Microsoft starts buying used iPads for $200 Microsoft Store gift cards, pushes Surface

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Microsoft announced on Thursday that it has initiated a limited time offer which allows iPad owners to trade in their old tablets for at least a $200 gift card, which can be applied to a Surface RT, Surface Pro, or any other product at the company's retail stores.

Microsoft iPad
Source: Microsoft Store

The offer, which runs through Oct. 27, appears to be aimed at luring iPad users away from the Apple ecosystem and pushing them toward Microsoft's floundering Surface devices.

According to Microsoft's website, "gently used" iPad 2 tablets, as well as third- and fourth-generation iPads, can be swapped for a minimum $200 Microsoft Store gift card at the company's retail outlets. The ad recommend those interested in upgrading their tablet to look at the Surface RT or Surface Pro.

Microsoft's new initiative comes after the Redmond tech giant permanently slashed the price of its Surface Pro by $100, bringing the 32GB version down to $799 and the 64GB model to $899. That program came on the heels of a push in education that promised free Surface RT units to schools using the Bing search engine.

Microsoft has had a rough time with its foray into the tablet hardware sector. Earlier this year, the company had to take a $900 million write down for unsold Surface inventory and advertisement costs associated with Windows 8.

A next-generation version of the Surface is already in the works, though final specifications and pricing have yet to be announced. Microsoft will be revealing more details regarding the future device at an event later this month.


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    tnsftnsf Posts: 203member
    MSFT is probably collecting the iPads so they can give them out to MSFT employees. That way they will have a tablet that they can actually (and want to actually) use.
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    Resold for ~$300, Microsoft just might have a new, lucrative business on their hands!


    Except for the one little hitch where no one in their right mind wants a Microsoft Store gift card.

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    ...and in unrelated news, Apple is offering $2.99 for trade-ins of Microsoft Surface RT or Surface Pro.

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    Gently used?  iPad 2?


    You mean they won't take my original iPad that - after dropping over a dozen times - finally cracked?




    I was so looking forward to that store credit to pick up Office.

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    Why would I downgrade?

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    Wait... What?
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    I wonder if I can get that for my old iPad one? I could then buy a windows license to run in a VM when I really really have to.
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    snovasnova Posts: 1,281member

    Microsoft Gift Card.  Remember, its the thought that counts.

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    gtrgtr Posts: 3,231member

    Apple is also offering a 'special' deal.


    Pay full price, with no discount whatsoever, and...




    ...Apple will give you...




    ...a superb quality device backed up with...




    ...a rich, full app ecosystem that will allow you to...




    furher extend the abilities of the device in such a way that...




    ...will fully enhance the user...







    What IS that annoying sound?

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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 9,233member

    This sounds like the worst deal ever.


    Giving up an amazing iPad and getting 200 MS dollars in exchange, and then buying a horrible Surface tablet instead, and being forced into a life of misery, using that doomed tablet?

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,926member
    If you can't beat them, buy them and reverse engineer them.

    Still, is it 200 Microsoft points, Zune credits or US dollars?
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    Mmmm, desperation. I like this.
    (Name that movie)
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    Originally Posted by drewys808 View Post


    ...and in unrelated news, Apple is offering $2.99 for trade-ins of Microsoft Surface RT or Surface Pro.


    Apple should actually do this. It would be funny.

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    MS stores would make money IF they just start selling iPads. 

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    I have an original iPad and you would have to give me a surface and $200 to part with it.
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    dreyfus2dreyfus2 Posts: 1,072member

    Given that Gift is the German word for "poison"... they actually make sense this time around. 

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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 9,233member

    Microsoft is going to get into the business of selling refurbished iPads. At least that would be profitable for them and it sure beats a $900,000,000 USD write off.

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    What??? It's like KIA is offering $5000 giftcard for a Lexus or an Infinity toward buying a KIA RIO! ROFLMAO Tell me you were just kidding!
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    They'll earn more profit reselling the used iPads than they'll make on their own new Surface tablets.
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    Sh*t deal, but fun to watch Microsoft being desperate.
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