Why did Apple hire Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch?



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    Cook is Apple's CEO for life. Period. There will be no question about it.

    Steve Jobs has also made mistakes on hiring people. His biggest mistake was hiring John Sculley - who then became CEO of Apple. Papermaster was also hired by Jobs.

    The key with Apple is that it is a VERY HARSH AND PUNISHING environment for those who are in charge - generally the vice presidents. As Steve Jobs said, for those who are in charge, there are no excuses. You perform or you don't. And if you don't, you are out. Period.

    Thus, any hire at Apple who rises to become in charge will have to be awfully good and perform their job. Otherwise, they are quickly fired.

    Thus, I have no fear of Apple's hiring of Kevin Lynch. He will either be successful at Apple or he will be fired like the others who preceded him.

    This sounds good in general. But their low rate of turnover doesn't reflect the harshness you described.
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    AppleInsider should do a story on how Kelvin Lynch ends up being a ?WATCH guy.
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