Microsoft lambasts Google for sharing personal information of Android users



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    Originally Posted by KDarling View Post


    I was not trying to insinuate anything towards you, but only towards those who argue points without doing any checking at all.


    I thought the "Regards" at the end would make it quite apparent that I appreciated your discussion.


    Sorry if that wasn't clear.

    I have to excuse myself for not taking the time to read and think twice. Thanks for the  clarification.



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    Originally Posted by palomine View Post

    I just changed my default search to Bing. Not out of any caring for MS, except to say Thanks for creating the 'Scroogled' meme.

    Really glad the meme has started now. Perhaps it will get people to wondering about things.

    Maybe the idea will gain repetition and traction. Hope MS does more commercials like this.

    Yet Bing is relatively insecure compared to Google, or Twitter or even Facebook. Microsoft doesn't even have as SSL certificate for Bing.


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