Editorial: Anticipating WWDC 2013 under a cloud of Apple doubt



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    zoetmbzoetmb Posts: 2,654member


    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    He's obviously carrying the new 17" iPad.




    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    Good eye.


    You joke, but what the hell is he carrying?    I refuse to believe Apple would make an iPad that large.    

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Originally Posted by zoetmb View Post

    That's absolutely correct. 

    And as if to once again prove my point, the stock's down $1.65 right now.

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    fyngyrzfyngyrz Posts: 61member

    Originally Posted by Juil View Post


    So if I get you correctly, you’re saying you know more than Apple what’s best in terms of development platform!?


    I'm at least saying I knew it first, posted it in detail years ago (anyone can go and find it on fyngyrz.com), and as of today's announcement, they now agree with me, since a lot of that is now part of iOS (and also OSX... they fixed a good deal of the stuff I pointed out there as well, like the broken menu system, finder weaknesses, etc.) I don't care a whit if *you* agree with me. I just care that they are finally addressing these long-existing problems.


    Originally Posted by Juil View Post

    By the way, if you want to be taken even remotely seriously, I advise you to avoid complete falsehoods like "not to mention the closed development process".


    Oh, good ever-loving head-slapping simple-minded grief.


    So, you consider a process where you 1) pay to get on board, 2) can't give apps to anyone else without an expiring "provisioning" process, and even then, distribution is severely limited, 3) you have to submit your app to Apple for "approval", 4) they may or may not allow you to sell it (or give it away... you can't even do that w/o approval), 4) and then they arbitrarily take 30% of your earnings... open? That's open?

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