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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Possibly. But in the end, the point is valid.

    Very few Android phones ever have OS updates available - which is why the majority of Android phones are still running ancient versions. So even if this phone comes with the latest version (which is already 5 months old), by the time the phone is 2 years old, it will be running a 2.5 year old OS. Updates are routinely available for iPhones for years - so that's not the case with iPhones. So people who buy this phone are likely to be using it for most of its life without even the most basic security updates.


    Keep in mind most PCs never have the OS updated.  Windows 7 (outdated, several years old) only recently surpassed Windows XP (ancient, obsolete) as the most popular desktop OS.  


    And generally Android vulnerabilities do get patched up, the security situation is much better than most people believe.  The biggest vulnerability on Android is when users side-load questionable packages and apps.  No half-competent Android user has to worry about viruses...

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    Originally Posted by Loptimist View Post

    Well, Apple hasn't updated Mountain Lion for about 6months.


    Apple.  Don't do this.  So disappointing. 

    Just today as a matter of fact 10.8.3 they did.

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    launches with 4.2.2; latest version released on 2/11/13. heh not bad samsung, not bad. I honestly expected it to be 4.2.1.
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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    Stop trolling.

    You did a public service rebroadcasting my OP. Thanks!

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    Originally Posted by quest01 View Post

    I hope ios never looks like android to be honest. Maybe I just come from a different train of thought but I'm old school. I hope ios stays relatively the same as when it was released in 2007. I just want an os thats simple and easy to use and hopefully Apple doesn't add widgets or live wallpapers in ios7. Just stay with the simple and easy to use formula, it's sold millions already, why change it.


    If you find that you have trouble with UI's that are more 'complex' than a simple grid of icons, Fisher Price make a phone that may interest you:



    (Also, the battery life will be better than your current iPhone)



    Edit: Those icons have rounded corners.... Does anyone know why Apple haven't gone 'thermonuclear' on FP yet?

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,294member

    Gruber can't imagine why Schiller would comment about the S4 coming with an old OS. A poor decision in hindsight which Gruber calls an "unforced error".

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    gatorguy wrote: »
    Gruber can't imagine why Schiller would comment about the S4 coming with an old OS. A poor decision in hindsight which Gruber calls an "unforced error".

    The thing about negative press as has been demonstrated with Apple is that people will believe a lot of it without fact checking. I don't see the problem with Apple putting out negative marketing about the competition when the competition does it to Apple all the time.
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    Originally Posted by gwmac View Post

    It is getting harder and harder to find what I am looking for at times swiping through all these screens and folders. Surely Apple can think of a better way to quickly access what we are searching for when we don't know the name but might know other info like the size, app type, when it was downloaded for example. 




    Swiping is for n00bs, tap the home button and type in the first few letters using Apple's patented unified search.

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    How to sound like a whiny little insecure bitch!!
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